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OLF condemns Ethiopian state terrorism along the Oromia-Kenyan border




The Ethiopian regime has, once again, orchestrated a widespread unrest and carnage on both sides of the border between Kenya and Oromia. Having totally dominated and dehumanized the Oromo people under its direct control for the past two decades, the regime has exported its terror across the border to the Oromo citizens of Kenya.

We are gravely concerned that the on-going fighting in the Moyale district between Borana, Sakuye and Gerri communities on one side and Gabra and Burji on the other is threatening the very existence of these communities.

So far, the clashes have caused loss of human life and destruction of property. More than 35 people, including women and children, are killed, and hundreds of houses (mostly belonging to Borana) are burnt down. Over 22,000 people are displaced and exposed to an immeasurable suffering.

The Ethiopian regime is the main cause and instigator of this inter-clan conflict. Ethiopian security agents and military forces have been involved in this sort of inter-clan clashes for years and they are intensifying it this time by committing the following sinister acts of divide and rule:

  1. Providing military training and arming rival communities both in Kenya and Ethiopia and incite one against the other and triggering clashes on both sides of the border.
  2. Escorting the rival communities along the border areas when smuggling guns and ammunitions to Kenya.
  3. Allowing some of the rivals groups to organize as militias and granting them safe pass across the border.
  4. Disguising themselves as one of the fighting clan militias they raid the villages of the clans they consider enemies, kill and maim their men, women and children, and loot and burn their homes. They also openly cross over to Kenya in their full military uniform and attack defenseless innocent Kenyan civilians.
  5. Crossing the border and hunting down to abduct or assassinate prominent Oromo-Kenyans and Oromo refugees in Kenya.
  6. The Ethiopian security forces also pay large sums of money bribing the local Kenyan officials who turn a blind eye to the heinous crimes committed on their soil.

The Ethiopian state spreads false propaganda that Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) operates from Kenya as a pretext to cross over and create turmoil in the peaceful adjacent communities in the state of Kenya.

We use this opportunity to refute once again this false and cheap misinformation by the Ethiopian regime that is intended to confuse those who are afar. We appreciate the way the Kenyans live together in peace and equality. We have no motive whatsoever to interfere and disturb the prevailing tranquility of our friendly neighbors.

We urge all concerned to be aware of Ethiopian repressive regime’s malicious scheme of expanding chaos across Ethiopia’s borders to the whole region. The ultimate solution lies with the removal of the terrorist Ethiopian state by the popular struggle which the OLF is leading with determination.

We strongly believe that the communities fighting each other are one people and have no fundamental enmity among them. No matter what happens for the time being, they lived and will continue to live together forever.

We regret that the enemy has succeeded in setting brothers against brothers. However, we are confident the communities will soon overcome the tragedy and resolve the disputes according our African tradition.

In the mean while, at this juncture, we plead to the parties involved in the conflict to resolve differences among themselves harmoniously as they have done for many years in the past. We call upon the Borana, Sakuye, Gerri, Gabra and Burji communities to halt hostilities as a matter of urgency and allow the displaced people to return to their homes.

Let justice prevail all over!

Oromia shall be free!

Source: oromoliberationfront.info

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