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Politics of devolution from fibrosis to cirrhosis

The Oromo people are survived the lethal colonialist rule of previous one (they change the Oromo name from Tolesa and Gemechu to Getnet and Gebremeskel and they change the name of our town namely Finfinnee to Addis Abeba, bishoftu to dabrezeit and adama to nazret). The current colonialist TPLF elite plays in multiple cards and faces (mixing up the definition of Oromo people goal self-determination, statehood, sovereignty, and democracy, and creating dysfunctional organization like OPDO to distract the real goal of the struggle). But We Oromo people have to be proud to be an Oromo by challenging all those obstacles and keeping our determination intact for freedom with limited resources and absence of external assistance.    


African countries today face greater challenges to peace and stability than ever before with a volatile mix of insecurity, instability, corrupt political institutions and poverty. Alarmingly, most of these countries lack the political will to make and maintain peace agreements, and thus have fallen prey to continuous armed ethnic conflict. (Monty Marshall, 2003) This is partly due to ineffective conflict management.

The Ethiopian government (TPLF) try to teach us and also try to follow the path of South Africa and Nigeria. South Africa is made up of whites, indigenous Africans, coloreds, and Indians.  The blacks form the majority of the population with about 30 million people, the whites 5 million, and the coloreds and Indians share 3 million. The country has about 11 linguistic groups, but English is the official language. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with about 120 million people. It is home to 250 linguistic groups, but English is also Nigeria’s chosen official language Although most of the ethnic groups are very tiny, three ethnic groups constitute somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of the population. The Hausa-Fulani ethnic groups count for 30 percent of the population, the Yorubas about 20 per cent and the Igbos about 18 percent

Both countries (Both Nigeria and South Africa) bear the responsibility to steer the continent away from the repression of authoritarian governments towards a path of social and economic development and good governance. Interestingly, the two countries are also driven by a similar political strategies to manage conflict through national reconciliation, consensus building and economic development. The dual processes of transition and transformation need nothing less than a vibrant economy in which the basic needs of citizens are taken care of.

TPLF is sending his cadres to Nigeria and south Africa to learn about those political transformation in order to  cheat western world to enhance cash flow and internally oppressing all types of opposition, silencing critical voices like Mr. Bekele Gerba, killing, torturing and imprisoning innocent civilians. The TPLF is also try to tell us about the economic growth of the country (I think they are mixing millionaires of TPLF elite with the country) while millions of peoples in Ethiopian empire facing imminent famines.  Wake up TPLF leaders it is 21st century (what does it mean is homework for you).

People like TPLF leaders are those who never change no matter how much one tries to explain to them about the brutality of their ruling system and barbaric actions of their military and special commandos. This article expose the failed policy of the TPLF and their new destructive plan to slow-down the Oromo people movement for freedom.

Medical definition of fibrosis and cirrhosis is: Hepatic fibrosis occurs in response to chronic liver injury. The response to liver injury includes collapse of hepatic lobules, formation of fibrous septae, and hepatocyte regeneration with nodule formation. Hepatic fibrosis is reversible. Cirrhosis represents a late stage of progressive hepatic fibrosis characterized by distortion of the hepatic architecture and the formation of regenerative nodules. It is generally considered to be irreversible in its advanced stages, at which point the only treatment option will be liver transplantation or death.

TPLF is now arrived on the top of the decisive treatment option (identical process of cirrhosis). The OPDO and other artificial organization mission is failed, traitors and collaborators are fail to fulfill their mission, military and security forces are demotivated because of fierce resistance from freedom fighters like Qeerroo and WBO, awareness of the people is much greater than TPLF kitchen cabinet policy, international community are fade-up of the pathological lies of TPLF leaders, media information is faster than colonialist destructive actions, innocent civilians are daily the primary victim of the TPLF policy….etc.  So the best remedy to save the TPLF from death will be transplantation, but the problem is there is no matched organ is/will found. So, the TPLF is now hospitalized in palliative center and awaiting unpleasant death. Unfortunately the TPLF is still working hard from dying bed to defend his destructive policy through his loyalist (traitors and collaborators) instead of participating in the restoration of historical justice for the respect of human rights for all human beings and to safe his Seoul.

According to my tangible information the TPLF government  are investing  40 million dollars to implement his last mission. The main core of the mission is to destroy unity among Oromo’s . According to the insiders the short and long term enemy of the TPLF power is the force behind the unity of Oromo people.  Again the insiders expose the taxonomy of government plan to implement his mission.

  1. Strengthen the TPLF messengers by any means possible (in the name of Oromo diaspora, in the name of investment, by recruiting individuals from diaspora through special accommodation like house in the capital city, free movement between foreign countries and homeland ).
  2. Maximizing the destructive propaganda of the Oromo unity through available medias (by hiding their real name behind pal talk, through fake name of Facebook, by sending indirect message through TV and radio to demoralize the real fighters and dedicated individuals).  
  3. Eradicating OLF as an organization, as an ideology and as an individual member of the OLF.  According to insiders to fulfill this special mission the government is ready to put extra bonus for every single mission accomplished.  The government emphasizes again on the protocol of accomplishment (redirecting the goal of Oromo people from freedom fighter to economical survivors,  blackmailing their leaders and members, denying any activities of the organization, distributing and exaggerating  the failurity of the organization and minimizing their achievement).
  4. Maximizing the economical imbalance between the Oromo people.  Supporting by any means possible the trustful individual and force them to influence the poor majority to respect the system and abide by their master colonialist law.


