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OLLAA & OSF File Case Before African Commission

On October 27, 2022 OLLAA, Open Society-Africa and Open Society Justice Initiative submitted a complaint to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights against the Ethiopian government regarding a series of human rights violations it has committed against an Oromo civilian.
“Ethiopia has become hell for Oromo, where government security forces can execute and torture civilians with total impunity. It is our hope that this complaint draws the world’s attention to these abuses..” – OLLAA’s Executive Director, Seenaa Jimjimo
OLLAA, Open Society-Africa, and the Open Society Justice Initiative intend for this complaint to shed light on the pattern of abuse perpetrated against Oromos, to serve as a vehicle for justice for the complainant, and to encourage the Ethiopian government to implement specific measures to address the persecution of the Oromo people. 
Read the full Press Release 

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