Oduu Haaraya

Confidential info. about OMN

By Dr. Salamoon Ungashe

Dr. Birhanu Dirbaba is supposedly the editor in chief for OMN. But in reality
Jawar has been acting as the editor in chief as well. Dr. Birhanu had resigned once over disagreement with what Jawar has been doing. He was rehired again after a prolonged intense plea by OMN board members. There is no guarantee that he will not leave again.
Micah Cirrii, one of the founding members resigned from OMN less than two
months ago protesting Jawar Mohammed’s dictatorial actions.  Guutuu waayee kanaa dubbisuuf as tuqaa

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One comment

  1. Wow!

    This is a typical tyrannical behaviour that we are supposed to fight against in our country. Is this what they teach at Stanford University? This chain of events tells me that this individual had his own agenda all along. One who does not have a principle to live by, can easily be lead astray by temptations of power and money. He indeed traded trust and respect for petty momentary gains.

    He needs to redeem himself by first depositing all the money he collected from trusting Oromos, apologizing for his behaviour, and immediately distancing himself from this organization without any precondition. Otherwise, Oromos who are close to the issue and place (those in MN) should immediately form an investigative committee and ask this guy to hand over the money and resign immediately. They need to hire a private auditor to account for each dollar raised from the public.

    I am really sickened to my stomach because this is one of the lowest point in our history. We told the world that we had freed the air over Oromia not too long ago. What will our foes who remember that day tell us when they find out this low down dirty fiasco that we are in today? How can we afford to be proud?

    I urge all Oromos to stand by OMN despite this bad apple and see to it that OMN will be around for many years to come because we have principled people such as Dr. Salamoon, Dr. Hamza, Mohammed Ademo and many, many more.

    We shall overcome!