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ODF is in a great political Crisis!

Having a good formal Education does not mean a good Leader or Politician. A great politician is a nation builder, a team player and peace maker. ODF founders are neither team player nor role-model. ODF father and his team are neither peace maker nor nation builder. On my past consecutive articles, I have discussed about the birth of ODF and its political implication on the future of Oromia. I have also briefly addressed about the roles of leaders in building a nation. Today, I would like to talk about some internal political development of the ODF. According to some close sources, ODF has a political problem. First, there was no trust among the ODF member’s. Second, there was a division within the members on the basis of a political conviction .A group like Aman Kedir, Hasan Hussien ,Dr, Beyan, and Lencho Bati are seeking and arguing for a complete political reform and system changes in the empire whereas the other members are passive and have more of a conservative instances. From the sides of opponent’s Dr.Beyan was very disappointed with the overall practices because the information he had before he joined the team and the reality after he joins the team was in contrary to his political views and stands. He was the last respected Oromo national who joined the ODF team but now he is among the strongest opponent’s to Mr.Leta many years of political ideology. According to my political informants, the ODF technocratic, Mr. Hassan Hussein was also in political dilemma and incapable of organizing the people in his circle of influences. Of the entire group the case of Aman Kedir is the worst. In terms of his political believe and conviction, he was known as the radical anti-Abyssinia proponent’s for many years in the face of oromian .He was among those who stand for the Sovereign Oromia and still reflect that sentiments. This left him friendless inside the ODF.

In general, the senior males dominate ODF were in war of words among each others. There were no cooperation and commitment among members. ODF has no basis from the grassroots. Most of its members are old senior males. No a female or young generation inside ODF in terms of its composition. Definitely, this presents how the ODF rigid in terms of its political outlook as oppose to its ideal democratization of the empire.

The other practical problems for the ODF was from its commanding boss meant a EPRDF .The mischief EPRDF regime knew how to play a dirty game politics and an expert in divide and rule policy. Its mission is to dismantle all the Oromo political forces and construct its own advanced and a better OPDO that keeps its base power. Mr Leta, the ODF president tirelessly has been dedicated on polarizing the oromian for the last two decades to get the regime loyalty .This was his great project. He tried his best but could not attain his real dream and oromian are unanimously revolt against his philosophy of democratization of the Empire. Oromian are conscious enough and beyond a cheap politics and knew what they need today. Mr.lencho Personal wish is to secure a top post in the empire either two ways .First by allying himself with the EPRDF regimes through polarizing oromian. Second by building his own team as he wants through divide and rule means politics. However, the interesting question left unanswered is does a simple collection of a few groups of people change the EPRDF regime mind? Is really EPRDF care about the ODF that has no basis from the grassroots? If so, what are the differences between the ODPO and ODF? Is the EPRDF there for real change and democracy? I do not think so. If so why, Professor Marare Gudina has failed to democratize the Ethiopia Empire? Is the ODF father has some magic to democratize the Ethiopia Empire? Either way, politically, Mr.Lencho is a double loser both in the face of the Oromo people as well as his servant. His motive was to secure the top post but he belittled himself and his team in the face of the Oromo people. The game for his team was over. No more ODF; its secret agenda is a blind and there is no certainty about its future political conditions.

The problem of the Ethiopia Empire is the problem of power and resource. It is never how to change or transform the life of the people in the empire .It is always how to secure state power through divisive politics. This is a reality in the empire .Politically, speaking this is the biggest failure to Mr.lencha and his team where they undermined the practical political problem in the Empire.
The Oromo people fight these practical political and social problems to bring a radical changes in the empire, to make Oromia a land of hope and opportunity, to make Oromia a land of no war, to make Oromia a land of no crime as well as to make Oromia a land of peace where every minority people living in the Oromia lives on the mutual and respectful manners. Oromo people are a respected society, they respect their senior, respect their leader, and lover their country, nevertheless all these nice culture has eroded because of a bad political culture practices of our frontline politicians. Contrary to this great philosophy the birth of ODF also has changed the mind and heart of Oromian.ODF is responsible for all this moral and political damage and no way its member can escape this legal consequences.ODF founder and members are always a problem maker, they are not a solution seeker or peace maker. They barley cooperative among themselves and are currently in a great political crisis from the very beginning. I always call these interest groups a dual loser politician and never ever name them as a leader because they do not fulfill a requirement of a leadership skill or leading roles ability to build a nation.


