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Jawar was incredibly consistent both with his recent presentation at Aljareeza and the Oromo National narratives which have been significantly developed over the last few decades


Earlier today, Jawar Mohammed talked at length on an “Joint operation” between 3 or 4 Amharic Paltalk rooms. He was asked a lot of questions, and even bullied by the hostile admins who appeared to be very mad at him because of his recent presentation at Aljazeera English. Among so many questions he was asked: Are you Oromo or Ethiopian first? What is the relationship between Oromo nationalism and Ethiopian Nationalism? What are the solutions of Oromo people’s struggles and demands? What do you mean when you said “Ethiopian identity was imposed on me” at Aljazeera show? What were the roles of Oromos in creating and maintaining Modern Ethiopian State? etc..These were just few of the many questions posed to him.

Jawar was incredibly consistent both with his recent presentation at Aljareeza and the Oromo National narratives which have been significantly developed over the last few decades. Literally, he repeated each and every single point he shared during the Aljazeera Show, but this time in Amharic language. In fact, he explained those very ideas in more details and elaborations. He told them clearly that “I am Oromo first; I love myself and my Oromo Identity above anything else; I am Oromo Nationalist; yes, Ethiopian Identity is alien to me and my likes; it was imposed on Oromo people by creators and controllers of Ethiopian state, who were mainly from Amhara nationalities; Ethiopian Identity is basically Amhara Identity but wrongly taken as identity that represents the peoples in that country etc….”

On OLF and its problems, he repeated what he wrote two years ago. He said “OLF does not have any ‘ideological’ problems but the problems are Organizational and leadership” and in fact he said “the main problem of OLF is structural and functional inability to manage and use the huge love and supports it enjoys from Oromo public.”

On the roles of Oromo nationalist and political Organizations, he said “the first role of Oromo nationalists should be to stand for their people( Oromo) and its interest; should work hard to empower their people so that they can effectively exercise the right to self determination”

These are some of main issues he addressed during this heated discussion.

Obviously, the audiences and the admins were very angry with him. But Jawar was very competent and full of confidence as usual. On the same points, specially around the end of his interview, he was even able to make fun out of their hypocrisy and bigotry by showing them the glaring contradictions between their “burning love “to Ethiopia and their discriminatory approaches and practices to the non-Amhara populations in that country .

My own Observation: Jawar is too brilliant to be in their talk show. These people could even properly understand what he was talking about, leave alone challenging his ideas. On many occasions, he was forced to lecture them on the very elementary concepts like state, government, people, nation building, power, politic of regret and recognition etc….I just felt tired for him because it is simply back breaking and tiresome work to talk with these kinds of interviewers who do not even understand the elementary ideas of what they have been bragging about since they created their paltalk rooms.

If you want more and did not get a chance to listen to this discussion, please find the Audio record if it is available for the public and listens to it and refreshes youslef.

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  1. Identity debt crisis, the case of Abe Tokichaw
    June 30, 2013

    The dubious Oromo descent is being obsessed with claiming himself #Oromo these days amidst AJstream’s coverage of the most pressing issue in the contemporary Ethiopia. It doesn’t matter whatever he claims himself to be, but his recent satirical writings are contradictory, provocative and the dialects are in short of the true nature of any logical argumentation.

    Who taught you to hate the color of your skin to such extent that you bleach it to get like the white man? Asked MalcolmX in addressing his speech to the niggas during the era of darkness in the 1960s. Don’t make me wrong, I am not emphasizing on the teacher, but the one who is clinging his teeth to the people whom he think he can trace his lineage to.

    While he /Abe /traveled to different parts of Oromia (with a single Oromo word at his pocket…lol) , this dubious man enjoyed the best he can to his astonishments. Being Oromo, he was surprised to witness that type of care. What is all these supposed to mean? Is that a means to annul #Jawar’s first Oromo? Is he ascertaining that he is Ethiopian first followed by Oromo in this expression? But he too insists that he is both Ethiopian and Oromo simultaneously and remains skeptic of the fact that the part defines the whole. I cannot figure it out. Is being stumbled by the ideas of Ethiopianism or thoughts tied to his Oromo ancestry? These are his questions too. Here comes trouble. The denial of the self is being loaded and the road to an identity crisis is paved!!!!!

