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Oromoon Oromiyaa Xiqqoo Qabsoo Oromiyaaf Maal Gumaachan?

First Oromos to arrive in the US back in 1970s.They served as an ambassador of the Oromo people when a little was known about them here in the US. Together with his fellows, They championed the cause of their and played a great role in the resettlement of many Oromo refugees in the US, in particular Minnesota.An activist, humanist, and a passionate advocate of the right of Oromo people. Oromo TV’s an exclusive interview. Here is that interview and please enjoy it.


About bilisummaa

Yaa rabbii ilmaan Oromoo haqa garsiisi warra haqa isaa ka dhabe karaa haqaatii fii gootummaan ifirratti falmatee deeffatu godhi!! Baha, Dhiha, Kaabaa fii kibbatti sagalee keenya tokko nuuf taasisi yaa waaqa!!

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