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The OLF Condemns the Acts of Ethnic Cleansing Perpetrated against the Oromo People by the TPLF-led Regime in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)





The  OLF  Condemns  the  Acts  of  Ethnic  Cleansing  Perpetrated  against the  Oromo  People  by  the  TPLF-led  Regime  in  Finfinnee  (Addis  Ababa) We  aregravelyconcernedthat  theTigray  People’sLiberationFront-led(TPLF)regime has,  onceagain,intensifiedits  policy  of  cleansingthe  Oromopeoplefrom  Finfinnee,the capitalcityofOromia,and  thesurroundingdistricts.

Theregimefirstcreatedtheso-calledOromiaSpecialZonein2008  and  since  pursued arelentlesssystematicremovaloftheindigenousOromopeoplefrom  theirancestralland  in thenameof“landforinvestors”,withthe solepurposeofforcefullyusurpingand  controlling Oromoland  and  resource.

The  OromotownsincludingAkaki,  Bonsa,Burayu,  Chaffe,Chancho,  Dukam,Galan, Holata,Mojo,  Mulo,  Sabata,Sandafa,Sululta,  and  Walamara,which  theregimehas  brought underthe  administration  ofthe  “SpecialZone”, arescatteredalong  thefour  main  gatesto and  fromthecapitalintherangeof25Kmto50Kmfromthecapitalcity.

The  regime  has  launched  its  mostrecentatrocity  underthe  guiseof  “Addis  Ababa and  the SurroundingOromiaIntegratedDevelopmentPlanProject”and  annexedthe aforementioned  towns   from  Oromia.  Theregimes’  long-term  sinister  strategic  plan   is  to surgically    remove  Finfinnee  and    the  surrounding  from   Oromia  and    annex  it   to   the neighboringAmhara state  and   depriveOromiaof  its  vital  economicand   politicalcapital whenOromiaeventuallybecomesanindependentcountry.

Having  compulsorily  and  illegallyevicted  theOromopeople  from  areassurrounding theircapitalcity,  and  now  removinga  hugelandmassand  vitalstrategictownsaway  from Oromia,theregime  has—asitdid  in2004  whenitimprisoned,  killedand  exiled  over350

Oromostudentsfor  opposing  theeviction  of  Oromoinstitutions  from  their  capital  city—provoked the Oromoyouth to  riseup  and  protest.Now  itwillusethisaspretextto  dismiss Oromo studentsfromuniversities,imprisonthem,and  sendtheminto  exileenmasse.

P. O. Box 21762, Washington, DC 20009 USA – Tel: (202)-521-5653 – waajjira@oromoliberationfront.info


The  TPLFregime  and  its  collaborators  needto  understandthat  the  land  takenfrom theOromopeoplewillbereturnedtoitslawfulownerssoonerorlater.

The  regimehas  beenwagingstateterrorismagainsttheOromo peopleto  suppress theirprotestagainstevictionfrom  theirhomelandand  confiscationoftheirfarmlands.Ithas imprisonedtensof  thousandsof  themfor  theirobjectionto  its  apartheid-likeeducational policy  and  for  their  demandsof  political  rights  and  theright  of  self-determination  for  the pasttwo  decades.Numerousreportsfrom  credibleregionaland  internationalhumanrights organizationsconfirm  that  theTPLF considersallsocially  and  politically  consciousOromo nationalsasenemies,and  that  ittargetsthemassuch.

Therehas  beennoregimethat  has  pushedthe  Oromopeopleharderthan  the  TPLFin theirhistory.  Theyare  beingpushedtothe limitbythe brutalitiesofthe regimeand  haveno alternative  but   to   rise  up   in  unison.  Hence,the  currentTPLF-led  regimeneeds  to   be reminded  that   its  premeditated  humanrights   abusesand   dehumanizationof  theOromo peopleconstitutearecipeforadisastrouscivil war.

The  OLF  believes  the   TPLFmust   bestopped. The  OLF  willdo  all  in  its  powerto strengthenits  struggle  against  theregime.  Wewillalso  renewour  call  to  our  people  to standshouldertoshoulderand  strengthenourunitytodefeattheenemyand  guaranteethe survivalofournation.


Oromo  Liberation  Front



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