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Truth barometer 13

Part II

By Odaa Hora


In the first part of the article the internal pawns, betrayals, collaborators who sworn, serve as a loyal –servant that led the Settler Colonial Empire of Abyssinia (SCEA) existence, gave her chances to come too far in the African content was explored Among the two major factors,. This part explores the profit addicted foreign forces who invented her and standby for her survival and maintenance that brought her so far and to stand on her feet.


Europe is the resources-less and the last child of the global civilization of all Continents in de facto first. So far historical records proof, she was known with long-lasting wars, pandemic diseases, devastations displacements and internal-genocides within her terra. She began to enquire the world behind her geographical demarcations via seas and Oceans around the mid15th century that she considered it as “The Age of Discovery” to whom the Portuguese were credited. But, for Africa and the rest of the oldest world civilizations, it was the era of wanton destruction, the begging of slavery, barbarism, extermination the worst crime against humanity that the world has never ever seen in this form. For the Africans in all, Portuguese is the mother of all slavery and barbarism on which she holds the patent.


Europe came out to the world with Guns and Germs with the premise of wipe out the others: elimination of the Natives rom their ancestral soil where ever her foot holds in this this planet. She comes out with long-lasting pathological mindset against the others. As Josef Konyari stated it: The pathology of Euro-colonial Whitenessa way of thinking, imaging, perceiving and structuring the world and human and environmental relationships-produces and reproduces a range of destructive behaviors and societal system that profoundly influenced by particular and social constructed super race and ethnicity—White and Europe respectively.


Profit Addicted Amoral External Forces


Europe, the most resource-less content of all continents, literally created Africa if not the world as we know it today to her own image. Comin out, with her pathological behavior of addiction to profit and territorial acquisition, she designed Africa like a chessboard on a sheet of paper by treaties like in Berlin 1884/1885.


She invaded, committed genocide, owned and sold human as a commodity, plundered and plundering natural and agricultural resources, minerals and human labor. She has stolen the greatest and the oldest wisdom of African civilization and enriched, developed her “motherland-Europe,” and equally underdeveloped Africa.


These long-standing deep-rooted pathological way of thinking of Europe and her allies were /are intentionally cultivated, nurtured from Kindergarten to the Universities, transferred from one to the next generation to her future survival and development that holds true to the very date. Just close your eyes and think for minutes what meant Europe and Americas without Africa and the children of Africa, and switch to the reverse Africa without Europe.


As it has always been the horn of Africa has played the major role in human history as the gateway to Asia and Europe not only in the biological sense:the cradle and the odessy of humna as we know today, but also most importantly the roots of the cradle of human civilization and her rich resources that the northern part of Europe commonly considered as the Barbara’s get informed through Greeks, and later Rome finally the rest of Europe we know today.


Once her eyes riveted on Africa, Europe began to send spies they called them ”Explorers, Discoverers” to justfie the owernship and hang a pieces of of sheet  “flags” of the terra where thier foot holds in Africa content for the coming of scrambling and partitioning the whole of Africa according to their wills and arguments within themselves.


A pieces of turf between the Red Sea and the great River Nile known as Abyssinia was a hot spot for all. Because, the motto of the European colonizers during scramble for Africa was, who controls the Red Sea coasts and strips, the great River Nile and the landmass in between controls the whole Africa. Thus, the difficult question is not who want to control this unique geo-political and economic site, but who do not want to control it: Abyssinia. As a resolutions the signed that no flags of the European colonizers were nailed on this terra, in order to avoid internal clashes most significantly between Britain and France, the long-standing rivals plus Italy.


Although Italy was considered as the underdog,by those who took the lion’s share of  Africa at that period of time in history, but played a major role in related to Abyssinia. Laterally, Abyssinia was just invented to be a darling for all and created her in their own image and as extended arms of the colonizers.


Thus, no one can imagine the existence of Abyssinia without Portuguese Mercenaries, Musketeers and Canons provision and training during the wars of resistance fought from the south toward the north against her expansion in the 1450s unless she /he is schizophrenia first as we know her now.


