Oduu Haaraya

Jawwar Mohammed irraa “WAAMICHA”

1) Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaatiif:- Akkuma waliinuu argaa jirru weerarri daangaa keenya irratti bifa haarayaan baname Godinoota shananuu waliin gahuun lubbuu saba keenya hedduu galafataa jira. Ummanniifi poolisonni daangaa irra jiran weerara kana ofirraa faccisuun tattaaffii cimaa godhaa jiran. Dhimmi kun garuu kan warra daangaa irra jiran qofarratti ilaalamuu qabu osoo hin taane kan ummanni bal’aan dirmachuufii qabuudha. Dirmachuun kunis Oromiyaa guututti mormii gochuun Abdi Ileefi warra isa duubaan isa bobbaasu akka morminu agarsiisuudha. Mormiin kun har’a Baha Oromiyaatti eegalee jira. Guyyootta itti aananitti magaalota biroo keessattis itti fufa jedhamee eeggama. Kanuma beekuudhaan mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaas mormiin kun bifa tasgabbaayeefi nagayaatiin akka raaw’atuuf qaamolee bulchiinsaafi nageenyaatiif qajeelfama barbaachisaa dabarsuu qaba.

2) Qeerroo Oromootiif:-Gaaga’ama ummanni keenya daangarraa jiru keessa seenee waliinuu argaa garaan nu gubataa jira. Hedduun keessan gara daangaatti dirmachuun falmaa keessa jirtan. Warri haftan bakkuma jirtanii qabsoo deeggarsaa gochuuf qophaayaa akka jirtan hubanna. Mormiin amma Baha Oromiyaatii eegalee jira. Guyyoota itti aananitti guutuu biyyaattii itti fufa jedhama. Mormiin kun akeeka yaadameef akka galmaan gahuuf hoggansiifi qindeessummaan Qeerroo murteessaadha. Ummanni keenya naamusaafi tokkummaadhaan mormii isaa dhageessisuu qaba. Akkuma amma dura walgorfachaa turre qabsoo keessatti naamusni bu’ara injifannooti. Naamusa malee injifannoon hin jiru. Kanaafuu namaafi qabeenya irra miidhaan akka hin geenye of eeggannoo barbaachisa. Keessattu Wayyaaneen jeequmsa uumuun saba biraatin walitti isin buuftee qabsoo maqaa xureessuu waan feetuuf qabeenyis ta’ee nageenyi saba Soomalees ta’ee kan biroo akka hin tuqamne isin gorfanna. Poolisiin Oromiyaa daangaa irraa ummata keenyaan waliin falmaa jira. Walakkaa biyyaattis tumsa akkasiitu barbaachisa. kanaafuu walitti hin bu’inaa.

3) Poolisii Oromiyaatif:- Miseeonsonni Poolisii Oromiyaa lola daangaa irraan ummata keenyatti baname ittisuuf Qeerroofi ummata waliin falmaa cimaa keessa jiran. Hedduun isaan lola kana irratti gootummaadhaan hoggansa kennuun wareegamanii jiran. Hedduunis madaayanii jiran. Kun seenaa hin irraanftamneedha. Seenaa keenya keessatti yeroo duraatiif ta’uu isaati. galatoomaa jenna. Amma poolisiifi ummata daangaa irraa falmaa jiruuf tumsuuf jecha mormiin nagayaa Oromiyaa guututti akka godhamu eeggama. Mormiin kunis har’a baha Oromiyaatti eegalee jira. Mormiin kun bifa nagayaafi tasgabbii qabuun akka raaw’atamu shoorri poolisii ol’aanaadha. Kanaafuu Qeerroon waliigaluun walitti bu’iinsi akka hin uumamanetti mirga ummataa kabajaa nagayas akka eegsiftan isinitti dhaamna.

Dhugaa qabna
Tokkummaan qabsoofna
Tarsiimoon masakamna
Ni injifanna!!”

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One comment


    The following proposal is my opinion as an Oromo national fed up watching images of the endless genocide taking place against the Oromo nation in the Horn of Africa. It is nether systematic nor complete study.


