Oduu Haaraya



Dhaamssa ilmaan Oromoo huunddaaf. Oromoonnii Aniiyyaa Roorroon diinaa Karaa huunddaan waan issaaniitti haammaatteef nuuf diirmadhaa issiiniin Ja’aan.

As many of you already aware Recent Liyyu police forces ongoing attacks in Ethiopia ethnic cleansing (all out invasion) Roll out on the Oromo people Residing in the following zones Qumbii, Magalaa Minoo Mayyuu Muluqe, Aanaa Gola Odaa in Oromia region ordered by Somali Regional dictator Abdi Illey in addition to TPLF’s killings that has been taking places all over in Oromia.

For those of you who are not aware of Liyyu police forces And what they do to the people? Past, and present Ogaden history is perfect example! And They are one of the most dangerous heartless killers on the face of the earth. They have been known as committing unthinkable Genocide crimes against humanity On Ogadenis before they carried out same act the most burial killers without mercy they specialize in cutting unborn out of women’s bellies to pieces, disfiguring men and boys, Rapping women or young girls then killing them, burglarizing citizens homes, burning what they can’t take so they will be nothing left behind them for people to come back home to if survived on the Oromo people.

Now The Oromos (Anniiyyaa) from this area effected by recent phase 2 TPLF’s indirect master killing plan is calling upon all Oromos from every Corner of Oromia Region to hold hands and come to their rescue with humanitarian aid support, as well as to stand with them to fight back against those cold hearted killers.

For more information listen to this Audio message, or follow OMN and Voice of Oromiyaa to get developing news regarding this war on our people.

Don’t let them be silenced. So please be a life saving voices for the victims, and be a reason why they don’t get killed no more. Thank

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