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Mosque invited right-wing extremists in the tea


A mosque in York hailed after inviting right-wing protesters at tea. The organization English Defence League had organized a protest rally outside.

English Defence League had called for the demonstration on Sunday outside the mosque on Bull Lane in British York. The reason for the protest is, according to local press, have been the murder of the soldier in London earlier this week. Only six people showed up outside the mosque.

– There were some who came to protest, but when they arrived, some of the congregation went there and they had begun to talk to each other. Some came with tea and cookies, they spoke for thirty forty minutes and they came out. It was really really beautiful, says Imam Abid Salik told the BBC.

More than a hundred people who support the mosque had heard about the demonstration and sought also to the mosque. In addition to tea and cakes were offered the extreme right also play football.

– I think I will never forget the day when York Mosque responded anger and hatred with peace and warmth. And I will not forget the sight of a Muslim with full sincerity Hands Over tea and cookies at a protester, said local politician Neil Barnes told the BBC.

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