Oduu Haaraya



Part I


By Odaa Hora


An empire itself has lived with a consciousness of its own consciousness of its own mortality, the predatory Abyssinian Empire shall not be otherwise

odaa horaa

All aliens of the north, the Habeshas (Amhara and Tigre mainly) as they prefer to call themselves, the despotic monarchy, the military junta, and the contemporary “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Fronts (EPRDF) EPRDF under the tutelage of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)-fascists ruled the primitive and the barbaric empire with iron fist. They all followed the footsteps of the pitch black monster Sahle Maryam, renamed to Menelik II, and his killer troops known as the Naftanyas; i.e. settlers armed with modern firearms provided by Italy, France, Britain, Russia etc., and established predatory-prey relationships in the quarter of the 19th century analogy to the European colonizers in the African content, as it was called the only “Black man Empire.” in the African continent.


The despotic Monarchy, Tefere Mekonnen was dependent on the British who took him back to the throne from exile, followed by the alliance who triumphed the 2nd world war against fascist German, Italy and Japan. The Military Junta, Mengistu Haile Maryam, who deposed Tefere Mengistu begged the USA and China respectively for aids of all sorts to control and consolidate his power. Fire arms and finance as it has always been in the first line. Both kicked him out and back to the Empire empty-handed; a slap in the face of the Colonel who was, hungry for power. He shifted his face to the USSR to L. Brezhnev where he got all that he in desperately and become absolute dependent on the Soviet Union and Seventeen years of rule of terror and horror and final escaped to Harare to save his Neck before beheaded by the rebels. See for more at https://bilisummaa.com/the-oromo-want-the-aliens-out-of-their-country-now/.


The contemporary TPLF -fascists adjusted themselves in the last minute made a U-turn from MLLT of Stalinist style to EPRDF, to the Westerns in political parlance at the mean time the eastern bloc led by the USSR was collapsing from day to day and totally digested by 1991. The TPLF/EPRDF become dependent on the USA and their allies to gain firearms, finances, advisors, political shields and be able to rule with an iron fist for solid twenty-seven years. See more at https://bilisummaa.com/form-prisoner-of-war-to-mercenary-dogs-of-wars/.


Independent of the names and corresponding ideological-jingoism they attested to the empire as it suits them they all have one in common i.e. committed what Rummel called Democides against the Oromo people and their historical alikes. Democides i.e. genocide defined according to Geneva Conventions plus Politicide that includes massacres of innocent non-combatant people, extrajudicial and indiscriminately executions, the gruesomest subhuman acts, chopped Legs and Arms of Men, chopped the Burst of Women, killed by hanging like a wildcat that holds true to the very date.


Once, catapulted to the political power, controlled the executive, the legislative, the military, and the economic sectors in one-man hand to gain local mercenaries, global acceptance to firearms, financial aid, and loans and ruled with military command post. They all institutionalized and legalized the policy of assimilations i.e. “Amharaization, and forced proselytizing to the Hebrew myth of Zionism,” that was arrived in the region through Coptic Alexandrian, Egypt empty by request to rescue the warlord to control the local rival shieftas and to consolidate the political power. Henceforth, plagiarization of the myth turned the major asset to beg for all sorts of aids, firearms, and finances in the first line from foreign powers what they all in desperately needed to survive and maintain the status quo of the predatory empire intact to the very date.


All aliens of the north applied the recipe of dived and rule anchored in their barbaric systems of rules and deployed all means necessary to eliminate anyone who questions their barbaric acts. The Habeshas left no stone unturned in attempt to wipe out the oldest and unique civilizations of the Oromo people, the Gada and Siiqqee system, the Lua system of the Sidama people and their alikes incarcerated in the primitive and barbaric empire that turned to the prison house for the Oromos and the entire southern people to Abyssinia proper.


