Oduu Haaraya

Lets please listen to Ragaa Oromia

One of the pervasive issues in the struggle of the Nation of Oromia for emancipation from this centuries-old, and backward colonization of the Abyssinian regimes, remains to be the failure of ODF to fully realize the connections that cements Orommummaa, and the struggle for the Independence of Oromia. All the internal problems created by these sell-outs not only stagnated the struggle itself, but facilitated the gap for all the internal enemies who are bending over to dissect, and destroy the Liberation journey that this Nation had embarked upon since it’s formal occupation by the Abyssinians invading armies.

Therefore, all the Concerned Oroms Nationalists” all over the globe need to start to reply to ODF and its disoriented leaders in every corner of the world in one voice how the gallant OLF needs to regain the momentum and re-vitalize the struggle of the Oromo Nation for its independence once again. There is no any other choice for all the concerned Nationalist Oromos after foreseeing where our struggle is heading; to turn back the wheel of history with abortive course of ODF.

The whole picture is ugly and grossly disappointing, and frustrating for any Oromo walking soul. Realizing frustration and disappointment alone by itself do not bear any meaningful fruit, we have to opted a determining action(s) by consulting each other so as to be able to alter and halt the possible predicament of the destruction of the Oromo National journey for freedom. Therefore, you, yes you, the concerned Oromo Nationalists have to form a forum such as “The Concerned Oromo Nationalists” You need to be an independent Oromo concerned Group all over the world, but make no mistake, you are neither another political organization, nor planning to be one. The potential scope, or extent of your endeavour will always be driven by the momentary needs of our struggle, and will be dictated by your existing capacity, or ability at all the corners of the world after consulting each other with the spirits of dedications, and principled commitments.

Your vision, as”The Concerned Oromo Nationalists”will concentrate on enabling the genuine struggle of the Oromo Nation to advance towards freedom and emancipation of all Oromo citizens from the yoke of Abyssinian colonization.

Your Mission statement may include, but not limited to:
The Concerned Oromo Nationalists are a dedicated and committed Oromo citizens who work with all the proponents of the Oromo national freedom so as to energize, motivate, and rally in unison behind the just causes of the Nation of Oromia. The details of the mission needs to be prioritized through discussion among its committed members relentlessly till the Nation of Oromia achieves the final victory. To do so, the Concerned Oromo Nationalists will unreservedly engage with all the potential forces, advocates, supporters, and friends of the Oromo struggle.

The Concerned Oromo Nationalists will be non-profit group whose interest are to promote the Oromo struggle which in the hyaena market to be sold to the worst scavenger. The sole aim of The Concerned Oromo Nationalists will be to regain its vivacity towards its overdue Gadaa system of democratic governance, with the vitality and fundamental objectives of Freedom, Liberty, and becoming the determinants of their own destiny, not to remain the second citizens of the minority Abyssinians.
Asalaam aleikum,

Yaadasaa Dafaa

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