Oromo Protest against the TPLF fundraising in Munich -

Oromo Protest against the TPLF fundraising in Munich

The Embassy of the TPLF regime with it’s five to seven agents organized a fund raising event in the Bavarian town of Munich, hiring two different costly Halls to confuse our protest action. However it did not take us time till the information pointing the exact location leaked in to our ears, and then followed a sudden but very well coordinated and successfully implemented occupation plan. Together with other Protesters, the members of the Union of Oromo Students in Germany and Lovers of the Oromo Freedom struggle from the town of Munich rushed in to the Hall surprising the Organizers who were scared and chose to flee leaving their cook alone in the kitchen.


The protesters used the stage to show their rage against the abuse of human rights in Oromia and Ethiopia, demanded the release of Political Prisoners, shouted for the freedom of religion and in support of the Muslim movement in the TPLF occupied empire etc.


After such an embarrassing moment for those organizers who entrench themselves behind the Security men, a Chief Police officer entered to the Hall and gently greeted the more than 200 protesters who overwhelmingly outnumbered the Scene. During the discussion, many Protesters explained him the real nature of the TPLF regime. Following that he recognized our rights to protest and admitted that the situation in Ethiopia is not very well known here, advising us to bring it more to the German public.


The occupation and blockage ended successfully at 19:00 o’clock local time. Again the Woyanes got a lesson that; Munich says here you are never welcome.


Unity is Strength!





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