Oduu Haaraya

Jawar Mohammed is a hero and a genuine Oromo young leader.

I am pound of him and stand with him all the time. He is targeted by hard core Ethiopianists because he could not denounce his very being; Oromo young man. They are “insulting” him because he could not turn his back on his own people. They wanted him to identify himself with what he is not and cannot be. Their rage and anger against him is the logical extension of their century Oromo-phobia, and in fact is the old evil desires and practices of Abyssinians to kill Oromo personhood within Oromo bodies. Every bad word directed against him should be taken as it is directed against all competent, self-confident young Oromo man who is with clear and unanimous visions and strategies for his people’s struggle.

The historical facts he presented at Aljazeera is neither new nor contested by many Oromo Historians and other independent scholars and researchers. Rather they have been the confirmed and verified historical facts which are still alive in present day Ethiopia. The problems, causes and manifestations he described during that TV show are the main part and parcel of Oromo National narratives which has got widespread acceptance among writers and researchers who have established their profession on Oromo studies. The only “crime” he committed and blamed for is that he could not praise Ethiopians and recite their “national” myths which they thought us as “Ethiopian history” in Ethiopian schools.

I am sure every Oromo would be surprised if hard Core Ethiopianists keep quite or say any good words about people like Jawar or any Oromo leaders at any given time. After all, these groups of Ethiopianists were busy in distributing their fear and contempt about Aljazeera story even before it was aired. What do any reasonable person expects from these people than the rude and unrestrained expressions of their hate and fear that they have developed against Oromo people over a century?

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    We are not Ethiopians. We are Oromos.

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