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Power Politics vs. Leadership: Reflection on the Birth of ODF

 Today, whether it is a positive or a negative reaction, the glance at the Oromo website is about the birth of ODF. Much of the attention has been there. The question is what make the ODF unique and why the ODF? Based on this, I will try to talk about the job of politician and leader through the lens of ODF political program.
ODF founders were out there for many years, they are not a new people, and some of them were a front runner for the generation and other were more than two generations as a figure in the Oromo politics. Much have been said about the ODF leadership skill, political ideology and practices either orally or in written. We cursed and criticized them, they did not learn from it; we supported and endorsed them; they did not show us their talent. They failed and did not admit their political failure, they wasted much of their time to change the Oromo political system and they did not, and we did not see any change in terms of the way they do the business of politics, what they do and talk is always in contrary and inconsistent. The good sides of all this story is nothing but something. It is about the power and there was no a term or limit of power for the ODF founder and member, there is no a practice of the Gada political philosophy that reflects the Oromo values, there is no respect of modern democratic values by the ODF founder. The popular view before the birth of ODF within Oromian is, the ODF member and founder stands and represent the Oromo people, We thought we had the same goal with ODF founder, we thought we were in the same boat with the ODF founder, we thought ODF founders were our real father, but now we are in different planet and different world view. We speak a different language .We are in different political ideology, we were separated, and we were divorced legally. ODF founder got its certificate to democratise the corrupted regime whereas the Oromian got a different document that is to have a free Republic of Oromia, Sovereign and indivisible Oromia.
What does it mean politically? Politically, this has many reflections, implication and interpretation. It is a very a divisive moment for the Oromo people. It’s a very critical and crucial time because it tests us how we understand the subjects and the business of politics, why we believe in politics, why we support or oppose political party .It has to come from an individual free will, it is a political decision and a political decision on the fate of Oromia, on the interest of Oromia, at the cost of Oromia. Any single political decision we make today to support ODF will question the history of the Oromo people and it is against the great a philosophy of Sovereign Oromia. Oromia is not free and autonomous, Oromo people are under the yoke colonialism, and polarizing oromian is not a job of leader but it is a job of politician. The job of Politician is to divide and rule, to divert people attention, to complicate matter and make a case to confuse people, while people were get confused and indecisive, they will accomplish their real missions. This is how a politics work and how the politician plays the game of politics. ODF founders are a politician and not a leader and what oromian need today is not a politician but a Great leader.
I think giving too much attention to what happened is not a wise in dealing with politics and rather it is better to be a creative and an innovative in terms of ideas, what we do and how we do things to get connected with oromian as well as to provide them a clear political guideline. To change the system, to undo the past, divert public attitude toward one common goal, purpose, and vision, to show that we are out there for justice Oromo cause, it is a great chapter in the course of the Oromo people struggle for political rights and freedoms. In this ways we will minimise the risk and optimize the chance of making a difference in the political culture of the Oromo people. First we need to accept the failure, second we need to learn from the failure and redirect ourselves how to change the course of action .The case to win or lose a game depends on the team and coach. Both the players and the coach have responsibility but the responsibility and duty of the coach is very important. Players have its own technical and mechanical means; the coach has its own means to build a team in such a ways both equally contribute to the well being of their result collectively. The analogy is to bring a real change in the course of the Oromo political system and culture a great leader and leadership are needed. A visionary and transformational leader that shapes, changes, modifies and alters the political culture and system of the Oromo people is the kind of leader that oromian needed not a divisive politicians .
Oromian need to think and ask themselves  how to build a competent political party that depends and fellow a true wisdom of the Oromo people body knowledge ,a party that build on  a true Oromo value ,culture and tradition  that respect the will of its follower, a rational, responsive and a flexible leader that mobilizes and motivates a young generation, a leader that empowers his/her followers, a leader that coach and mentor the young generation, a leader that listen to his/her followers, leader that act according to the will of oromian interest, a leader that prioritise his or her people interest, a  leader that builds confidence in his/her people , a leader and party that produces a strong and vibrant civil society, a leader that teaches a young generation how to solve social and political  problem, a  leader that has a capacity to compromise  , a leader that creates a positive work environment, a leader that builds a team and a culture of team work , a leader that  teaches his people or fellow by his dead or action, a leader that understands the psychology of his/her people , a leader that reads the heart and mind of  his/her people, a leader that act according to the attitude of his people  and a leader that modernizes the society. In short, this is the distinction between the politician and the term leader. I am in opinion that ODF founders and members do not have this leadership quality.
 And oromian need to stop blindly supporting or joining party politics that jeopardise the great philosophy of freedom fighter and Nation building ideas. Therefore, it is safe to argue that without creating some picture in the mind of oromian and understanding the fundamental ethical and normative value of our society, it will be very tough to make a desired system change. This is a basic and part of the area that Oromo people need to focus on. It is the hardest part of the job that ahead of us. It is where we failed as a nation, party or a leader that all Oromo political factions failed to comprehend. Fighting for freedom is one thing, leading a nation is entirely a different thing and building a nation is another thing. Of this we are not at stage to thinking about how to build a nation and we are in the lowest level at the age of fighting for rights and freedom which is completely required different philosophy, tact, principle and strategy that demands a collective efforts, commitments and action on the basis of clear political stands and agenda. In this regard every able Oromo has equally responsibility. This is a natural obligation and duty that nobody can deny, nevertheless more than an individual responsibility the role of a “leader and leadership” is very important to attain the objective of its organization.


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