Oduu Haaraya

Oromo nationalism is neither Christianity nor Islamic

Jate Melkamu

It is a response of Sibuu Maccaa to documentary video titled “Islamic Oromo nationalism and the future of East Africa http://youtu.be/BjkSzZZh93U. Either agent or sponsor of the TPLF regime plus TPLF itself, the author of this documentary video, unwisely linked the Oromo libration struggle (OLS) to Islamism or Islamic nationalism as global identity of political Islam. Dear author of this documentary video, are you searching for the escape goat, OLS, for your failure or inability to civilize? The OLS has nothing to do with Evangelism, Islamism, Colonialism, Communism, or Imperialism. Whether you like it or dislike it, the OLS is developing its own home grown political ideology known as Oromummaa (humanity). I introduce you to the short summary of vision and mission of the OLS after I list the following 7 questions for you who purposefully try to divert the positive attentions of defenders of global orders from the just political causes of Oromo nation.

Have Ethiopian churches (Orthodox, Catholics, Islamist, Evangelical, et al) been requested the almighty God through prayers for about half of a century to strength the TPLF (EPRDF) government?

When was or when will the leaders of the above stated religious institutes named as pop, priest, imam, or president et al known to their constituents as representative of God `s kingdom on Earth become the voice of marginalized peoples of Ethiopia ?

Did their prayers influence the almighty God to empower the TPLF/EPRDF?
Even though the leaders of Ethiopian churches or mosques prayed to empower the TPLF/EPRDF regime, there are no stones unturned by the regime to implement seeds of genocide and terrorism in Ethiopia to play cheap political games with blood of millions of innocent civilians. This last group of Yemenite political rats in Ethiopia is manipulated the propaganda of alleged genocide and terrorism instrumentally via back doors to attract the heart and soul of its masters in order to secure aids on which the very existence of its military, political, and economic powers of colonial governance absolutely depends informally since 1980 and formally since 1992.

Why we (Africans) are not at home rather than refugee everywhere?
Why does the continent Africa sustain poverty and sectarian conflicts claiming hundreds of thousand human lives every year?
How can Africans become equally dignified citizens everywhere as any human beings?
When will African nations overcome the complex sabotages continuously waged by African dictators against freedom, peace, and sustainable development of African nations and landscapes?
Jesus said it not for purpose of commerce, but he demonstrated practically by his sweat and blood to defend the marginalized human societies of the world since ancient. In book of John chapter 8 versus 12, when Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Unfortunately there are plenty of selfish messengers of commercial evangelism or political Islamism et al who misinterpret the eternal meaning of the word “darkness” as synonymous to the African continent and citizens to mean darkness = poverty, sectarian conflicts, war, refugee, and alien.
The OLS will never target at any people to harm them, because Oromummaa (humanity), the universal ideology of OLS, dictates unity of diversified resources of Oromo people to achieve freedom and democracy in their sacred land. Waqayyoo (almighty God) is effectively guiding them with his grace (guidance & control) towards inevitable success of popular libration struggle to defend human rights, peace, and sustainable development whether the 21st century Yemenite political rats called TPLF/EPRDF regime like it or dislike it.
Engine of the OLS is mainly on motion since the end of 19th century against the war of conquest waged on innocent civilians under successive leadership of Yemenite political rats including the current who practiced both deliberate and systematic genocides to wipeout Cushitic and Nilotic peoples of Ethiopia from the global map in order to exploit and finally own the entire natural resources by eradicating the legitimate owners of the resources, the indigenous peoples.
Internalizing Oromummaa (humanity) is the universal principle to effectively join the genuine camp of OLS, the unique struggle to defend human rights, to achieve peace, and to realize sustainable development in Oromia and Ethiopia in particular and in Africa in general through the spirit of Gadaa revolution. Since the establishment of the OLS, Oromia had acquired three unique models of religious leaders (evangelist Abbaa Gammachis or Hikaa Hawaajii (Onismos Nasib), sheik Bakir Saphaloo, and reverend Guddinaa Tumsaa). The new generations of Oromo religious leaders in Oromia or abroad are internalizing the multidimensional spiritual legacies of the three heroes of Oromo people as guidance to contribute effectively and efficiently in order to successfully achieve objectives of the OLS.
There are plenty of facts on the ground and literatures indicating historical and recent crimes done against humanity to achieve blindly narrow political objectives in Ethiopia. Criminal political institutions of the 21st century Yemenite political rats can hide for sometimes behind legend and fictions, but it will never escape from courts of justice together with the robots (Trojan horses) it established particularly in Oromia and generally in Ethiopia to nourish evil political gardens of genocide and terrorism.
In conclusion I believe the OLS will never fall in traps of politics of genocide and terrorism, because political sprit of the OLS is under absolute guidance of Waqayyoo (almighty God) who knows the people of Oromia by their name, Oromo!
Justice, peace, and love for all human nations regardless of tribe and religion!

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