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Hyenas spread terror in Addis Ababa

Nearly a thousand hyenas are now living in the middle of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. With their strong jaws of the predator is a deadly threat to the city’s poor homeless . In Addis Ababa is now flocks with hyenas no uncommon sight , writes the BBC.

The current estimate is the number of hyenas in the city between 300 and 1000.

The predator that hunts in packs constitute endangering the lives of the city’s many poor homeless .

Several times a month, one of Mother Teresa’s clinics receive homeless and destitute with a toe or finger gnawed off by a hyena , writes the BBC.

Last year it was a hyena that tore a newborn baby boy from the arms of the mother. The little child was killed . The mother lived on the street at a church near the hotel Hilton.

A guard at the British embassy tells how one night he saw a group of 40 hyenas who were out hunting .

Periodically, the authorities are attempting to cull the animals. In December hunter shot a litter of ten hyenas who had to stay in central Addis Ababa.
Source; dn.se

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