    The most important duty of any country is to protect the lives of its citizens. In any federal system all participating states are supposed to be treated equally. If this is not respected, then there is no point calling it a federation. Since the Tigray liberation front assumed state power in Ethiopia in 1991, the organization continues to dominate the military, security, economic and political life of Ethiopian, although this group represents at most only about 5% of the population.

    The vastly disproportionate dominance of the TPLF in the government is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Oromos (the majority ethnic group), and displacement of millions, imprisonment of hundreds of thousands, and unknown number of disappearances by Tigrean led security forces.

    Today, all Oromos, including those with extremely opposing political views agree on one thing. They don’t feel at home in their own country due to open, deliberate, indiscriminate, systematic and barbaric government repression of not only political dissidents, but ordinary citizens, including infants and unborn fetus with no political views. The October 2, 20016 genocide, that killed up to a thousand Oromos at once, in full view of the world, and which led to declaration of state of emergency responsible for the murder of several thousand Oromos more, is a recent case in point.

    The government uses members of not only Tigrean tribe to kill Oromos. It trains and arms special forces in neighboring states and orders raids on unarmed Oromo villages, killings thousands and displacing millions from their land. Alone in the last couple of weeks, more than half a million Oromo civilians have been displaced from Somali regional state by leaving all their property behind, and at least several thousand have been brutally raped and murdered by security forces, simply for being Oromos. No, Somalis or members of other nations have been forcibly displaced from Oromia against their will. In fact Somalis and Ormos have been good neighbors, intermarried, and never fought a war against each other before arrival of TPLF.

    Today thousands of Oromos are regularly summarily executed, or dumped into sea by Somali and Tigray militias.The Oromo never invaded another country, not even a state within Ethiopia. In fact, most Oromos displaced from Jijiga have been living there since time immemorial while most Somalis settled there after fleeing from Somalia due to civil wars and famines in 1990s. All appeals from the Oromo community and government to the central authorities to stop the brutal killings and mass displacements have fallen on deaf ears. In fact, the Oromo are not allowed to even defend themselves. Those Oromos who carry even the most primitive arms like spears and sticks to defend themselves against heavily armed Ethiopian government armed Somali Special Forces are disarmed by Ethiopian army which is complicit in the genocide. PM Hailemariam threatened the Oromo people to disarm while arming the Liyyu plice (the killer Somali security forces) with the latest military weapons and deploying them against unarmed Oromo civilians. He threatened government media not to even report the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

    The aim of the TPLF government genocide against Oromo is twofold. A) To weaken the Oromia regional government by creating instability in Oromia and reduce the size of the state so that the local government cannot function as a government. This would create for TPLF led forces a pretext intervene and to take over the state to grab more land from farmers and exploit their property. B) To make the Oromo a minority nation, as directed by late prime minister Meles Zenawi.

    For Somalis, the invasion of Oromia would provide them with access to Oromias vital resources. Both forces are involved in a booming cross border contraband and money laundering which is being fought aggressively by current Oromia state. This enraged military leaders involved the theft of public money.



    It is clear that both the Oromia state government and Oromo people have been extremely stretched to the limit of their patience. The local government cannot protect its citizens due to unconstitutional interference in the internal affairs of Oromia by the current TPLF dominated central government by unfairly arming one state while disarming the other which led to total breakdown of trust between citizens and the central government.

    Therefore, I recommend to the Oromo people, through their regional government and Caffee Oromia, to formally and temporarily, withdraw from the federation until an accountable government is in place, which respects the terms of the federation and the right and interest of the Oromo people. Specifically, such a government should not involve the current leaders of TPLF and Somali regional state and their illegal security forces who have so much blood of our people in their hands. Article 39 of the constitution guarantees the right of member states up to full secession. I believe a least a temporary withdrawal should also be permissible. If not, I urge Oromia government to invoke art. 39 in full, which is better than the nightmare our people are going through.
    If it cannot be applied at this time, there is no point keeping the article in the book. In case the “Federal Democratic” Republic of Ethiopia tries to interfere in Oromia’s right to withdrawal from the fake federation and democracy, Oromo people should ignore them and never abide by their laws or rules because they have broken their own law. No tax, item, service or vehicle of any kind should reach Finfinne.


