Oromia Region’s President Alemayehu Atomsa resigns
Oduu Haaraya

Oromia Region’s President Alemayehu Atomsa resigns

The President of the Oromia Regional State, Alemayehu Atomsa, has resigned. His resignation has been accepted by the Executive Committee of his party, Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO).

Alemayhu has been battling with severe diseases for the past few years. ESAT Television had reported that close to two million birr has been spent in his treatment from the coffers of the Ethiopian government.

Executive Committee of OPDO

1. Alemayehu Atomsa
2. Muktar Kedir
3. Zelalem Jemaneh
4. Girma Biru
5. Abadula Gemeda
6. Kuma Demekisa
7. Sofiyan Ahimed
8. Diriba Kuma
9. Abdulaziz Mehamed

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