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  1. Yaa Obbo Alako
    ODF qoodame, miseensoti isaa walii hin galan jette xiinxala nuu dhiheessiteef galatomi. Xiinxalli kee yoo dhugaa tahuu baate hoo akkam goota? Jibbaa fi hawwii hin dhugoomnen ija of jaamsuun bu’aa hin qabu. ODF dhumateef erga tahee waa’ee isaanii kaasanii dubbachuun maaliif barbaachise. Akka hin dhumanne waan beektuf Wayyaanee diina Oromoo dhiiftee jara kana irratti duulaa jirta mitii? Mee kun Oromoof maal buusa? Bilisummaa Oromoo hagam as dhiheessa? Rabbii qalbii hubatuu siif haa kennu.

  2. This is an article written for deaf and blind.It is so childish that seeing it on oromo political forum is an insult for how the writer views the intelligence of our people.

  3. Tolicha,
    I think people have a freedom of expression and can write their opinions.There is no bad or wrong ideass in real democratic society.It can be blame, critizism or fair comments to complimnet what has acommpolished.or it can be objection.as far as i am concerned the author’s doest not said ODf members are deaf or blind.certainly blindly reacting to people opinion reflects the psychic of the reader and political understanding.

  4. The article remembers me my time in ABO and later Shanee :-D, the writer must be writing what exactly is happening there.

    • “OLF difficult is not lack of knowledge, but inaction.”

      “Rakkoon keessaan(ABO) Beekumsa Dhimma Sanaa Dhabuu Mit Tarkaanfii Fudhatuu Dhabuu”

      Oromoon yoo makmaaku Dubbii waa sad Fixaa Jedha
      1.Dubbii gamnaa(Beeka) ibsuutu fixaa
      2.Dubbii harsamaa(goowa ) dhugaa qabdaatu fixaa
      3.Dubbii luuyna(sodaata) immoo sodaachisu fixaa jedhan makmaaksa kana waa malee hin jenne ani ilma jaarsaatti miti .Haata’u ADOn/ODF ergaa labsame ji’a lama fixaa jira ani kani na dhibee barreeffama adda addaa irra kan keessa beektootaaf qabsa’oota yoo ilaale dubbiin Leecoon fakkeese qabsoo Oromoo dhaaba angafa ABO shira yoo irrati hojjatu maaliif Usaan?? Fkn barruu Moosisaa Hoosaa yoo ilaale gahaa dha kanaaf waabn (reference) kan mee dubbisa The long pregnancy was most difficult for the OLF, which had to carry ODF for more than 15 years

