Oduu Haaraya

Oromos: The new challenges

By Yaadasaa Dafa

Changes in technology and today’s world’s politics of globalism and human relation trends do have their unique and direct pressures on all Nations’ spheres of developments, politics, including (but not limited to) means/manners of struggle for freedom. The stimuli of the ongoing unrest in Oromia today have greatly influenced or dictated the pathways of life in Oromia- in general, and manners of the colonialists’ management of the Oromo public in particular. The present colonial Ethiopian regime, the Woyyaneees and their ascendants who failed to recognize the justified Oromo people’s demands for honoring their ownership to their own ancestors’ land is causing the people of Oromia to march like never before.  The failures of the TPLF regime to recognize these burning Oromo issues properly and take a corrective action, is unconsciously compelling them to count their own remaining days in the colonial power house.  This scenario became evident through their own actions which is directly influenced by the wave and forces of the pressures from the Oromian society, including the International communities (thanks to the Oromos communities in diaspora). Unconsciously the TPLF regime turned to be their own worst enemies. The legal demands of the Oromo people for their god given rights (whom they took for guaranteed) are the sources of their blazing frustrations, which in turn exacerbated the exploitative regime’s rages, daring them to perpetuate more heinous crimes on the Oromo University students and the whole Nation of Oromo people in their fatal attempt to crush and force the people to abandon their honorable quests and demands. But the colonial Ethiopian-Woyyanee regime is learning in a hard ways, that they are fighting a war which they will never be able to win. This is why Nation of Oromia substantiated the position of being in the driver seat at all times, but after only paying the dearest prices of the ransom with the precious lives of younger Oromo Nationalist students, mothers/sisters and all people of the Oromo Nation from all parts of the land.

It remains true that the people of Oromia will bear in mind that the outcomes of these changes and the influences may fluctuates from being uplifting, galvanizing, and inspiring at its best, to negatively triggering/ provoking, non-stimulating and exploitative to be against serving “in the best interest” of the Oromo Nation-at its worst. But that absolutely depends on the choices of the gallant movers and shakers’ paradigm, and abilities to engage of all Oromo citizens inclusively in their Nation’s just cause.  The Oromo Nation’s young generation are not naïve, as they know well what their Nation had been through all the past decades starting from colonial Ethiopian dynastic monarchies, military Marxism, and up to the present pseudo federal regime who are using democracy only as a trade mark.

The current world new order and globalism have their distinctive marks on the struggle of the Oromo Nation towards freedom. Obviously, we may need more inputs about what Globalism, or human progresses in Technology and Sciences of today’s Information Age advances have to do with the Oromo Nation’s question!!!” Remember that the Oromo Nation are the permanent members of the universe, and the establishment for commencements for human race.  Yes, as evidenced, many changes and miracles (whether in reality or in cheer hallucinations) have taken place since then.  Oromo people as a Nation have undergone through stages of progresses in human civilization, Statehood under Gadaa system of democracy, and subjugations. Oroino Nation’s adversaries’ political deceits and sudden changes from one opposing camps to the other dominant international power houses just to gain the support, and the dogma of globalism did play its semi steering role in making non-smooth sailing for the rightly conceived Oromo struggle. Then the whole predicaments of the Nation of Oromo people continues to face setbacks imposed by its neighbors and their successive colonial regimes who conjure dishonesty so as to continue fostering and promoting their pseudo grandeur claims over the vicinities of the Oromo people.  But the present Abyssinian regime’s scandalous scheme reached its worst vindictiveness and cruelty as they are attempting to promote the reflection of their jealousy against the god given belongings and territories of the people Oromo by selling it to the foreign rich offers.  .  But on the other hand, this current colonial malicious plot that indeed unite all the people of Oromia from corner to corner, across ages, gender and religious affiliations. Thanks, but no thanks.

What had happened?

