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Much of the news coming out of Ethiopia the past couple of months has been very disturbing to say the least. While the Oromo people within and outside Ethiopia protest the Addis Ababa Master Plan, a new and grave concern has shifted some of the focus to the recent discovery of remains in the Hamaraysa (Hammarreessaa) area near the town of Harar which is located at the heart of Eastern Oromia Regional State. The discovery of mass graves at Hamaraysa occurred by accident when the government was clearing land for Turkish investors. Specifically this land was a camp site where former and current Ethiopian regimes used as a secret location to torture and murder those believed to be against the ruling party. Although, it is nearly impossible to identify the individuals heinously murdered at this camp location many are believed to be political prisoners including the likes of Baatii Burqaa and Mustafa Harowe. Thanks to the inadvertent discovery of this mass grave site the secrets of the current and former rulers of Ethiopia will undoubtedly be revealed as more sites come to light.

It was in part thanks to the workers at the site this discovery was made public. They alerted local resident to the mass grave which led to a confrontation on June 9, 2014. The confrontation is ongoing as local residents refuse to allow further destruction of a site where their beloved family members were heinously murdered by the Derg regime as well as the current TPLF ruling party. It is hard to fathom the same government forces responsible for these heinous crimes are now digging up the mass grave in favor of leasing the land to Turkish investors.

It is up to Oromo’s from all walks of life to clearly and unequivocally voice their concern over this despicable act! They have murdered innocent Oromo’s and now they want to dig out these graves for their economic interest. Clearly the current ruling party has little concern for humanity as their continuous actions against innocent University students has shown these past couple of months not to mention other despicable acts they have committed since taking power in the early 1990’s. To add insult to injury they want to dig out the remains of our mothers and fathers in favor of financial gains which should send a shockwave through all Oromo’s especially those whom freedom of speech has been bestowed upon by their respective diaspora governments. Therefore, Oromo’s especially those in the Diaspora shall take every opportunity to shed light on this ongoing destruction of mass grave site as well as the ongoing protests in opposition to the displacement of peasants surrounding Finfine (Addis Ababa).

The least those in the Diaspora can do is utilize the variety of social media resources to voice their concern and call upon their elected officials to condemn the ongoing atrocity against Oromo’s throughout Ethiopia. Oromo’s shall not remain silent as the saying goes, “silence implies consent.” And, the Oromo unequivocally condemn all the actions the previous and current regimes of Ethiopia have taken against the people. Therefore, it is up to Oromo’s to loudly profess their concern, but do so diligently without diverging from the shared interest of achieving freedom of expression and rule of law that respects the interests of not just Oromo’s, but everyone throughout Ethiopia and beyond!!!



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