And second, no one can also imagine that the rival warlords like the Kasa’s and the Menilik’s can massacre, colonize the Oromo’s, the Sidama’s and the others incarcerated in Prison-house contemporary “Ethiopia” without unlimited supports of Britain, France, Italy, Russia, etc.


As a return, she was paid off by the colonizers of Europe in competition with massive firearms, financial aids, loan-credits, advisors, almost all what the Abyssinia Warlords (Shiftawoch) raising in the region in desperately needed to fulfill their dream of invasion and expansion toward the south from Abyssinia /Habesha proper. These are the richest and the largest territory of the Oromo Land, Sidama Land, and many others Home land.


Once the firearm warehouses were full and settler infantries were trained to kill the war of extermination took holds. Chopping the breast of the Oromo women (Harma muraa), the Hands (Harka muraa) and the legs (Miila muraa) of Oromo Men, with a sword, like lambs slaughtered for Easter in-masse what the world has never ever seen yet turend to their daily bussines. Similarly if not identically of the Sidama, Afar, Ogaden and other about 80 ethnonational incarcerated in the SCEA, the house of the prison.


Europe created Abyssinia in her own image with a logic of blindness, amoral and self-infatuation. She was invented to serve as a marionette, a pawn, and a port of entry to the heart of the richest part of the African continent.


As the sacred scholar Paul Baxter, RIP designated her “White men’s burden” that holds true since her establishment to the very date during the era of European colonizers scrambles for Africa and signed unanimously in Berlin conference in 1884/1885. Since then, Abyssinia proper has maintained a predator-prey relationship with the whole people of the south conquered, occupied and incarcerated in one of the poorest, backward and barbaric Empire on this planet.


As it may appear strange for some who still die-hard and believe, it was from Berlin that the malignant narcissism and a chronical pathological propaganda pamphlet of the grandiosity, the bravery of Abyssinian, the only original Christian Island, the only independent, “black” sovereign “Quais-State,” the bastion of African liberation movements, and recently the model of African Democracy in the African continent departed and holds true to the contemporary. This megalomaniac behavior in all spheres of human life found her analogy in Europe and gave her an exceptional welcomed to Abyssinia singularly. As Oromo elders say: “Damma Aanan keesa buute” literally means a drop of honey in milk.


One must always bear in mind Europe invaded Africa with similar behavior “civilization missionaries” and committed one of the gruesome act of crime against humanity from which Africa still suffers if not the rest of the world. The foreign states, regimes and their corresponding avaricious enterprises in concert supported her without limitation, and nothing has changed except vocabularies.


It was Europe who brought Abyssinia from nowhere to the global political arena. Otherwise, she could have never ever existed on the global map as she is now. Abyssinia is the poorest, and know with chronic hunger, war and disease in global arena. She depended on aids in desperately needed Europe, and still need to stand on her one foot, and be able to exist as SCEA from the very beginning to contemporary.


Thus, no wonder that the current TPLF tyrants could have never ever gone too far without aiding and abetting of the Westerns. Westerns is not only of a geographical term, rather it describes the whole political, economic, social and cultural domination of the globe and global view of egomania. It is the mindset, its potency, and the role they played through intervention, scrutiny of selections and decisions to bring someone who suits their “mindset-interest-egomania” as it has always portrayed. When they say “We protect our interest,” that indeed mean dancing to their tune.


In other words, what counts is their unlimited greed for profits and exploitation, the rest is just a garb of jargons to achieve their goal. They have their own Candidates, clients selected and provided with everything he or she needs to maintain control the power according to their own program. What counts is Profit! The rest is bunches of selected and coined vocabularies which indeed can be packed in one bag and thrown in to a garbage. The very majority of the people incarcerated in the prison house of “Ethiopia” are tired hearing reading statements from Europe or somewhere else, such as we are vanguard of Democracy, human right, Justice, etc. bunches of bare words.


