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Politics of power vs the Question of Rights: Reflection on ODF and the fate of Oromia

Politics of power vs the Question of Rights: Reflection on ODF and the fate of Oromia

What does this mean politically? Why ODF and Can the ODF founder a good father? This and other related question will be discussed in context of the Oromo politics

http://gadaa.com/GadaaTube :oromo-tv-odf-meeting- in-minneapolis-mn-march-30-2013

To start with ,I watched the online ODF meeting that was held in-Minneapolis- on March-30-2013 .The meeting was welcomed by Dr Beyan ,and addressed by ODF President  Mr.Lencho lata, the father of ODF  and continued by his long times comrade Dr. Dima  ( vice president). The other central committee are Mr. Aman Kider the former AWO chair, Mr .Hasan Hussen, Lencho Bati and etc.  I was not there personally but I was impressed by questions of the audience and of which the first person was Dursitu. I knew Duristu in suburban of Nairobi and she is a powerful lady and need to deserve the status of “presidency” .Her powerful comment and stronger question inspired me to write this article. Interestingly, the ODF founders publicly plead about their political program, no more a secret agenda, no more confusion and this is a good step to build a democratic Ethiopia Empire at the cost of Ideal Oromia.

ODF founders and members are highly educated and experienced people. Some of them are professor; they are senior politician and frontline practitioners in the Oromo politics.

ODF founders and members are conscious and understand the cost of their decision, they understand the pain of Oromo people, and they were consciously decided and launch the ODF as their future political program before pacifying the internal challenge we have as a society .They are supposed to be an advisor for the young generation, they are supposed to be a coach for young generation but they took ill political decision. Their political decision is never ever reflect their personality and it’s in contrary to the question of birth rights; the natural right that we deprived. It is against interest of Ideal sovereign Oromia. A true father can’t take such decision at the cost of his children, a true leader never prioritize its interest at the expense of the general public, a true leader never decides on the fate of the nation by itself and I am in opinion that ODF stands not for the justice Oromo cause rather it is out there for power as well as to maintain the status quo of the Ethiopian empire. I can also argue about this in context of their political profile for last two decades. In plain language ODF founders and members failed to attract  a qube generation  to  liberation, they failed to build consensus within freedom fighters, they tersely  worked to polarize and segregate Oromian , they failed to learn from their failure and weakness, they failed to build a competent  political party and system that mobilize Oromian toward their common goal, they failed to come up with a clear political programs, policies and agenda, they failed to build a genuine system that reflect a modern aspect  society based on the body knowledge of the Oromo cultural, value ,custom and tradition, They failed to  build a culture of team work and responsive leadership .

What does mean politically for the Oromo people? Is this a progress or a new chapter as Dr. Beyan made in his speech? What makes ODF unique and how does it reflect the diversity of people living in the empire? If it is to democratize the Ethiopia Empire why the Oromo name? This and other related question will be my next area of concern.

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