During the early months of 2014, the current colonial regime of Ethiopia-TPLF came up with a secretly conspired agenda called “Master Plan” for Finfinee.  But in actuality, it was/is a plan to impoverish the Native Oromo citizens by removing them from their ancestors land and sell it to foreign investors in the fake disguise of “plan for development”. The money generated by selling these pieces of Oromo Lands directly goes to the Bank accounts of the TPLF crook government personals, while the Oromo citizens become homeless and goes around the cities to beg for their daily survivals. Inflamed by this criminal plan against their Nation, University students from different Oromian Universities of Ambo, Guder, Adama, Jimma, Neqemte, Gimbi, Robe, Haro Maaya, Dire Dawa and other Oromia district High Schools, with their parents including dwellers of various villages took to the streets of Finfinee/Adiss Ababa, provisional municipalities, and other cities, town and villages for peaceful demonstration to express  themselves peacefully, but in unequivocal opposition of this heinous so-called master plan.  But the Colonial Ethiopian regime-TPLF responded with deadly bullets massacring these unarmed School children and their families. The massacre of these innocent Oromo students generated chains of reactions and a strong resistances from all the Nation of Oromia in their respective localities, as well as a deliberate campaign in support of the Oromo people’s causes by all Oromo communities and friends around the world. The Oromo citizens all agreed that the current Finfinee/Addis Ababa Master plan has to be stopped at any cost.  To this end, thousands of young precious lives willingly and unflinchingly sacrificed themselves in support of the Oromo Nation’s opposition to the so-called Master Plan.

The old colonial Ethiopian invading armies did occupy and claim ownership of the lands of Oromo people who they deprived by snatching all the belongings Oromo people had.  The current colonial Ethiopian-TPLF regimes continued and even aggravate it worst: by selling it to oversee capitalists.  The Oromo people now are facing a different owner to their land over the black colonialists. But, Land does have a unique value, significance and importance in the Oromo culture.  It has a huge symbolism in the entire aspects of the Oromo people’s lifecycles. It is more than what a COW is to the Indian people. It is not that plain simple for the alien colonizers to have a complete comprehension of what Land is to the Oromo people. Those who are placing the Oromo land on billboards for sale in the International market need to comprehend that they are attempting to sell not only the land of Oromo people, but also all that is associated with being “the Oromo” as well.  Cheer naivety won’t be acceptable neither for colonialists who are selling these lands, nor for those far aliens who are rushing to grab it. Eventually, an Oromo Land will remain the property of the Oromo people, and all aliens both the neighbor’s, as well as those who came from overseas to grab the Oromo lands will be ordered to evacuate.  The ownership of the Oromo Land is and will restored back to the original owners: the Oromo.  This should be clear to all people who are interested in grabbing the lands of Oromo:  The ownership of Oromo land is non-negotiable.

The conventional wisdom and the orthodox system analysis automatically preconditions one to scrutinize the events according to the old fashioned approach of the out dated “Leader/Follower”, or “Organized/Non organized” breakdowns.  But the current resurrection of the Oromo question neither was/is within the classifications of such relationships, nor narrowly regulated occurrences of the same categorical standardizations. It is/was a pure Oromo Nation’s quest which is unadulterated with any political persuasions.  This untainted original flow of Oromo people’s natural tide of power dictates the need for appropriate comprehension of the uprising in its unpolluted context.  The Oromo Nationalists need to take off the old hats and replace it with positively corresponding innovative styles of appreciation for the potentials of the Oromo Nation to synchronize their future unconditionally by themselves.  Therefore the focus needs to be on how to empower more, and encourage the Nation of Oromia to take the recently illuminated torch of freedom to the finish line. The reality remains that, this present uprising was/is not dictated by any political entity, but only by the daily life experiences of the colonial imposed miseries, tortures, and denial of the basic human rights of the people of Oromia in the hands of their colonial adversaries.  It was the colonialists at best in being their own worst dreams, and should remain the same with your, yes your perseverance to stand with the people of Oromia exposing the injustices that is being disseminated against them by their enemy forces at all times.  This is the very fundamental issue at this very juncture in the history of the Nation of Oromo’s quest for freedom.

