Oromo TV:Dr Solomon Ungashe Says “OMN at a Crossroad” -

Oromo TV:Dr Solomon Ungashe Says “OMN at a Crossroad”


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Yaa rabbii ilmaan Oromoo haqa garsiisi warra haqa isaa ka dhabe karaa haqaatii fii gootummaan ifirratti falmatee deeffatu godhi!! Baha, Dhiha, Kaabaa fii kibbatti sagalee keenya tokko nuuf taasisi yaa waaqa!!

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  1. Dear OROMO TV!

    We do not need to hear onesided and biased accusations. If you cannot obtain the version of the other side it is fair to abstain from airing the version of those whining. OMN will prevail!!!!


    Lemecha, T.

  2. please don’t just rash to the negative propaganda on the air,if there is any problems inside the omn they will solve the problems by discussion within the organization and also with the Oromo people for those who support omn because of the Oromo cause from their heart not just by mouth that just making case to believe.

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