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Pathogenicty of the pathogen

By Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa

March 10, 2017 I wrote this: Revelation of enemy secret plan to destroy the great nation of Oromo through mutagenic process. Today, 42 months later the assessment become real. In order to avert this devastation the lonely chose is strengthen our home based power base. 

In medical terminology: Pathogen is an agent causing disease or illness to its host. Pathogens are mostly microscopic, such as bacteriavirusesprotozoa, and fungi. Pathogenicity the qualitative capacity of a pathogen to infect and cause disease on a host that can cause high human morbidity and mortality. 

Today I am going to talk about the macroscopic pathogen of the humanity of PP government (mafia gangs in Arat killo, FINFINNE). I said this because of my profound belief that, the PP government and their leaders  are very much aware of the real situation in Oromia which is quite different from what they were trying to portray to the Ethiopian empire nations and international community. Before I am going to enter to my main point I would like to quote the universal declaration of humanity.

Declaration on a shared humanity:

  • Human being are born equal and that they all share hopes and aspirations, paths of fulfillment, paths of suffering, and dreams within a common journey as human beings.
  • Human beings share the freedom to follow particular paths of life within the rights and obligations shared by all and contributing to the common good of humanity

To encounter this disarrayed secrecy of our enemy as an Oromo people we have to redefine our commitment by saying: even if I died in the service of my nation Oromo, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood and my brothers and sisters blood will contribute to the growth of our nation and make it strong and dynamic. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Currently in Ethiopian empire, colonel Abiy Ahmed with his prosperity party (neftegna) committing atrocious crime against Oromo people, nation and nationalities. Namely: widespread anti-Oromo propaganda machine led by 36 media outlets, neftegna journals with their puppet fake Oromia regional government and spreading misinformation across diplomatic agencies to blackmail our freedom fighters (WBO). More than 70,000 innocent Oromo’s are languishing across several detention center, countless real Oromo political leaders are detained (From OLF and OFC), ongoing harassment and rape across Oromia and daily deaths of Oromo men and women from child age 8 years old until age of 80 years old.  All those vicious crime describes the character of the enemy that we are facing is malignant worse than sickness (the pathogenicity of the pathogen is not simply healed by standard medication).  

Our enemies are organized themselves to disintegrate us, organized to wage war against us and organized to strengthen their colonial rule. But certain individuals are disoriented and frustrated by enemy propaganda and hide themselves under face book to expand enemy plan by insulting our dedicated leaders and blackmailing our freedom fighters, our hero’s “WBO” , gallant qeerroo movement and spread wrong information among our community to culture millions of opportunistic individuals and traitors. But late me clear: We Oromo people in general are rejecting all types of remote controlled offer of our enemy through his mutagenic so called leaders and traitors with sweat words and zero actions. We as a nation are struggling to become the master of our destiny and eradicating all types of oppression (political, economical, military, business and judiciary).

Nation-building is always a work-in-progress; a dynamic process in constant need of nurturing and re-invention. Nation-building never stops and true nation-builder never rest because all nations are constantly facing up to new challenges. Nation-building is therefore about building the tangible and intangible threads that hold a political entity together and gives it a sense of purpose.”

The actions taken by our leaders  and intellectuals  shows the powerfulness of the truth (Oromo nations) and commitment of Oromummaa for peace, freedom democracy, equality, respect of human right and rule of law. But Our colonizers are always choose to follow undemocratic way of governing, the path of destruction and hatred. Dear brothers and sisters let us unite ourselves and line up behind our real political organization and freedom fighters in the sense of national urgency. Supporting and participating in the Oromia transitional government would potential remedies to induce our immunity against the Pathogenicty of the pathogen. 

Victory to the oppressed nations and nationalities

Dr. B.K.DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. 

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