    How can one be able to give the best to others without being in peace with his inner being? These incessant mental noises are creating Abe’s false mind made self that casts a shadow of ‘the whole defines the part’ and thereby fear and sufferings. His recent writings in connection with Egypt’s O-refugees represents the essence of this chaotic mind , as it can be conveyed in words.

    It is true that no one chooses his belongingness to a particular tribe. NO one.You are born with. And it is thus a must for one person to be a member of a particular nation, or else to belong to a particular social group. Even Jesus Christ was born to a Jew (I can hear you saying why not Oromo…lol). We need no further explanation as it is like a philosophical axiom. All the rest comes latter.

    As Ayn Rand puts it, whatever you choose to consider, be an object, an attribute or an action, the law of an identity remains the same. A leaf cannot be all red and all green at the same time (I think she is equally saying a green leaf might turn to red through aging). A is A. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    So what is wrong with Jawar’s Oromo first? What is wrong out here? We know that every single one of us bear it to our school ID, work place or else in any other relevant record forms and are asked always to fill the blank. So why are the mystics and skeptics nervous when Jawar talked it out?

    Thus, the part defines the whole!

    The greatest flesh-soul combination ever, a man of immense awareness , Rolihlahla N #Mandela was born to a Thembu tribe. He never hesitates to mention his tribe deemed necessary. Nowadays, it is hard to find South African of any tribe calling him by his name but #Madiba. This, Madiba, is a more specific than tribal name and denotes his clan. He is Thembu and South African (Notice that the oppressing white minorities/the highlanders/ were South Africans too) and being a South African alone was not a guarantee for him. So, in what ways did Madiba being benefited by being South African alone at this point? Yes! That is why he traveled the long walk to freedom.

    The physico-chemical property of a molecule can be best attributed to the constituent atoms (chemistry), the role of a family is central to the establishment of a well functioning society (Sociology, and the vice versa is a sociological anomaly), and the human body’s proper functioning is a result of a co-ordination between the various systems (Medicine, the opposite is a medical crisis……lol). The part defines the whole. Cutting the tree however, is a means of destroying the whole forest and nothing is wrong with Jawar’s expression.

    In his writings, why did Abe singled out #Addis Ababa , the home of everybody (even other African’s) , while mentioning the whereabouts of a person as Oromo from Oromia, Addis Ababian (as used by Abe) to refer to the native of the capital? Is a native of the capital devoid of ………?? Or what type of individuals is he willing to refer? Is he trying to address those wearing a T-shirt decorated with the countries flag but who rotate 270° anticlockwise when hearing a person speaking a different language? Notice that such men are those who believe in the whole while rejecting the part. Or else, is that a means of isolating Addis Ababa from the rest , to the extent of violating the very principle the city is being governed with – as the home of various nations and nationalities. Such ideology is central to the narrow nationalists who remain hostile to a one they consider different.

    This of course , is the whole mark of an identity crisis that emanates from looking oneself as special, alien, and the disobedience of belonging to a particular genealogy. The denial of the self!

    Addis Ababa/the beating heart of our nation/ however, needs to be cured of such debilitating ideology and the most worrisome complications of an identity crisis as being seen in the satirical writings of @Abe Tokichaw.

    One more to go. Why did he likes to comment on the Oromos journey to self determination when the question is about the O-refugees in Egypt? Is he developing O-phobia? huh! Here comes another headache – crisis once again!

    Jawar emphasized on Oromo phobia in AJsream’s show in relation to the role of Oromia in contributing 60% to the countries GDP. I like to take it further and extend it (as some extend the question of human rights to terrorism……..lol) to alphabetic O phobia, which is the fear of the letter ‘O’ as the letter ‘O’ contributes to 60% of the word Oromo (do the simple math……….lilla) – I can see you rolling on the ground .

    All the above signs and symptoms are typical manifestations of an identity crisis warranting an immediate treatment. We need drugs


    As Usual, I have started beating my drum loader for the Cadillac of horn’s analysts – the son of Siraj Mohammed , Jawar!

    and we said Jawar Mohammed

    Long live Oromia