They all attempted to wipe out the oldest indigenous symbols, rituals, traditions, like Irreecha (Thanksgiving), Waaqqeefana, indigenous social fabrics, etc., of the Oromo people known for time immemorial. They closed all Oromo people civic organizations, like Maacaa and Tuulamaa, Holy places, pilgrims, the lists have no limits. They supplanted with their imported myth of the 14th century imported Orthodoxy. They killed the Abba Gadas, Haadha Siiqqees, Qaalus, The killed the polymath leaders and prominent Oromo figures from all walks of social life by hanging like a wild cat, or by shooting. Similar if not identically measures were also executed on the southern people to Abyssinia proper from all spheres of social life incarcerated within this from God forgotten prison house.


For the last solid 27 years, the Marxist–Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) rebel fascists hatched in Tigray-Dedebit desert to fight against the famine and the suffering of their people as their name is self’s explanatory who ruled by one-man, one-clan once they occupied Finfinnee in summer 1991. Tigray region or province located in the northern tip of the Abyssinia proper was known throughout recorded history as the poorest of all regions within the empire, known with endless wars, famine, and flight on the global arena. The TPLF-rebel guerillas were signified as a collection of illiterate peasantries recruits from Tigray region and trained within Tigray desert who knew nothing except guerrilla warfare, killing in midnight, looting and corruption. They TPLF were also known as the tutelage of the EPLF, the strongest, more experienced and equipped front in the region until they declared the independence of Eritrea from the Abyssinian Empire in 1993.


The TPLF rebels invented an umbrella organization from the conglomerates of the POWs of the collapsed military junta composed of almost all Ethno national groups incarcerated in the empire branded shamelessly under the mantra of “Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF), a fine-tuned version of the military juntas “ONE ETHIOPIA or DEATH” two years before their arrival to Finfinnee. The POWs were invented to supplant the genuine peoples’ liberation fronts, like the OLF, ONLF, SNLF, etc., the formidable liberation forces, the beloved and the vanguards of their corresponding nations, who were historically older than TPLF themselves. The genuine people’s liberation fronts fought against the Abyssinian regimes since her establishment in their own respective terra to decolonize the established predatory barbaric empire that preyed on their corresponding nations and soil and turned the permanent burden of the whole south incarcerated in this prison house.


Furthermore, they also fought against the 17 years of a military dictator as allies with TPLF, and finally, even drafted what was called the “transitional charter” together. The charter that was supposed to bring a bit relief to the people incarcerated in the empire who know nothing except the rule of tyranny throughout their life that tragically turned to the dead-born child that could not hold more than eight months.


”Thanks” to the USA’s willful blindness and ignorance, shamelessly unreserved supports to the TPLF in all spheres, and the EPLFs erratum and double standard behavior that we destined to witness from summer 1991 to their independence in 1993 the TPLF-fascist become the only power wielder to execute their fascistic plan and sat tall in Finfinnee. The EPLF has to regret its behavior just five years later as they waged war against each other and thousands were killed in both sides, and finally turned prime enemies for decades.


The real face of the TPLF-Fascists clan clad with the garb of EPRDF in earnest began once sat tall in political saddle in Finfinnee, the placenta land of the Oromo people and their capital city, controlled the empire in one–man, one-clans hand by once made a U-turn, betrayed the charter by shifting its gear from the liberator of Tigray to fascist acts.


As it has consistently been in the past, the TPLF-fascist moved with the premise of wipeout of all genuine liberation fronts. The clan targeted the OLF and the Oromo people prime followed by ONLF and the Ogaden people, the SNLF and the Sidama people and other opposing political forces operating within the Empire to supplant with PDOs (the sum of working horse from all ethno–nationals incarcerated in the empire under the Mantra of EPRDF under the tutelage of the TPLF.


Henceforth, killing, incarcerating, exiling their leaders and their corresponding people, committing genocides, confiscations of the properties, looting resources turned the major agenda, activities, and the accomplishments of the fascists, an act analog to A. Hitler of German Reich or J. Stalin of the USSR. Finfinnee, the placenta land of the Oromo people and their capital city turned the core of their command post and their springboard of further expansions and exploitations of Oromia and the whole south as it has been for all Abyssinian tyrants, the despotic monarchy, the military junta and it could not be otherwise of the contemporary TPLF-fascists. The project departed from the pitch black Leopold the II, Menelik II-the DEMOCIDER, who eliminated the Oromo people of the central Tuulama Highlands of Finfinnee, occupied and resettled with his Gafol (killer -settler militias, who preyed on the Oromo people) and further invaded and expanded under the mantra of “Hagermaqnat” to the entire south that shaped the empire as she is today.