Keeping up with changes and progresses in all aspects of human contacts and dealings often gives one the advantage of knowing what exactly will be needed when unexpected ambiguities settle.  That is why when dealing with the defined schools of thoughts; it could be advantageous to have mere familiarity with the associated and correlated expressions/interpretations. Otherwise, it can push the people in a disadvantageous position if we keep on repeating the same hypothesis we “only know how” in the face of changing realities.  At this time, the Nation of Oromia did not wait for the political scientists or experts to calculate the standard deviations of vacillating from the established norms of disobediences towards the present Ethiopian colonial entities-the TPLF regime and all its entourages.  As practically witnessed, what had transpired in Oromia are not the everyday occurrences. People have observed explosion of deeply seated mass anger which generated quantitative disparity even in the camp of the colonizers on the manners and means utilized to squash this genuine Oromo peoples’ uprisings.  As for the citizens of Oromia, much intriguingly, it remains the responsibility the Oromo society to adjust its strategies so as to make the best utilization of the present momentum so as to nurture the needed for a real and fundamental changes that serves in the best interest of the Oromo Nation. The people of Oromia should not afford skipping the potential gain of these civil disobediences. As we already have witnessed, the aftermaths of all mass uprisings, the people needs to be positioned within the radius for victory. This should remain a clear point as any possible divergence could easily feed and lead to missing the boat which could have lead the Nation towards its final victory lane. That is why we need to capture the momentum and empower the people of Oromia so as they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The claims of others to own, or exploit this momentum needs to be replied in the same corresponding manner. Unequivocally this is an Oromo Nations’ pure transformational journey.

Saying that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those stood with the Nation of Oromia.  It is evident that when a Nation grieves the atrocious condition imposed on its people, the remaining other Nations and Nationalities do sympathize with that Nation and determine to stand with them to support the mistreated till just is served, or decides otherwise, and supports the violators.  But there cannot be in between.  On the other hand, the perpetuating regime often tries to create and stimulate more hostilities and hatred among the whole populations of that country so as to buy more time for their regime that is on the verge of collapsing.  Often most of the oppressed ones know that they do share the same predicament, and in a very near future, they are most likely to face the same or worst quandary.  That is why the Nation of Oromia takes the present and past atrocities unleashed on the Oromo people as measuring stick to know for sure who are the true friends, and who are not. It is undeniable fact that most Nations and Nationalities do support the Oromo people and there to remain colleagues at all times.  But some remain to be to the contrary. At such a time when the people of Oromia are experiencing brutalities on a plain-view vividly, some may ask rhetorical questions …”What do these people (the Oromos) want now”? Just note that such questions are not intended to know the real reason, but to find any discrepancies on their way to justify the wrongdoers. All situations that caused the uprising or simple disagreement automatically generates “the colonial Ethiopian patriotism” and phrases like “This is one of the OLF’s agenda, which is the plan to break Ethiopia apart, and separate”. Jumping to a wrong conclusion becomes the norm to justify the aggressor TPLF regime. But the basic question remains ‘why do all the colonized people including the Nation of Oromia have to go through all these verbal abuses when the simplest responsible action should have been following the elementary principles of Democracy? ‘Is it too hard to leave that kind of decisions for the people to decide?  Why should an individual or small group of people be bestowed with all the power to decide for the entire Nation at all times? On the other hand, ‘ is the process of secession or splitting-up is the only solution to be the answer?”  What does secession have to do with the simplest basic human rights questions?”  Such linguistic exchanges have been the established persuasions of some brainwashed “old colonial Ethiopian patriotism” expressing itself in the most passive aggressive manners of the denial of the concrete facts that an Ethiopian (black) colonialism was/is being perpetuated on non-Abyssinian people of the country.

It was Paulo Freire who advocated that education should allow the oppressed to regain their sense of humanity, in turn overcoming their condition. Nevertheless, he also acknowledges that in order for this to occur, the oppressed individual must play a role in their liberation.  The paradigm of empowering the oppressed is the vital and the central focal point of Freire’s  Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970).

Both at home, the Oromo Nation’s Nationalists, advocates and the adversaries including their educated classes need to reconstruct their mental-perceptual and filtering process about the Nation of Oromo and its predicaments so as to be in line with the altering/changing realities – as dictated by this historical Oromo mass uprisings. This way both readily can be on the same page with the Nation of Oromia and could be helpful, as opposed to continue to spouse their out of date colonial pedagogy which never accepted the Nation of Oromia to be the deciding factors and force for their place in humanity.

Oromo Nation shall be free!!! But what is the difference between real freedom and secession?  Who is to secede from who?

Yaadasa Dafaa

More power to the people of Oromia!!!

Honor and glory to the heroines, and heroes of the Oromo Nation!!!

Ulfina wojjin,

Habte/Yaadasaa Dafa.

May 31, 2014.

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