Oduu Haaraya

“Gaafa du’ee qabrii seenellee Galaasaa Dilbootiin bullaa”

Marii gaafiif deebisaa sarara Paltalk hayyuu duree ABO duraanii kan yeroo ammaa bifa haarayan gara hayyu durummatti deebi’uu isaa boodden kana labsee turee waliin taasifame..

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  1. Rabbii addiibilissummaa

  2. Jal Galasssaa may have had good intentions back in 1999, but it was devastatingly wrong for him to leave the position of H/D ABO to wrong hands. All Oromos are now relieved the KING is back and he still commands their unwavering respect, love and affection. This man is uniquely gifted selfless leader, the bravest of all braves whose full story is yet to be written.

    Soon the bandits killing our people from all directions will pay back in kind. ABO is now finally in the rightful hand and our people are united behind their leader. WELCOME BACK KING GALASSA DILBO!!

    • True Galasa is an Oromo nationalist dedicated his life to liberate Oromia. But not only failed to achieve above gaols he never controlled and manage OLF as it’s leader! In reality well before tigrayan colonial rule of Oromia and after most of power and last decision was used to be made by ethiopianist and regionalist clique led by lencho, Dima and tadasa. His biggest mistake was his silence and lack of action when these anti librations and cancers of Oromia freedom struggle clique systematically even officially sabotaging to destroy oromumaa by collaborating and facilitating colonial transfer of Oromia from century old Amara rule to Hungry facist tigrayan colonial rule!!! The worst mistake is and will his silence despite all theses distraction of loss of tenth of thousands Oromia libration army and leaders, all current bloodshed by tigrayan militias against Oromo I can say his silence and no interest to stop lencho and ECHAT group when they sold Oromo and Oromia to tigrayan militia leader as Gobena did to Oromos century ago! A new qubee generation and qeeyroos want to know what how why and lessons to learn for future Oromo libration struggle to exist as humans on the face of the earth or perish and replaced by new hungry Tigre.

      • I agree J/ Galasa must address the nation at least weekly and as necessary. Hope he knows expectations are extremely high for someone representing OLF. Otherwise, he will fall pray to his opponents.

        I want to stay positive and optimistic. We have no better leader at this time. My theory for “silence” was perhaps he did not want to interfere with Daud Ibsa’s job. He decision to reclaim the position was simply because like all of us he is not satisfied with the catastrophic performance of Daud. I wouldn’t call people “Ethiopianists”.

        In theory Ethiopia can be a good place for Oromos, IF their organization OLF controls the security, military, economic and political apparatus of the country. We can live with all people who respect us and our rights, not with the Tigre colonialists who are the enemy of all Ethiopians, and who abuse and kill all of us.

        Whatever way Galasa wants us to go, we must follow him because he demonstrated that he’s not hungry for power but he was a powerful fighter and commander who enjoys the trust and loyalty of his people.