    Oromia is being pushed out from the Ethiopian federation by TPLF leaders who order the military to commit genocide on our people. Oromia may re-join the federation once Oromians feel the law is respected and the threat to her nationals is eliminated.
    In the meantime, Oromia may sign bilateral treaties with selected states of Ethiopia whose governments want to have friendly and peaceful relationship with Oromia based on mutual respect on all areas, esp. on matters of security, trade education.


    The state of Oromia must impose the maximum possible embargo on States that threaten the security of its nationals. In the light of recent events, food, electricity, water, livestock, money, and other goods should not move between Oromia and those regions. The Oromia air space should be closed for all flights to the Ethiopian Somali State. Only Oromos and non-Somali Ethiopians should enter Oromia through Oromia-Somali border. All Oromos (including Oromo journalists) should be prohibited from crossing from Oromia into Somali region. There should be a safe one-way exit for non-Oromos who want to enter Somali state via Oromia. Anyone violating the embargo should be severely punished. The Oromia state should immediately appeal to the UN Security Council to put pressure on Ethiopia and Somali land to ensure safe withdrawal of our nationals from Somalia and Ethiopian Somali regional states bring those responsible for genocide and ethnic cleansing to justice. In addition, the State of Oromia should continue to protect peaceful minorities, including Somalis, within its borders. It is a crime against humanity to force refugees to go back to Somali regional state while those responsible for their abuse and displacement are in charge and no one brought to justice for genocide. The Oromia government is making itself party to any crime happening to returnees until there is change of government and Oromia returns to the federation, and security of our nationals guaranteed, which is currently completely unthinkable.


    The Oromia government cannot execute any of the above recommendation without full support of Oromians and the Oromo people. Fortunately, the exploited nation is more than ready to rise up to the historic challenge, waiting only for leadership. The Oromia state only need officially call a national service and provide necessary leadership so that the nation can mobilize and exploit all of its potentials. I am 100% sure that Oromia can and will in a very short time show her enemies that we are not what they think of us.

    Since the Ethiopian federal government failed the people, all Oromians must get access to fire arms and use them to defend themselves and their family against anyone that threatens them on their land. The government must encourage Oromos to kill anyone attempting to take their weapon, and to die if necessary, rather than surrendering it to the killer. In addition, Oromians who are able to use arms should protect the elderly and children against armed terrorists. The state should call on Oromian nationals serving in Ethiopian defense and security apparatus to withdraw from federal forces and serve their bleeding nation.


    The Oromo people unanimously feel the whole purpose of the presence of Ethiopian forces on Oromia soil is to kill and abuse them and their children, far from protecting them. Therefore, the state of Oromia must call on Ethiopia to withdraw her forces from all places in Oromia (including Finfinne) as long as the regime in Finfinne is in power and Oromia is not part of it. Failure to do so will make life extremely difficult for all Ethiopians, not only Oromos.


    The Ethiopian federal state must immediately and without exception or precondition release all Oromian prisoners of conscience currently in federal prisons, and transfer criminals to the control of Oromia police. Since there is no difference between oromos on national issues such the current crisis, release of prisoners will allow leaders of opposition who are currently being brutally abused in the TPLF prison cells to compete and express their views freely.


    Accommodating more than a million refugees in Oromia cannot solve the problem without addressing the underlying cause. The same people who displaced our people from Hargessa and Jijiga will one day do the same to Adama, Finfinne, and Naqamte residents. Thus, it is critical that Oromia looks further than just provide bread, water, and blanket to our displaced citizens in Chinaksen, Dire, or Awaday. Oromia needs to build her own formidable national force capable of going after the culprits and free any place in the Horn of Africa that harbors terrorists that threaten our national interest and security, completely regardless of what Ethiopia does or does not.