The current political conundrums of immigration, security, terrorism, and stability policy of Europe lead to the unanimous agreement and firm stand in aiding and abetting tyrants to keep the door of Europe closed for the Africans immigrants, and the tyrants of Africa has fulfilled and satisfied the European psychic by building concentration camps, incarceration centers’ were the dirty jobs are accomplished, killing arrestment rapes, gruesome acts of organ removal like a sheep.


Among many of the long-sanding western-donors, supports and bystanders of the TPLF-Fascist regime like USA, EU (German’s currently in leading position) Austria, Britain’s etc.

In this pieces of writing the current arguments the Norwegian government and the German was taken as examples. The Norwegian government signed on 16th of August 2016 to donate 600 million NOK i.e. 96,5 USD, with the Fascist regime is a crystallized fact to be note. The texts read entitled and signed under the mantra of “Ethiopia Norway sign forest protection agreement, climate friendly economic development, …sustainable forest management and forest restoration.”

The text indicates and proves the total ignorance and prejudice of the Norwegian government of the facts on the soil similar to the others as it has always been when it comes to Africa of Europeans and Abyssinia singularly. They are all following the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers, the “civilization missioners” the Cecil Rhodes, the Leopold’s and Lothar von Throtha, with the logic of blindness, self-infatuation, and egomania the handmaidens of propaganda pamphlets that leads to the crime against humanity, slavery, colonialism and genocides in the African continent at least, for more than half millennium, and its continuations.


Three days after the Fascist regime declared war in the name of State of Emergency, the chancellor of Germany payed a visit to Haile Mariam Desalgn and promised to train killers “police” provide machine “guns” of course that was in October. Three months later the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel paid visit to the some tyrants: business as usual! What most disappointing if not insulting the credo of human rights and millions of genuine Oromo’s and others incarcerated right with in Finfinnee city in the notorious concentration camps, what was known officially known as Prisons.

Sigmar Gabreil said:The Federal Government is acting in a decisive and substantive manner that is based on values and human rights and is geared towards mutual interests.”

Sigmar Gabriel and H.Mariam : Photo Ausweartigesamt


Although it was not new and not strange for the German’s to sit with tyrants sign an argument and for their own profit as Schroeder did it with Gadhafi. But what baffled me was to understand the un-understandable statement and to what extent human can be blinded mind and ignorant of the facts on the soil where he is sitting, in Finfinnee. It was just three days before the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel paid a visit to Haile Maria that he officially ordered and waged war of elimination under the garb clad with “State of Emergency Declaration (SOED)” on the civilian population, a continuation from his predecessors Meles Zenaw: the master mind coldblooded killer, a worshiper of Stalin of Soviet who planned the systematic elimination policies  complied in 34 points of actions targeted the Oromo people analog to Nazi Germans manifestos called “Final solution.” For more details see previous article entitled: ANALOGY OF NAZI GERMANY AND TPLF OF FAKE ETHIOPIA’S EXTERMINATION POLICIES.


Since his reign Meles Zenawi ruled with iron-fisted committed genocides: Mass arrest, killing, merciless inhuman acts of crime practiced by day and night, on the streets, open broad fields, in “Prisons” more precisely in concertation camps where Oromo’s from all social sectors are indiscriminately packed like Sardine. Thus, SOED publicity by the current Fascist led by Haile Mariam is an extension of his master’s project and legitimized, authorized and mobilized his killer Troops in waging outright war and committing crimes against humanity:  Genocides in each and every angle of Oromia and in the whole South without exception. Nevertheless, the profit addicted, amoral, ethicless external forces still standby, aiding, abetting, visiting, signing deals with the fascists. Among them, the German’s intimacy with the Fascists led by TPLF-Gangsters, and their puppet is drastically raising in the last two decades and in leading position from Europe currently.


