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No Lesson Learned from Rwanda and Darfur GENOCIDES



By Odaa Hora


Despite the unprecedented advances in communications technology, and mass Medias, for the last three decades it is unfortunate that the Crime of Genocides and Ethnoicdes remained, a frequently exercised “states” policies ruled by tyrants, warlords, autocrats, and military dictators most significantly in African and Asian Continent at the back of world stage.

It proves that the world has not learned the lessons from Holocaust-World War Two that succumbed about 21 million human life. The world had failed again and again to stop the genocides in Rwanda (April to July 1994), in the DRC (1996 – to the present); sometimes called the “African World War.” and in Darfur (2003-to the present) just to note some of them among many.

Since the TPLF- brigands grabbed the absolute power by relentlessly legitimizing the so-called the state of emergency utilizing armed trained killer militias, mercenary, dogs of wars to eliminate political opponents, people whom they oppose, or fear for overthrowing the totalitarian-subhuman political system of one of the primitive barbaric predatory empire on this plane, and now in Oromia. Fascism is taking place in Oromia at the back of the World Stage who kept their mouth clothed and their ears deafen.

One can wonder in what world one lives when an issue of an individual, Sergei V. Skripal, a double spy agents of the former Soviet Union and his daughter, Yulia, were poisoned by a potent nerve agent identified as Noovichokin developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s and accused Russia racks the world mass media. More importantly, tabled as an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday 14th of March 2018 called by Britain.

But, when the fascistic-genocidal acts of the TPLF-gangs continued bloodbaths the Oromo people, mass murders and arrests, evictions of millions of Oromo’s and flight in neighboring countries from their ancestral soil for the last 28 years, no single voice and statements were to be heard and read respectively from the so-called UN. When rapes and tortures, cold-blooded killings are turned to be their daily agenda and accomplishments by deploying armed militias and killer commands are undeniable facts by day on and day out, nobody care of it because it is Africa and the blood of Africans:, but without a shadow of doubt they do care of rescrambling of African resources from diamond to coffee, Tea, Flower, cacao, from oil to Uranium, Colton, and Land grabbing, etc. A practice global Apartheid, the unwritten law indeed.

When the TPLF-fascist relentlessly declares the State of Emergency legitimize genocides, committee massacres and mass atrocities against the Oromo civilian population, the displacements of over millions of Oromo’s from their ancestral soil, over hundred thousand flights out of the empire to the neighboring countries like in Kenya is the fact at the spot.

Violent attacks on civilians by the regime terror and horrors continued and is turned to the achievements of TPLFs brute killer commandos and dogs of wars in Oromia. As Human Rights Watch reported from October 2016 until August 2017 alone security forces arrested more than 20,000 people and committed widespread rights violations.

Right now, Refugee Agency recorded a flight of over 100,000 in Kenya alone and the exodus of the Oromo exiles continues. Mass atrocities have been obtained from victims and witnesses. Video footage of the violence and witness testimonies continues to surface on the Internet and in a broadcast on world mass media.

When the tyrannical regime intentional committing crimes against humanity is indiscriminate, widespread attacks on civilians, arbitrary detention of thousands in the political opposition, genocidal massacres of the whole villages are evidential. The world is silent.

This world is not this world, as R.J. Lifton said: I gained an important perspective on Auschwitz from an Israeli dentist who had spent three years in the camp. We were completing a long interview, during which he has told me about many things, including details of SS dentists’ supervision of prisoners’ removal of gold fillings from the teeth of fellow Jews killed in gas chambers. He looked about the comfortable room in his house of Haifa, sighed deeply, and said,” This world is not this world.” in his book entitled: THE NAZI DOCTORS medical killing and the psychology of genocide.

The fascist establishment of the TPLF-hegemony that clad with the grab of EPRDF and traded for solid 28 years by deploying and employing a branded POWs transformed to their loyal vassals coated with the name of their Ethno-nationals incarcerated within the Abyssinia Empire born in 1989 and renamed to PDOs.

The TPLF promotes violence, war as actions of resolution and exalting militarism that forbids and suppress anyone who calls in questions of authoritarianism of the TPLF-fascist brigand’s party from day one of their arrivals and occupied Finfinnee and finally the whole empire by implementing eliminations policies targeted the Oromo people as prime from all walks of life and scramble their resources and acquire their rich land.

For the last twenty-eight years, these mercenaries y served their masters turned to the vanguard of the TPLF committed genocides and ethnocides. The PDOs,i.e. institutionalized conglomerates of Pawns who fulfilled their obligation and continued to serve their masters the TPLF fascists nothing more and nothing less. https://bilisummaa.com/form-prisoner-of-war-to-mercenary-dogs-of-wars/.

Since they consolidation the absolute power in their own hands, they adapted the best doctrine from their predecessors based on the myth of “One Ethiopia.” Her growth and maintains of this fake status quo can be retained only under the domination of the Abyssinia (Amhara and Tigre mainly) interchangeably.

One must always keep in mind the old myth “save the only Christian island” in the Horn of Africa that brought the establishment of the empires predatory-prey relationship versus the whole rich south by recalling the outworn myth of “Ethiopianess” and its opposite, a sign of decadence, decay, and of death of the barbaric. And it is not a dead recipe it retains in the mind of the aliens of the north that is to say today the expansion of the Tigrayan domination in all spheres was /is an essential manifestation of vitality as the Amharas of yesterday. And, the maintenance of the empire as she has been for more than centuries. As an adage, “The Fish rot from the head down, not from the tail up.”

The recent development what we witness the replacements of one pawn with the other under the mantra of reformation is nothing but analog to keeping a patient who suffered a massive stroke lain in a vegetative state by machine feeding till the game is over. That is not my truth or somebodies else but the only truth on the soil of one of the most primitive, barbaric dependent predatory empire of Abyssinia.

Clear attention must be given to the comfortable dogs of wars and the role of the current places holder designated as prime who carries the name Oromo sworn to serve as the nursing staff and watching guard of the dying empire around o’clock till the Tsunami of the genuine liberation struggle wiped her out once and forever from the global map. As our elder say:”Nama ergaan barate gabaatu Harre qabisifata.” and our artists convey their massage through their marvelous voice itti muddii, itti muddii (gear up for liberation).

Very bad and sad news for those who still pray and dreams in midday light and arrive at the conclusion to bring what they often said “democracy” to the dying empire, who beat a dead horse strongly. They must finally understand that to the TPLF-gangs established on fascism ruled without a law, who committed 28 years crime against humanity in its cruelest and barbaric form more than what the military junta Mengistu Haile Mariam. Thus, the proposals of day dreamers loudly and redundantly call for the so called “democracy” in deed is equivalent to the prescription of a Cyanide Pilli or a suicide pill to swallow, which in fact the TPLF fascists knew it from day one of their occupation of Finfinnee and shall never swallow the pill voluntarily, but only after tranquilization by all means possible, and More about “democracy” and the establishment of the Abyssinia empire will be explored in my next article and I wish you Good Reading and reading is a food of mind as glucose is the food of the biological body.

The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.” Wael Ghonim

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromootii !!!!!!!!!


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