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Massive deportations against the Oromo community in Somaliland

Somaliland police rounded Oromo after cannibalist arrested

Massive deportations against the Oromo community in Somaliland

(Mareeg) — On Tuesday morning the police in the breakaway state of Somaliland have in mob collected the Oromo community living in the capital of Somaliland Hargeisa.

The police caught the Oromo people from their shanty houses in the outskirts of Hargeisa, on the streets and from their workplaces in the capital Hargeisa.

The reason behind the collection of the Oromo community comes after it was said that an Oromo cannibal man has devoured a native toddler.

A part from the police target the citizens of Somaliland have been also targeting the Oromo people in Hargeisa after the report of cannibalism emerged.

The Oromo have been living in Hargeisa for more than 20 years, and got interacted with the Somalilanders and got low class jobs in Hargeisa and the other towns in Somaliland.

The Oromo community is the largest community in Ethiopia, but when it comes to the government they have no power it is only Tigary dominated government.

The Oromo community formed a rebellion against the Tigray government in Ethiopia, intending to quash it, but instead they have been quashed and got scattered in the neighboring countries such as Somalia, in the breakaway state of Somalia and in Kenya.

Massive deportations against the Oromo community in Somaliland

(Somaliland informer) — During daybreak simultaneous operations against the Oromo community on Tuesday in some towns in Somaliland.

These operations against the Oromo community took place on the streets, in the markets in their dwelling places and at their work places.

The reason behind their arrest is said to be not having legitimate residence in Somaliland and occupying most of the low class jobs in the towns of which some citizens in Somaliland are in need of.

Horn Cable TV visited at the headquarters of the migration department which is one of the points which the collected Oromo community was taken to and registered in a registration book.

At the headquarters of the migration department there were not less than 300 Oromo people who were arrested on Tuesday morning in downtown Hargeisa and its outskirts.

Horn Cable TV had the access to have an interview with one of the detained Oromos.

“My names are Ahmed Mohamed I am from Ethiopia and living here in Hargeisa for awhile, the citizens of Somaliland are good people and now I am excited to go back to my native country Ethiopia” said Ahmed.

One of the other towns in which the swoop took place is Eynaba the headquarters of Saraar region, and in that operation 380 people of whom the majority of them were Oromo have been detained.

Before they were intercepted these people were on illegal migration move according to the intelligence personnel in the region.

On the other hand there was similar operation conducted in Wajale town which is located in the boarder between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The immigration officer in Somaliland has verified the operations and said that the citizens from other countries who are in Somaliland without valid residence or approval permit for their stay in Somaliland will be deported back to their countries of origin, and for those who are intending to stay in Somaliland will be given residence document.

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