The Oromo survivors from the grotesque acts committed by Sahile Maryam, who lost their Ancestral homeland of central Tuulama Oromo Gosaas (hereditary branches) who finally escaped to their fellow Oromos far in the south such as in Arssii, Baalee, etc., to save their life, singing a song of these irreversible and irreconcilable human tragedy committed by Pitch black Genocider:


Inxooxxoo dhaabatanii

Caffee gallaaluun hafee,

Finfinnee loon geessanii,

Hora obaasuun hafee,

Tulluu Daalattiirrattii,

Yaa’iin Gullallee hafee,

Gafarsatti dabranii,

Qoraan cabsuunis hafee,

Hurufa Boombiirrattii,

Jabbilee yaasuun hafee,

Bara jarri dhufanii

Loon teenyas indhumanii,

Idda mashashaan dhufee,

Birmadummaanis hafee!”


No more standing on Intotto

No more standing on Intotto,

to look on meadows blow

No more taking cattle to Finfinne

to water at the mineral spring.

No more gathering on Daalatttii,

Where the Gullallee assembly used to meet

No more going beyond Gafarsaa

To chop firewood.

No more pasturing calves,

on the meadows of Hurufa Bombi.

The year the enemy came

Our cattle were consumed.

Since Mashasha came,

Freedom has vanished.


They all moved with the premise of eliminating anyone who questions their tyrannical, sub-human behaviors and their the brute acts in daylight and in darkness, lootings, evictions etc., by deploying all means necessary once their feet held in Finfinnee. They began their reckless and fascistic acts of dived and rule system; one of the oldest universally celebrated time-tested tactics and the system implemented by all invaders, slaveholders, genociders and settlers in human history, and Abyssinians won’t be exceptional.


But what is/was unique by the TPLF gangsters’ was the intentionally designed plan manifesto of the ELIMINATIONS POLICIES by the mastermind Stalinist admirer and prayer, Meles Zenawi’s strategies secret document that consist of 34 points, measures to be implemented to reduce the Oromo people from every walks of life by half from their demographical and territorial dominations within the empire. The secret document plan and actions that was licked out by the second person next to Meles who was put to jail and published by Seife Nebelbal newspaper in November 1996 titled The Policies of TPLF/EPRDF to solve Oromo issue that was analog to Nazi Germanys plan of “the final solutions of Jews” and the scapegoated so-called “non-Aryans” to be wiped out of from Germany primarily henceforth from Europe and finally e from Berlin to Cape Town, to WDC, to Moscow. For more see: https://bilisummaa.com/analogy-of-nazi-germany-and-tplf-eprdf-ethiopia-elimination-policies/, Or https://oromolands.blogspot.com/2017/03/truth-barometer-5-analogy-of-nazi.html.

At the time, the TPLF-fascist manifesto was public, in 1996, it was stated that the Oromo populations’ makes up at least about 40% of estimated about 60 Million people incarcerated with the Empire if one trust the census of the regime. That indicates that the fascist regime has planned to wipe out about 12 million Oromo’s which is equivalent to the current populations of Rwanda.


The TPLF clan’s leader, Meles Zenawi who promulgated to owe a joker card for dived and rule to deploy dreamed to rule for more decades even for centuries and began play a friend or foe games between the Oromo People; his main target against the offspring’s of the Abyssinia settlers “Amhara” most importantly within Oromia and other nations bordering with Oromia all around and vice-versa rubbing by salt to unhealed wounds, scratching over a century old scares, grievances damages, subhuman acts, atrocities and genocides committed by the aliens of the north against the Oromo people and the occupied Oromo land and the whole people of the south incarcerated in the empire ruled by series of ”tyrannical” Amhara as they call themselves” with an iron fist since the establishment of the barbaric empire to the very date.


