Oduu Haaraya

Re: Questions raised in relation ‘Invitation to Sidama Loqqee massacre’ and others massacres commemorative conference

Dear Obbo Dereje,

Firstly, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the PAFD/SNLF’s May 30th 2006 London’s conference coordinating committee for our delay in responding to your important question of 13th May 2016 due to a number of reasons. Moreover, learning the theme of your (question/suggestion/recommendation) has been also an issue so that the the responsibilities of the respondent is clear.
The questions you have raised are extremely essential, timely and relevant thus, it is very important for all involved to think it through thoroughly.
Some of the key reasons behind the establishment of PAFD is this. Unless we sing the tune of ”Freedom, Democracy, unrestricted rights to Self-Determination” for all in Unison, we only allow the regime brutalizing our nations’ and peoples both individually and collectively to remain in power. I strongly believe that none of us want this vicious regime to remain in power any longer.
Realistically, to be able to effectively dismantle the foundation of the brutalizing TPLF’s barbaric regime to replace it with genuine democracy where the rule of law becomes supreme with freedom of nations and peoples on deciding their own fates without being coerced and subjugated; the unity of the oppressed all is a mater of life or death. We neither deny the fact that we must be united to be effective nor convince ourselves with erroneous assertion that single handed struggle yields productive fruit.
The PAFD is here to be able to effectively address these issues by narrowing thus far extremely wide and debatable gaps and differences. Since its first general congress of April 21- 25, 2016, the PAFD’s various offices are working to galvanize the unity of all oppressed peoples and nations to effectively utilize the available human and material resources to harness the struggle for genuine change in Ethiopian politics- in unison.
I and my office will work with the other various PAFD’s offices to coordinate such united activities, hence  all peoples and oppressed nations’ political organisations are highly encouraged to be a full part of this; subject to satisfaction of the the PAFD’s constitutional but non-obstructive prerequisites.
Three Key offices will have greater roles in coordinating and ascertaining the said Unity with varying degrees of roles and responsibilities. These PAFD’s Offices involve
1. Office of Foreign Affairs
2. Office of Political and Organisational Affairs and
3. Office of Information and Communication; all under the leadership of PAFD’s incumbent Chair – sticking to the PAFD’s constitution ratified at the said first general congress.
The PAFD has made it crystal clear during its first historic aforementioned general congress that its door is open to all oppressed nations and peoples political organisations. Furthermore, it has even recommended to the foreign office to involve in its negotiation table those Unionists who are fighting the TPLF’s barbaric regime as long as they don’t attempt to dictate their accounts and want us to be the followers not an equal partners -in spite of our united force is (PAFD)’s being an absolute majority.
Therefore, I suggest that we work hand in hand with all whom Obbo Dereje has included in his emailing lists and beyond to materialize the dream of emancipating all from an obdurate and century old systems of subjugation and systematic slavery.
I thank Obbo Dereje on behalf of PAFD Information and Communication  Office for getting in touch to suggest and provide us with his invaluable comments and recommendations.
I finally suggest that the roles of fighting together for social justice, Freedom and Democracy is the responsibilities of all enlightened groups of people, therefore we need to work together in harmonious manner to affect this change  we all earnestly wish to occur and we have to begin it today.
All are welcome to get in touch with our office or with the other PAFD’s office any time they wish.
 Peace, Democracy, Genuine Rights of Nations and Peoples to Self-Determination!!
Denboba Natie
PAFD Information and Communication
NB:-the following is an original email.
On 5/13/2016 at 6:41 PM, “Dereje Bacha” <d_bacha@yahoo.com> wrote:

I read announcement posted in “ayyaantuu” website–regarding commemorative  14thanniversary of the Sidama Loqqee massacre. It is very important to invite members and supporters of PAFD for different reasons/purposes.  Before seeing what you posted/announced, I was thinking how we will have a kind of social gathering or to organize similar events in United States in Washington D.C. I know that leaders of  Sidama Liberation Front, Ogaden Liberation Front, Gambella Nilotic Liberation Front, ARDUF  and other oppressed people political groups might be in another country. But, there might be members and supporters of each political organization in different states and/or countries including Washington DC. Thus, something has to be done to bring  diverse groups  and/or communities to work together in different states  and countries.  Some sort of connections are there every where but we need to better organize it. I know that Somalis have community organizations  in Virginia. But, I do not know any one of them. I will try to be connected to organize social gathering in Washington DC.  Of course, it is leadership responsibility to work on this or fill this gap. Thanks.

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