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Oromo Nation’s New Generations with New Realities and Outlook

Yaadasaa Dafa
In this very short article, I would like to convey my persuasions on the Nation of Oromo’s New generations with new realities and outlook.

One may question himself or others about ….”What is new” in the political hemisphere of the Nation of Oromia!!! Yes, on the surface not much appeared to have changed. Politically, the Nation of Oromia is still under Abyssinian colonization. The people of the Nation of Oromia is still unjustly harassed, prisoned, tortured, and deprived and derived out of their own lands to accommodate the foreigners either from the neighbouring Nations/Nationalities, or from far oversee: in the face names of investment. The Abyssinian project to degrade, impoverish, and violate the basic fundamental rights of the people of Oromia is proceeding with a fascinating speed and frequencies. But on the other hands, the episodes of the true achievable journey for the Nation of Oromian freedom are just starting. The Oromo young generation are approaching their historical responsibilities from totally different angle. This is not what our respected founders of the Oromo Nation’s genuine struggle had envisioned. But make no mistake, the differences in strategy and approach do not make it wrong or disqualify their ways of interpreting the present realities, and commit to their strategic moves.

At any given Nation’s generational gap, historians, social scientists, politicians and the dominant elders often conceptualize the commitments of their new generations in a various determining venues. Yes, it is natural to be suspicious of their younger generations, and even some times to try to discredit them purposely, presumably when the younger generation vacillates and violets from the corner stones of the established generational values of the Nation. Coming back to the Nation of Oromia, we need to evaluate, if this generation of mine (the older guard) have done the all possible scenarios to stimulate our younger citizens to carry on the torch towards the freedom of Oromia. The torch that had been passed down to us from our dedicated elders like Gen. Tadasaa Biruu, Mamo Mazamir, Dr. Baaruu Tumsaa, Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, Elemo Qilixxu, Saartuu Yusouf, Arbii Miilii, …and the list goes and goes on. We truly need to ask our selves whether we have stimulated proportional sufficient strategic formula for the freedom of the Nation of Oromia. In fact, you may independently answer this burning question depending on you own believes, commitment and dedication to the freedom of the people of Oromia.

It is always appropriate, positively engaging, and serves “in the best interest” of the people of Oromia to take timely corresponding measures. Therefore, please allow me to start my point with intimately relative questions. 1) Do you believe that we need to empower our Qubee/Qeerroo generation at this given time in our history? 2) Do we have compete with the Qubee/Qeerroo generation for power?. 3) Why do we fail to fully comprehend that “the ultimate Power” belongs to the people of Oromia? My response to the first question is, YES. We absolutely need to empower the Qubee/Qeerroo generation who are climbing on the enemies tanks singing “Maasaan gamaa lafa hinbaatu, talbaa facaafata ta’ati, Tokko du’e tokko hinnyaatu, wol gagaalafata ta’ati…… as well as discussing openly how the Habashes snatched our own lands and started to call their own” in the Finfinee/Addis Ababa’s municipality Hall, and all other Higher Education campuses of the country. My response for the second question is also on the same line. The formation of ODF is great. But does it has to be by the old guards. The mere presence of any of the old guards in any new Oromo or non Oromo organization changes the total dynamics of the mission how far convincing or beautiful it may appear on the surface!!! You be the judge, or the jury for my third(3) question.

Over all I do believe with all my hurt that the old guards need to retire respectfully. There are new realities, and we do have abundantly capable new generation, a new ways of understanding, and new manners of approach which my old brain may fail to comprehend its total picture, and the commitments it would entail to be victorious so as to serve “in the best interest” of the Oromo Nation. Further more, there are other realities as well which could take the volumes of books to narrate entirely why going up to be in competition in the Colonial Ethiopia for the Colonial Palace is not to serve in the best interest of the Nation of Oromia at this time. Our persistences, and commitment had been tested, therefore our dedication in serving the Nation of Oromia is not new to the Oromo people. Now, should we prove once again that our goal and life long commitment is to inherit Emperor Haile Silasee, Colonel Mengistu, and Meles Zinaw’s palace only? If so, the Nation of Oromia will dictate that you are on your-own, and please do not drag the whole Nation of Oromia in the pursuit of your own individualistic agenda.

Aslaam aleikum,

Yaadasaa Dafa yaadasaa@gmail.com

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  1. Yaa Obbo Haftee Dafaa
    Waraabessi biyya namni hin beekne dhaqee itillee naa afaa jedha jedhu. Bara 1970 dhumaa fi 80ta jalqaba yeroo ijoolleen haga kee barnoota hin qabne ABOtti dabalamanii wareegama lubbuu fi jireenyaa baasan ati ABO baqattee Kaartuum dhiiftee Port Sudanitti galtee sana booda carraa biyya USA dhaquu argattee har’a PC duuba teessee qabsaawaa fakkaata. Maaliif gaafa sana of kennitee yeroo Suleemaan Raggaasaa, Bushuraa Mohammed, Baabakir Nuree faa si biraa ABO tti dabalaman dhiifte. Namni na hin beeku seenaataa?