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Kenya: 3,000 Flee Homes at Ethiopia Border

August 17, 2013, Nairobi (The Star) — More than 3,000 families have fled their homes at the Kenya-Ethiopia border following increased tension after 10 fishermen were killed by Ethiopia militia yesterday.

Turkana and Ethiopian fishermen on Lake Turkana have been fighting, causing the families to retreat more than 30km from the border. Tukana North DC Eric Wanyonyi said security teams have been deployed along the border. Leaders from the region led by Senator John

Munyes said the frequent attacks along the border have impoverished the Turkana community. Seven bodies of fishermen killed by Ethiopian militia at Todonyang in Turkana North are still missing. Wanyonyi said GSU officers are patrolling Todonyang and areas around the lake.

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Ethiopia deploys security to Turkana

Aug 13, 2013, Turkana, Kenya (The Standard) : Ethiopian security forces have moved into Lake Turkana following attacks blamed on its Merille clan members.

For the last two weeks, the Merille militiamen have attacked Kenyan fishermen at the Todonyang border point leaving 10 dead.

A source within the Kenyan security personnel dispatched to respond to the attacks said there was a heavy presence of Ethiopian security personnel at the lake.

“They have started patrolling the area, especially along River Omo delta where the militia usually strikes,” said the officer.

The motive behind the deployment of the Ethiopian forces to the lake was not clear.

Ethiopia’s South Omo Regional Commissioner Maloka Dettachew had defended the militia saying Turkana fishermen had confronted the militia in Lake Turkanaand shot dead a militiaman and injured an Ethiopian police officer during a shoot-out.

However, Turkana North DC Erick Wanyonyi said theMerille militia had illegally crossed into Kenyan territory and attacked the fishermen.

Strained relations

“We have even petitioned our Ethiopian counterparts over this but so far we have not received any feedback even as the killings continued along Lake Turkana,” Wanyonyi said.

The administrator said they were not at war with Ethiopia but security threats by the Merille militia group at the Omo Delta was straining the relationship of the two countries.

“The militia threats on the Kenya Ethiopia border can be handled at other higher levels of governments. This is an issue that can be addressed once and for all by the States in a very a diplomatic manner,” the DC said.

The DC said they have deployed security personnel to carry out an operation across Lake Turkana to recover the stolen boats and fishing gears from the militia.

Area MP Christopher Nakuleu and Turkana Senator John Munyes condemned continued killing ofKenyan fishes by Merille.

Nakuleu claimed the militia wants control of Lake Turkana resources especially the flourishing fishing activities at the delta on Kenyan side.

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