      when the now president of ODF – Obbo Leenco Lata – and his friends signed a confidential agreement in 1998 on behalf of the OLF and with a mediator (the World Lutheran Federation)
      attempt #1 at masquerading as the OLF and returning to Finfinnee failed miserably for ODF’s attempt #2 at masquerading as the OLF in its effort to return to Finfinnee.
      No sooner than installed, Obbo Dawud Ibsaa began implementing ODF’s program. The first of these was the Year 2000 “Agenda for Peace,” an agenda conceived and written up by current ODF leaders. Dawud Ibsa’s “Agenda for Peace” offered to accept the Ethiopian constitution and renounce armed struggle. In return, ODF (masquerading as the OLF) would be allowed to return to Finfinnee as a loyal opposition of the TPLF. This offer was presented to the Oromo public as a diplomatic stunt, but to the international community as a serious offer. Unfortunately for ODF, the persistent thorn in ODF’s side, the “Galaasaa group,” rejected the “agenda” and opposed it vehemently. This was a huge problem causing the Dawud Ibsaa group to lose sleep.
      Just in case TPLF took Dawud Ibsaa’s offer seriously, and they were to return to Finfinnee to democratize Ethiopia, there would be a group of current and former leaders left in the Diaspora who would claim the OLF name. TPLF would not be happy with such a situation. Something had to be done quickly to show goodwill and assuage TPLF’s concerns in this respect. To that end, in August 2001, the Dawud Ibsaa group dismissed Abiyu Geleta and Galaasaa Dilboo from the OLF and sentenced Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo, the then head of OLA, to death. In fact, dismissal and sentencing notices were faxed to the Walta Information Center (a TPLF mouthpiece) by Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo (SBO) before Obbo Abiyu, Obbo Galaasaa and Obbo Dhugaasaa were notified. The “Galaasaa group” went on to form “Koree Dandamachiifttuu”[4] and later the OLF-Transitional-Authority led by Obbo Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo, better known as Qaama Cehumsaa (QC-ABO) among the Oromo.
      Regardless of ODF’s efforts (through its proxies) to attract TPLF’s interest, ODF’s attempt #2 at masquerading as the OLF and returning to Finfinnee to democratize Ethiopia met a dismal failure. As a direct result of ODF machination, the OLF split into “Shanee-OLF” (led by Dawud Ibsaa) and “QC-OLF” (led by Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo) in 2001.
      ODF was discouraged, but was not going to give up easily. Having partially succeeded in tweaking the objective of the OLF at the 2004 Shanee-OLF congress, ODF was very much encouraged. The change they sought to make to the objective of the OLF did not go as far as they would have liked, but it was a start – a partial victory. ODF is now ready for its attempt #3 to return to Finfinnee masquerading as the OLF through the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD), a collection of Ethiopian opposition groups, formed in 2006. AFD’s declared aim was to lay “the foundation for a fully democratic system in Ethiopia … by instituting a genuinely representative political order,” signed in May 2006. Sounds similar to current ODF aim and objectives? It is not a coincidence – ODF helped design the document and signed it with OLF’s fingers.
      lay “the foundation for a fully democratic system in Ethiopia … by instituting a genuinely representative political order,” signed in May 2006. Sounds similar to current ODF aim and objectives? It is not a coincidence – ODF helped design the document and signed it with OLF’s fingers ODF charged QC with “Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act” and that it interfered with the Asmara Group’s [Shanee-OLF, the ODF proxy at the time] “prospective economic advantage” by using the OLF emblem and flag. After two years of litigation and after an estimated $50,000 money were wasted on both sides on American lawyers, the QC group defeated Shanee-OLF – the proxy for ODF. Still why OLF is inaction against this issue
      yaada kana yeroo hedduun irra deebii’en waan dubbiseef maalii miseensa walii yoo inni tokkich walii gansiisu maaliif usaan ??? kun akka makmaaksa duraati kaase sana ofii keessaa qaba.Yoo beeka ta’ee dubbii ibsuuf, yoo immo harsamaa ta’e dhugaa kennuuf ,yoo sodaata ta’e sodaachisu maaliif hin godhamne?? Godhame maaliif Oromooti hin beeksiifne?? Badii kana hundaa maaliif akka icciititti qaban??
      Guri Yasyas Irra

  5. ODF Declaration
    Guri Yasyas Diinaa
    The declaration of Oromo Democratic Front Absurd. The infant ODF is nothing for but it is to be eminent and crevice of Oromo politicians and sabotage to Oromo as a whole.
    Psychotic is better than the foolish ,because you can take the psychotic to hospital ,but no hospital to foolish .In the world today, in the area of medical field ,I haven’t seen any try (research) of pills /medication to foolish (harsamaa) to decrease /increase its degree of foolish. If you look any disease in the world it has medical treatment the only disease that do not have medicine is “Foolish.”
    In the presence of opposition party by the name of democracy it is not necessary to create (build) additional party parallel to that party. In Ethiopia for 21 years those opposition parties cannot bring any change except pave way for woyyane (TPLF) (giving the TPLF its weakness) and clue (hint) to make correction (improvement).This lead TPLF to live long.
    The recently declared itself ODF is nothing for ,only to elongate TPLF regime and be bridge between enemies and humiliate Oromo. As I read from different post this Idea is blatant by Lencho Leta and his friends hence it exist for more than decade. The transgression is made by Lencho.It is tasteless (ugly ) to talk always about disagreement between Oromo politicians .
    If woyyane(TPLF) forge ODF like OPDO ,TPLF can trust ODF heartily .In case the function of ODF ,is attracted by woyyane(TPLF) it is sure it can revoke the OPDO power. If function (Tajaajila) of ODF is greater than OPDO and if Lencho ,being one of staunchest friend of woyyane(TPLF) it is more than 100% OPDO power meager to make decision then ODF can creep carefully .These kind of ideas plausible ,only if Oromo ,acting like magians. For time being the only hope we have if the action of ODF can retaliate and revoke the OPDO and snatch total power. At that time we can tell the difference ,Otherwise (ODF=OPDO) ,until that we can write “this and that”
    Yaada kana Jaal Ibsaa Guutaama biraa naaf geesi(yasyasre@gmail.com)
    Guri Yasyas Irra

