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Oromo TV: Seenaa Alaaba Oromoo by Jafar Ali


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Dhaabbanni Itiyoo-telekoom olaantummaa dhalattoota saba tokkoo qofaan kan dhuunftameedha

Ragaan sanadaa loogummaa fi olaantummaa dhalattoota saba tokkootiin dhuunfatamuu Itiyoo-telekoom saaxilu OMN harka seenuu itti …

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  1. Dear Bilisumma,
    This is particularly for Ja’afar Ali. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for talking the truth, the naked truth. At one time i got the chance to talk to Shantam and discussed this matter in detail. I also talked to the late Haj Mormor Abbaa Seenaa. When haj Mormor sings the song of this Flag, everybody at my house hold wept.
    The problem with us the Oromo is twisting the history and sabotaging each other rather than focusing on our struggle for the Liberation. Personal glory without achieving anything, focusing on the would be political position, without creating any condition for Oromo political power, and thus keep fighting each other on what does not exist. It is a very sad story of self destruction. We need to stop this vicious cycle of failure. We need to create our own political orbit/sphere. We need to stop pretending to be somebody else. We need to be ourselves, create our narrative and take strong stand for the Liberation. We should not act as a subset of anybody. We are people of identity with strong cultural and historical foundation. We are brothers and sisters from one root, speak same language and share same cultural heritage. We have highly identical psychological makeup that differentiates us from others.
    Truth, among us must prevail. Because if truth does not prevail, justice won’t be served. If justice does not survive within our political groups, how can we serve justice for our 40 million mass? Animosity and hatred for each other only destroys us and helps our exploiters. Of course, one has to be prudent to commit himself/herself for the Oromo cause and strive for it. We should not stop the struggle, to wait for the unity of the so called political organizations. Rather, few people should resolve to wage the struggle for the greater Oromo cause. Unity shall come with proven result. What is proven result? It is to be able to mobilize our peasantry, students, intelligentsia, workers, women and men to stand for their sacred rights. This can only be achieved by being at the forefront not at the tail. Pay sacrifice for the people we love and the country we long for. This is proven result. If this happens, the people are more than ready even to take down the highest and largest mountain. Some people are giving 101 excuses not to struggle and blaming each other or OPDO won’t give us anything. The Fact is our people on the ground are more than ready, but the petty bourgeois (elite) is not ready. We have two choices; one is to stop cursing each other and get down to work (bitter struggle), the other is shut up and leave the political space for the young (because, they will know there is nobody that they are waiting for and thus find their own way).
    The struggle will never die. It is only delaying. Let us not live in the past, rather create the future today by our sweat and blood. The Oromo original question is RIGHT. Any genuine Oromo should stand his own ground up to the last breath on this original question. No more no less.