Once sat tall on the saddle in 1991, consolidated the political power controlled the legislative, the executive bodies, and the military wings in their own hands, the TPLF-fascists clan began to pop-up semi-illiterate rebel militias called “Tagay” who come barefoot from Tigray desert, saw-like Zombies to “Marshalls, Generals, Entrepreneurs, Chiefs, and Spies. They further began to hire unqualified or semi-illiterate clan’s ethnicity in each and every sphere of life, social, political and economic, security, mass media, who monopolized the whole system in their own hand. They began crowning their loyal servants, heir the highest posts of the TPLF clan and their pawns in safeguarding the Status quo of the empire and injected them in all sphere of social life from a top political ladder in Finfinnee to the very bottom to the family level to the last corners of the villages. Meles who copied the recipes of Stalin’s Soviet-style on face value controlled all in one-hand. As a result, the empire turned to the TPLF clans’ properties similar to their uncles in the past.


With more in intensity and cruelty as their predecessor, the TPLF-fascists began the eviction of millions of the Oromo and pastoralists from their ancestral soil, packing them in concentration camps and patrolling them with killer militias that began right from Finfinnee identical to Menelik. Henceforth, continued exponentially and spread like a wildfire in all compass directions of Oromia and beyond. OROMIA IS READY FOR SALE, FOR LESS THAN A SANDWICH PRICE!!  Evictions, displacements and grabbing Oromo lands and other southern nations from their ancestral soil leasing it with less than $10 /hectare to the moral-less and ethic-less profit geared foreign companies, and almost free for their own clans and kinships under the mask of “development, Investment,” the fascists began committing gruesome acts of wipeout of the Oromos, scrambling the resources and transporting it back to their birthplace to Tigray.


That was their major goals and plans why they occupied Finfinnee, turned from liberator of Tigray to fascists coming out of the Tigray desert and designed constitutionalized and executed the elimination policy of the Oromo people. Coming out from Dedebit desert about 600 km far in the north and occupying Finfinne he legalized and claimed that the land mass of the richest and prosperous Oromia and the whole south incarcerated in the empire belongs to them and to do what, when, how and why they want to do what they want to do. For this fascistic endeavor Meles Zenawi the mastermind of the project who ruled with an iron fist since 1991 and committed democides till his death in August 2012 and yet, celebrated and credited by his clans.


Haile Mariam Desalegn was accepted by the TPLF-clans as a loyal servant recruited by Meles Zenawi’s and his proposal before his death that turned to the main asset to be seated on the chair of Meles symbolically to fill the gap in the political quagmire of the empire. He swore to follow the footsteps of his master the dream of his master the dead man from his graveyard and continued to execute and to accomplish his master’s projects. It was evidential he pontified Meles Zenawi, the tyrant as “great leader” from his graveyard throughout in his speeches and in deeds.


Hailmaraim, that is indeed unfortunate belongs to the Wolaita people, who belong to people of the Omotic language speaking group who have similar if not identical fate, slaved and sold, turned to serfs, denigrated as the Oromo’s and other non-Habesha’s incarcerated in this prison that constitute ca. 2% of the estimated populations of the empire now.

Throughout his period in the position, he was considered by the people in general as the spokesman, the “Radio” of the TPLF- rebel militia commands rather than a prime minister of the Empire. In fact, he did accomplish his job, stead firmly and deployed all repressive methods and orders of the TPLF clan command, as a perfect pawn of the plot granted and served the TPLF/EPRDF fascist regime loyally, without questioning.


Haile Mariam was a stranger in all spheres to the core of MLLT-TPLF-rebel militias from Tigray-Dedebit desert in their life, and their Stalinist mind makeups, ethno-cultural background nurtured by missionaries that were indeed diametricaly the oppsite to the aliens of the north. Following the footsteps of his masters, he “led” the empire to her worst form of fascistic acts that was signified as lawless, corrupted, gangs of one-man-one-party rule policy deployed through muzzles of guns, indiscriminate mass killing, rapes, incarcerations, etc., of anyone whom they scapegoated as the wished and treated as they wanted.