  1. Strict control of all Oromo intellectuals activities inside and outside the country.  If they are remain on the uncompromised path they have to be humiliated and destroyed (Bekele Gerba was mentioned as an example-information according to insider).


  1. Creating weak political organizations as much as possible to enhance the confusion among Oromo’s. The content of organization has to be (opportunistic leader without dedication but tendency to individual economic thirsty, record less individuals in the history of struggle against colonialism and malignant opponent of OLF stand).


  1. Full and Faster reaction to the peoples demand to calm the Oromo movement and to create big confusion about the definition of freedom among Oromo’s. But the demand has to be listed in the external-core-category.

Core category demands are:

  • Military and agazi forces has to leave Oromia.
  • Our question is full freedom sooner than later, but not remote controlled OPDO state.  
  • Oromo’s has to be the master of their resources and polices and stop importing and expanding shadow Oromummaa in the name of OPDO.
  • The Doctor of Oromia is Oromummaa but not tigruma.
  • Stopping harassing Oromo’s in their country, work place and home.
  • The prisoners has to be free
  • Stopping hunting Oromo intellectuals and promoting brain drain.

None of us on the earth choose to be born where we are born but once born, for example in my case, as an Oromo, there is no way I can change it. Unlike religion, behavior and attitudes towards nature, ethnic belongingness cannot be changed. That is why I cannot stop reminding at every chance I got the international community, TPLF elite and their puppet collaborators that as an Oromo, I am oppressed and I want my freedom and equality. The collaborators and traitors proposing us to give our left cheek after TPLF slap us on the right, but my answer is first I will never let you slap me and if at all it happens, I will slap you back even harder. That is a simple formula of defending our right but not through mutilated OPDO ways, incapacitated and nihil individual propaganda or buying ground or house around Finfinnee and every year visiting  colonialist sky-reach building.

When TPLF fought to colonize Oromo’s and other nations in Ethiopian empire not through investment plan and lousy approach to Mengistu Hailemariam.  They colonize Oromo’s and other nations “through total destruction tactic and strategy”, their nick name was “ dildy afrash”.  So Yesterday TPLF was master of destruction and currently they call themselves surprisingly champion of development. My message to the traitors of Oromo people and collaborators of TPLF stop sending and propagating enemy destructive message and stand for freedom and equality at any cost.  

We the Oromo people are  a victim of the system which the TPLF trying to defend at all cost on the international stage and protect by his mechanized military around Oromia and therefore TPLF and their collaborators will be disappointed with my analysis. That is not what I enjoy to do but I have no choice because the TPLF government is violating our fundamental human rights. The Oromo leaders and the Oromo people simply want to enjoy their fundamental human rights be it civil and political, economic, social and cultural among which the right to self-determination is the most advocated.

Let me clear again: Everybody who are defending the TPLF ruling system are our enemy (TPLF itself, collaborators, traitors). While the old elites are trying to restore the dead oppressive system once again and the TPLF is try to protect and prevail the current totally destructive and unhuman oppressive system, the Oromo’s are still fighting for the same question of 100 years ago that is total freedom. Now tell me dear TPLF-junta and collaborators, on what ground could you think the possibility of developing love for this ugly ruling system (killers and torturers)  and plan to live with you in peace?

TPLF elite are different from other previous colonialist in the sense that they tried to use spices in contrast to the previous colonialist to justify their democratic nature, allowing  afaan oromo as the official language of courts and of instruction at schools and recognition of the Oromia state. For recognition of our country Oromia and using our language (afaan oromo) in our country is not a gift. To accomplish that we Oromo people fought a bloody fight and we sacrifice enormous life of brave sons and daughters of Oromo people.  Come on TPLF junta your disease is worsening by confusing you (brain damage), I think you are developing “ammoniacal encephalopathy” because of your decompensated cirrhosis (decaying politics like dealing with mutilated OPDO and nonproductive collaborators).  

I and my fellow Oromo people are not against any nation, I am sure in any nation there are a good  person, leaders, intellectuals who  care for equality, democracy, human rights, loving and a caring family man and women but when it comes to the defence of my right, I will not give you credit for being a good person, leader, intellectuals or family person.  No one, including TPLF elite accept domination and exploitation and there is no reason on earth why the Oromo’s should be expected to give up fighting for freedom from oppression and dancing and building house with you on the grave of our hero’s.  

The Oromo’s paid a heavy price to build Ethiopia but when it comes to power and money they are the last to touch the desk and when it comes to the human-right and equality they are the first to be victim of the system.  But now the time of abuses was passed and Oromo people are getting aware of the reality and starting to build their home (Oromia). We Oromo people have no intention whatsoever to violate anybody rights to the contrary we will fight for them to be respected and we expect the same from other nations those we fight for their freedom.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa

First medical degree in internal medicine

Second medical degree specialized  in gastro-hepatology disease


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