Oduu Haaraya

Joint Statement of the Oromo political organizations in regard to GGO conference


April 10, 2017


Organizing Committee of GGO

Dear Sirs:

Thank you so much for inviting us to your Global Gumii Oromia founding Conference.  Our organizations always attend and take part in any genuine, valuable, important and worthwhile Oromo conferences that advance the Oromo struggle, Oromo interests, and the Oromo unity.  We always value the coming together of the Oromo nationals to discuss the Oromo issues.  However, we decline to attend your conference based on four important factors that you have been advancing that violate the interest of the Oromo people and incompatible and in contradiction to Oromo nationalists’ unity, and the Oromo wishes and aspiration.  Here are four factors for our decline to attend your conference.

  1. The GGO as an organization has no specific objective to achieve.  It is unclear to us whether GGO is a political organization or non-profit organization.
  2. GGO has no specific program except duplicating the OLC’s program.  We believe this action divides the Oromo nationals. Neither our organizations nor the Oromo people want divisions; and
  3. The statement made by the Chairman of GGO, Dr. Asseffa Jaalata on Radio Finfinnee falsely accusing and labelling the Oromo nationalists and patriots as enemies, ”gantuu,” meaning betrayers, traitors and turncoats; galtuu meaning uncultured and “gurgurtuu,” meaning sellouts; ergantuu meaning messenger of enemy is not statement of calling for unity.  It is a statement of generating doubt, hostility, antagonism and divisiveness within Oromo nationals.  We are disappointed and indeed offended at such uncalled for negative and polarizing campaign targeting the Oromo people, the Oromo nationalists and patriots.  


Furthermore, Dr. Asseffa Jaalata told Radio Finfinnee that according to his research the Oromo’s problem in this national liberation struggle is based on “political ignorance.” This statement of “political ignorance” means that the Oromo people do not known or do not understand why they have been in this struggle sacrificing their lives and the lives of their sons and daughters.  Such statement undermines the wisdom of the Oromo people.  Hence, we found this statement of  “Oromo’s political ignorance” as an insult to and a condemnation of the Oromo people and to those Oromo nationalists and patriots who had sacrificed and still scarifying their precious lives in this national liberation struggle.  We believe this is not a right approach to bring people together.

For the above reasons, we decline to attend your conference to be held in April 14-16, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.

Above all, it is our organizations’ and the Oromo people’s interests that GGO and OLC merge.  It is only in this way the Oromo people and their struggle will be served well.  This to be materialized, our organizations are ready to be a vehicle to help to bring the GGO and OLC to merge.  We believe both of you- GGO and OLC will take this seriously.






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One comment

  1. How do you advocate for merger, and unity when you yourself is fragmented? Simply look at your closing, OLF, KWO, FIDO, and UOPLF. How on earth you are advising GGO and OLC to merge when you have not done so yourself? You guys are like a ship attempting to navigate the Atlantic Ocean without campus (GPS) for over 20 years. Good for nothing diaspora refugees who cannot even manage their own personal life let alone oromo national liberation movement. Your hypocrisy, ignorance, and incompetence are sickening. None of you diaspora organizations are better than the other. All of you are useless bunch that comes out and bark once every year, and then hybernate in your comfort zone the reminder of the year. Do your self and everyone else a favor, and either educate yourself or simply shut up, because you will never put up anything.