Oduu Haaraya

”Finfinnee/Addis Abeba Master Plan” is annexation of Oromo land and annihilation of Oromo identity in Finfinnee and its environs

We members of the Oromoo community in Sweden, Gurmuu Oromoo, would like to bring to the attention of international community the suffering of Oromo people who are continuously being deprived of their internationally recognized human rights by the tyranny regime in Ethiopia.

Violating its own constitution, the TPLF regime is trying to maneuver and implement “Finfinnee Master Plan” despite of the overwhelming rejection by the Oromo people. The forced eviction of Oromos from their ancestral land such as Finfinnee started by the Emperor Menelik II is now underway at a high rate by TPLF, the current successor of Abbysinian oppressive regimes. More and more Oromo villages, towns and farmland surrounding Finfinnee are being taken away by TPLF government and sold to new comers leading to complete destruction of the livelihood of the evicted Oromos.

The TPLF regime is working day and night to fundamentally change the demography in these targeted Oromo areas and facilitate its evil plan of destroying Oromo villages, cultures, and livelihood. What happens to those evicted Oromos is no concern for the TPLF regime.  Moreover, this tranny regime has set preconditions to change the original Oromo names of these villages and towns and erase any trace of Oromo connection to these areas. This is what has been practiced by previous Abbysinian regimes.


The TPLF regime is trying to misguide the international community as if the government has achieved high economic development while most of the people suffer from extreme poverty and hunger. In reality, the main sources of this claimed development is obtained by selling out the confiscated Oromo land surrounding Finfinnee and other places at extremely high prices while Oromo farmers are suffering of poverty and exposed to hunger. Oromo people all over the world, especially Oromo school children in Ethiopia, are protesting peacefully against such harassment. However, the regime is killing and torturing these protesters and terrorizing the Oromo people all over Oromia. The current protest since end of November 2015 is the continuation of protest against ‘Finfinnee Master Plan’ started in April 2014, when more than 79 Oromos, mostly youths, were killed and several hundred Oromos were arrested and mistreated. The persecution continues unabated and getting more and more sophisticated, brutal and widespread as we write this paper.

We express our deep concern and anger regarding this unacceptable suffering of Oromo people in general and killing of peaceful school children. The Regime must refrain from this barbaric act, immediately cancel the implementation of unaccepted ‘Finfinnee Master Plan’ and stop evicting Oromo farmers from their land.

We appeal to the international community, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and governments to deliver appropriate leverage on the Ethiopian/TPLF regime to heed to the democratic and humanitarian request of the Oromo people as well as other oppressed people in Ethiopia and refrain from the heinous scheme of reducing the Oromo population to minority in order to have easy control over Oromo resources and force Oromo youths to migrate or remain in poverty.


We demand all-round liberation to the Oromo people and all oppressed people in Ethiopia!



Gurmuu-Oromo Community in Sweden (December 4, 2015)


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