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Hating woyane only by thought will not lead us to freedom

Firehiwot Guluma Tezera

Jan 10,2015

There is no doubt that the biggest aspiration of Oromo nationals living abroad and under the colony of woyane in their native land is acquiring freedom. To be free of over hundred years of an outsider rule and seeing the light of freedom is the wish of the young, adult, men and women Oromo’s. The one question everybody talks about and asks himself is when is it that I get out of my enemy rule and get my freedom. When is it that I get away from the killing, imprisonment, torture and looting of the ruthless woyane and live in my native land peacefully and wealthy. This is the wish of Oromos who have fled the imprisonment and torture of woyane and those still living under the persecution of woyane.

The Oromo people: Those living in all directions in Oromiya, Oromo society forced to flee his native land by the Habesha rulers of yesterday and the current woyane regime: the enemy woyane who came to their land and disturbing the peace, the enemy who is plundering its possessions, the enemy who has colonized them forcefully on their own land and caring out executions, the enemy who has forced their children to drop out of school and leaving them in incompetence, the enemy who has taken their rich land away and selling it away, it is obvious that the Oromo people despise and don’t want to see this enemy.

Today, when asked, any Oromo will tell you that for Oromo living under TPLF regime even for a single day is a humiliating thing. He will tell you that for a population of this size to live in his native land under the persecution of woyane are humiliating with no match. They are fed up, angry and talk with resentment about the killing, imprisonment, torture and plunder of Oromo people. The one thing we must ask is: Is our anger towards woyane and the previous Habesha regimes only by talking or by action?

We can’t evaluate ourselves by any indicators if we keep asking ourselves this question. The enemy is working day and night to rule us through force. The enemy is plundering our nation, killing and torturing our heroes. We only want to live in freedom but are unwilling to contribute what is expected from us. The others only despise, scold, and swear at our enemies. We consider that converting into action our feeling for our enemy is the obligation of the few fighters and heroes who are genuinely struggling. This is a wrong assumption that will help our enemies to rule us longer. Even though we are people who have everything this wrong assumption has helped woyane to rule us for 23 years by imprisoning, looting, killing and torturing us. Even for the future if don’t change this wrong assumption and struggle with actions in unison for our rights the rule of woyane will no doubt will continue.

To solve the problems facing us today and get our freedom, every Oromo who has escaped and still escaping  the persecution of woyane and the previous regimes should also remember the various problems he faces in asylum seekers camps. While living in a country who has given him refuge, he must be there to help those living under the rule of woyane. He must not forget his people even for a second. Only talking about the suffering endured by his and his people will not suffice. The big Oromo people who are still languishing under the brutal rule of woyane in their own land should speak up and show their dissatisfaction with actions.

So every Oromo, adult, the young, the elderly, men and women, those with knowledge by their knowledge, the rich by donations, the strong by their  strength, should stand with Oromo Liberation front(OLF) who is struggling to liberate the great Oromo people, and should struggle though actions not only by talking.


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