  6. TO Lencho Leta
    Koldaa(Ilkaan gara Raasa Dabe)
    “No matter what happens, always be yourself”
    By Guri Yasyas
    It is working now for ODF that created by nonsense Lencho
    A certain O.P.D.O of a Woyyane had to learn that lesson the hard way. She /he longed to be a singer. But her/his face was her/his misfortune .O.P.D.O had a large mouth and protruding buck teeth. When O.P.D.O first sang in public in Woyyane night club O.P.D.O tried to pull down her upper lip to cover her teeth. O.P.D.O tried to act “glamorous”. The result?. O.P.D.O made itself ridiculous.
    However, there was a man in this night club who heard the O.P.D.O sing and thought she had talent. “See here”, he said bluntly, “I’ve been watching your performance and I know what it is you are trying to hide. You are ashamed of your teeth”. The O.P.D.O was embarrassed, but the man continued “what of it? Is there any particular crime in having buck teeth? Don’t try to hide them! Open your mouth
    O.P.D.O waste 21 years worrying b/c to be like Woyyane. The science of genetics informs us that you are what you are largely as a result of 24 chromosomes contributed by your father and 24 chromosomes contributed by your mother. These 48 chromosomes comprise everything that determines what you inherit. In each chromosome of O.P.D.O there be, says Meles Zenawi
    Even after O.P.D.O mother and father (T.P.L.F) met and mated, there was only one chance in 300,000 million that the person who is specifically O.P.D.O would be born! In other words, if you had 300,000million brothers and sisters, they might have all been different from O.P.D.O.If you like to read more about it, go to your Woyyane library and borrow a book entitled O.P.D.O and T.P.L.F, by Meles Zenawi
    I can talk with conviction about this subject of being yourself b/c I feel deeply about it. I know what I, am talking about. I know from bitter and costly experience.
    Be Waaqeffataa Of Oromo which makes Oromo One
    Oromo Guri Yasyas

  7. By Guri Yasyas Diinaa
    It Seems Foot ball Game(The ODF Role therein)
    The deep hatred between Oromo politician and its member were also result of intrigues and calumnies made by ODF leader (Lencho).
    These harsh measure taken by the ODF of the Lencho Leta and the like (his member) against the people of Oromo and OLF, is not only to Obliterate OLF, but also to eradicate the root of Oromo nation. The majority of this issue is stranger.
    The daggers are always invisible and not to hit its goal because of the filthy inside and the deep hatred.
    As to my strong attitude the agenda you must tell (present) to Oromo people is that Oromo do not need Democracy, because as you all know the inventor (father) of Democracy is Oromo. Even the man that creates Geda System for first time is Aanoo.He used to lead Oromo people by Geda System far before the birth of Islam. The father of Geda System(Aanoo) did not attain school like Lencho Leta ,but what he was create is very crucial to world civilization, does not have error and it has soul(life) still today.
    Tell Lencho of ODF and his member that Oromo is the father of Democracy, lost three things (Aangoo ,to decide ,Waraana and Dinagdee) losing these three leads to lose sovereignty (Walabummaa).
    Excuse me ,my Oromo brother ,the issue(Agenda) ,we must deal with is, How Oromo quenches ;their thirsty for freedom and equality??
    To sum up we together let us tell, ODF and Lencho do not teach (show) the people the details of worshipping TPLF and fast correction of ODF name to EDF(Ethiopia Democratic Front) because now on ward the first “O” cannot service daggers that used to weak or kill our wide nation true politics (OLF).
    I gone send a big kissing to Dawud Ibsa and his group
    By Yayyaba Hussen
    Please comment on the written Issue and correct me???

  8. OBBOO ALAKO ani gaafii siifqaba;
    1,ati ilmaa oromooti?
    2,yoo oromoo taate dhimmaa oromoo akkanatti diinaaf gabaasuun kee maal?
    3,ilmaan oromoo kamiyyuu rakko oromoo furuf karaa isaani toleen yoo qabsaawaan ati yoo karaa qabattee sabaa kanaf furmaata fiduu malee wal-duraa dhaabachuu irraa furmaata arganna sitti fakkataa?
    4,ati hoo ilmaan oromoo rakkoo keessaa jiran kana irraa baasuu furmaata jette wannii harkaa qabdu jira? ykn siif bakka kam kennina namoota kaan atu bakka kennite?