He deployed redundantly the State of Emergency rule. designed by the TPLF-fascists and executed State-sponsored legitimized rule of terror and horror in day light by an armed gangster called AGAZI (a collection of vagabonds and ostracized human-like creatures, groups, trained recruited to kill by TPLF- “Generals” more precisely gangs order. The regime who knew nothing except acting like wildcats, the rule of terror and horror, evictions, incarnations, indiscriminate killings and scrambling for Oromia and beyond. The regime employed against who all people who demanded and protested for their natural given right to stop the states acts of barbarism, evictions from their ancestral soil by stamping them all as “terrorist” and they all must be wiped out to keep the status quo of the empire by deploying all means necessary.


As result, Oromia turned to a slaughterhouse. The soil of Oromia was and still spilled with the blood of her children. Oromia turned a prison house within the prison house, more precisely into concentration camps in defacto within the barbaric empire in the 21st century. Politicide, indiscriminate killing en-masse, rape, torture, evicting and incarcerations Oromos in thousands from all walk of life, acts of crime against humanity in its all forms turned to the trophy and the daily accomplishments of the killer dogs of wars the AGAZI: round o’clock. Semi-illiterate TPLF-Gangs turned from zero to billionaires exponentially on the fate of Oromia, Oromo people and the whole south incarcerated within the empire.


What was left for the Oromo people and Oromia was either to survive or perish as Oromo’s, as a whole that required sacrifice for which they all prepared to sacrifice their life and to reverse the paradigms of the tyrannical rule. The most powerful core of the Oromo people the Qeerroo, Qaarree, the avant-gardes of the non-violence struggle of the total liberation (Qabsoo Xumura Garbuuma (QXG) took the lead and the oath of the heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives in each and every corner of Oromia since her occupation by the aliens of the north. The heroes and heroines, the grand fathers and Mothers, the Fathers and Mothers of the Oromo people who sacrificed their life as an individual, as a team, or organizations who seed the grain (Kaayoo) the blessed goal of liberation of their ancestral soil from one of the most primitive barbaric dependent, and predatory empire on earth who fed on Oromia. They all proved steadfast as hard as diamond. No tanks, death, torture, rapes, incarcerations can deter the liberated minds from fighting against the TPLF-fascist regime who was armed to its tooth by all means necessary.


The custodian of QXG turned the igniting force and the engines of the Oromo people massive uprising, protests with crossed arms, the symbol non-violent-resistance and the power a liberated mind against the TPLF- fascist (killer-dogs) regime from every corner of Oromia. The avant-garde of the Kaayyoo awakened the Oromo people from all spheres of life demanded their right and liberty from one of the fascistic rotten systems that have stunk more and more from time to time.


The avant-gardes of QXG of Oromia the Qeerroo, Qaarree, Elders, Abba Gadaas, Religious leaders, Civic leaders, Activists all in one and with self-confidence and self-reliance, wisely mastered the non-violent struggle in its complex from within the empire in defcato the prison house, and Oromo’s in exile and their friends and sympathizers across the world by working in concert. Furthermore, surprisingly, they inspired the half-hearted abstained northern neighbors like the Amhara’s, who were silent for decades when the regime massacred the Oromo’s, the Ogadenian’s, the Gambelia’s, just to list some among many other victims incarcerated within the empire. Once the TPLF tyrants knocked their doors, they began finally to fight their own fight against the regime on their own soil.


The dirty old tactics and strategies of divide and rule they deployed for decades could not more split the Oromo’s, as the fascists relentlessly played their own dramas and hoped to function for which the mastermind Stalinist, Meles Zenawi of the TPLF-fascists leader was credited. The Oromo people paralyzed and turned it fruitless by implementing all necessary anti-dote recipes corresponding to the regime’s plans and moves. The propaganda machinery of business as usual of the TPLF–clans and liar cadres hidden untold atrocities committed by day and Night under the masks of the so-called “developmentally democracy of the regime’s propaganda” come out to day light. Their diabolical lies that caused a global headache of a rotten empire stunk more from time to time more unbearable to their foreigner and permanent sponsors in all affairs like the USA and her allies the EU, the UN, etc., the were enforced to give attentions to the region that they knew from the very beginning as the brought them to the political saddle in 1191, but zipped their mouth and willfully blinded their eyes for solid twenty seven years tyranny shamelessly and they must reverse their courses of unreserved supports and the behavior of double standard in all spheres the barbaric regime .


