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OSA’s Statement on the Formation of a Committee to Facilitate Establishment of Oromo Media Organization

Dear Oromo People,

Dear OSA Members,

Dear Members of the Oromo Free Press,

Dear Friends of the Oromo People,

It is to be recalled that members of the Oromo Studies Association and participants of the various OSA conferences have been asking for OSA’s leadership active role in promoting Oromo interests, facilitating discussions among the various actors and stakeholders of the Oromo social, political, economic, and religious organizations. OSA and its leadership has been striving to achieve its objectives through reasonable means.

The Oromo people in Ethiopia are politically and economically marginalized, dehumanized, and became second class citizens in their own home country. The suffering and injustices faced by the Oromo is largely hidden away from the international media. The Oromo voices needs to be heard. The Oromo people need a media that could educate, enlighten and empower through provision of timely, balanced and unbiased information. There has been efforts made by few Prominent Oromo personalities and interest groups to establish an Oromo-centric media. However, these efforts are being made in a piece meal fashion and lack a broad based, all inclusive and non-partisan approach. The Oromo people in Diaspora and back home in Oromiya need a media organization that is capable of launching a competitive news network that sustains its objectives against all the odds.  It is with this objective in mind and rational that we call for actors and stakeholders who have best Oromo interests at heart to come together unconditionally and form a public media organization. Any efforts otherwise shall compromise the momentum which exists today among the Oromo in Diaspora to have a vibrant and viable media that puts Oromummaa and Oromo interests first.


Whereas, the Oromo Studies Association (OSA) is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization established to promote and foster studies on the history, economy, culture, health, education, politics and laws of the Oromo people;

Whereas, in the era of information technology, all-inclusive, sustainable, strong pan-Oromo media  is necessary to report fundamental freedoms and human rights violations committed on our people, to promote our rich cultural heritage, and to direct the consensus of our people towards a common goal;

Whereas, it is necessary to support, and to bring together, those individuals motivated by a passion of Oromummaa to create voice for the Oromo people in different corners of the world;

Whereas the OSA is at a special position to facilitate discussion between various groups running various Medias that needs to be unified to establish the strong pan Oromo media,

Whereas the OSA is mandated to promote interaction and mutual understanding between Oromo, who encounter common issues of concern;

Now, therefore, the OSA decided to establish the following ad-hoc committee of eight men comprising of the former OSA presidents, prominent elders and scholars.

  1. Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa, Former OSA President
  2. Dr. Hamza Abdurezak, Former OSA President
  3. Dr. Mosissa Aga, Former OSA President
  4. Dr. Sentayehu Bedane
  5. Obbo Abdalla Sule
  6. Obbo Mamma Argo
  7. Aadde Asli Oromo
  8. Obbo Kadiro Elemo

I ask the Oromo in Diaspora, all actors, stakeholders and interest groups to provide all the necessary support to this committee to realize its objective of helping to establish an Oromo-Centric Media Organization.

We serve and work to empower the Oromo!

Ibrahim Amae Elemo, M.D., M.P.H

President, Oromo Studies Association

Contact: ielemo@weisshospital.com

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