What does S. Gabriel mean when he said: “The Federal Government is acting in a decisive and substantive manner that is based on values and human rights and is geared towards mutual interests?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 1 that proclaims, “Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority” was enforced after unsettled disputes of WWI, and the aftermath of WWII that caused the death of about hundred millions of human. Both wars were instigated and waged by Germans” by the general assembly of UN in 1948.


The Federal Republic of Germans constitution, the Basic Law, “das Grundgesetz,” was adopted and approved first of a year later, by the German Parliamentary Council at Bonn 1949, and Article 3 which declares that “all persons shall be equal before the law” and that “no person shall be favored or disfavored because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith…” This credo existence in Germany on a piece of paper, and loudly spoken mostly during elections or tours via seas and oceans and printed in propaganda pamphlet. The fact on the ground speaks the opposite language. Virtually Germans have no a culture of what was called “Democracy” if it meant “people rule themselves.”  The German society is shaped and perfectly adapted to top-down loyalty as they call it “Die Ellenbogengesellschaft” (The elbow society) that holds true indeed on the soil. Thus, portraying the German government as the vanguard of the credo of Human Right is nothing more than a crescendo of propaganda pamphlet, while it does not exist within your own country in real let alone to convey it to the TPLF-Fascists.

As Heinrich Heine reminds us by saying: “The patriotism of the Germans is such that his heart became narrow and shrinks like a leather in the cold. He hates foreigners and no longer wishes to be a citizen of the  world, but German.”

It is obvious that your visit, as well as your Chancellor paid to the TPLF-gangs at Finfinnee, has nothing to do with the issue of human right as it has always been when it comes to one of the barbaric, tyrannical regimes in Africa in general, and “Ethiopia.” Especial. Your major object is simple. To intensify the spheres of influence on the regime and competing with other ruthless scavengers, land grabbers, environmental polluters via seas and oceans established in the region in the last three decades.


Thus, it is an open secret that on its last phases of collapse, the Fascist of Finfinnee in desperately need Euros, their bank is empty. They cannot afford to feed and pay salaries for their killer troops: the only and final insurance at their hand, leave alone to pay for the civic and civil services and the people from every social sector. The tyrants in desperately need Machine Guns, trainer for their killer Militias, modern repressive tools, and Technics and more what Germany has provided and continues to provide in high scales. Your presence is a reassurance to the regime that at least may help to buy some time before the tyrannical fascist regime perishes soon once and for ever.


One can still wonder, how could it be possible for a country that tested the bitter side of tyrant, Fascism, Nazism, where its wounds are not still healed and yet supports, by stands, pays visit to the tyrants, promise to train killers, provide suppression tools and machines, who massacred, committed genocides on innocent civilians indiscriminately and continued continues committing on daily basis. The TPLF-tyrants whose records had qualified them to be brought to the global criminal court a long time ago. History may have its say soon. Jonathans Swift’s word: “I never wonder to see men wicked but I often wonder to see ashamed.”


The TPLF gangsters & environmental Catastrophes


There are more than enough researches done and published in concerns of the environment, Mother Nature since the fascist regime sat tall in the saddle. Furthermore, grievances from civilian population echoing from every angle. No rivers, natural lakes, streams are saved to be utilized. These are irrefutable facts on the ground.


The TPLF gangsters began bulldozing tropical forests and deliberately burning it, began poisoning the whole soil of Oromia and the South people, and polluting water from day one of their arrival from Tigray desert. The global forest watch data proves that from 2001 to 2015 alone about 320,000 hectares (11%) of lost tree covers, deforestations. That is an area equivalent to half of Oromia land masses.


Now, there are no rivers, streams natural lakes unpolluted. Evidence shows an anomaly of animals born, fishes and a human who drunk used them. As it has always been No grass growing under their feet. If we are honest about taking care of mother nature, conserve for the future generation developed a global court of crime against pollution of mother nature and for the irreversible damage committed as in Oromia and in the south, and somewhere on this blue planet, the TPLF fascist regime will be the first candidate to be hunted, captured and punished. Tyrants will perish by any means possible, but the damage they did will be eternal!



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