Once the common enemy was singled out, the struggle spread like wildfire within the empire and abroad and captured the global news broadcasters and TV-channels by Oromo’s in exile and their friends and sympathizers across the world working in concert as it has never been known before. The formidable resistance forces of one of the strongest and the prosperous Oromo people liberation struggle and the core of the revolutionary forces urged to shift the paradigm of the predatory empire as it has never seen before since her establishment by singling out the real-prime enemy at the spot, and The absolute majority of peoples power preparedness to take all risks for this unique task led by the Oromo people as forefront and avant-garde of the non-violence resistance and revolutions, the ultimate goal of QXG, the struggle of the total liberation of the Oromo people of their ancestral soil from the aliens of the north by all means necessary arrived to point shocked and lastly paralyzed the empire in all spheres.


The clock was ticking against Hailemaraim Desalegn, who come to the post after the death of Meles in August 2012 served the lawless, corrupted, unscrupulous collection of criminals of the TPLF-fascists that committed democides up to February 2018. The existence of the empire is in question either to be turned upside down by all means necessary and from prepossessed and forecasted higher percentage of the chances to turn to chaos and finally collapses once and forever or for the final card, the only alternative left for the empires emergency solution to save the empire, before it is crashed at the spot, or sank in the political quagmire and finally brought to the graveyard or buy time temporally.


Haile Mariam as it was told officially “resigned.” Indeed he was forced, more precisely kicked out and would not be otherwise in Abyssinian Empire. As result That enforced the birth of the new mutants indeed, the old once who called themselves as “Reformist Team” that QXG enforced the birth of the factions most effectively within the OPDOs the prime target of the Oromo peoples that served as the loyal working horses of the regime traded with Oromo name on the Oromia soil since their birth in Dedebit desert. The empire now stands to totter on one foot.


The TPLF/EPRDF regime must come out with his best choices to survive, buy time for its contemporary existences, or crash once forever. Thus, Abiy Ahmed who calls himself “reformist” a “messiah” brought out from nowhere similar to his predecessor must grape the political power to rescue one of the most primitive and barbaric predatory empires. “ONE ETHIOPIA.” He clawed back to the myth and the fables of the Habesha settlers from Abyssinia proper, the Naftanyas occupied, settled by evicting or killing the indigenous people of the whole south where ever their feet held, since the last quarter of the 19th century to the very date by their offspring’s. He narrated the uniqueness, the bravery the only “civilized “Black man-Menelik” over “White man-Italians” victory of the battle of Adwa in the African content even claimed the kinships of the erected stone in Aksum. The never ending propaganda and narratives injected in the Naftanyas machinery consumed in the world by smearing and hiding the facts that turned the myth to pseud-history and spoon-fed the collective sub-conscience of the historically uneducated mass or mal-educated to serve as their vassals, and mental slaves of the history. More in details see THE AWFUL TRUTH OF ALFRED ILG FIREARM SMUGGLER: THE BETWEEN OF “MENELIK II” https://bilisummaa.com or https://ormolands.blogspot.com.


Whereas, this unique, Pitch black man to who the settlers pray day and Night, sworn in his name is the father of day for the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Ogadeinas, the Afars, the Gambelia’s and others over 70 non-Habesha (Amhara or Tigre mainly) ethno–nationals incarcerated by committing the gruesomest acts who chopped the Arms and the Legs of men and the burst of women like a wild cat analog to the Leopold the II of Belgium in Congo free states and established the Gafol or Zagol system (Predatory –Prey relationships) authentic cultural inheritances of all Abyssinian settled in the whole south. From here depart the maintenance and survival of over a century and half of the barbarism of the empire, the prison house the very majority of the people incarcerated within and trades that yet trades with a stolen name “Ethiopia” to the very date and that is what signifies her. As an adage, the old wine must be filled in a new bottle, Abiy was brought to rescue the temporary survival of the most barbaric and primitive predatory empire from within the EPRDF, if he can, rather than to be dismantled and disappears from the global map once and for ever. That will be the task of the article in the coming part II….

Kan Hanqate Waaqni Itti Ya Guutu!!!

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromooti!!!!!!

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