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Report on failure of OPDO’s mission in Kenya as they felt everywhere as usual

The Oromo community would like to inform all its members in Kenya and the entire Oromo people, that the intended plan of Woyane to drive Oromo refugees into submission has been boycotted. The intention of forced attendance to a malicious meeting on Feb 14-2015 at the Ethiopian Embassy of Kenya, which contained a hidden agenda, has been invalidated. The plan was proposed by higher officials of Oromia Regional State. It became unsuccessful because of a strong resistance from the Oromo community at large. This outcome was due to everyone’s effort and dedication, as well as obeyed and convinced by the Oromo community’s declaration to refrain from attending this meeting.

Furthermore, the Oromo community would like to clarify that its members should be aware of the other strategies that the Ethiopian agents are using to lure and hence trap them so that they can get and send them back to Ethiopia. In fact, we were committed to giving awareness of this hidden agenda of our members so that they get the reality of the situation then accepted. Afterward, they followed suit and decided to boycott the planned meeting. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian security agents wanted to take the refugees as a ride so that they could use their poverty status promising them land, housing, job opportunities if they accept to be taken back to their homeland. This was mendacious, but a tool to bring down the cases of the refugees at UNHCR so that they couldn’t be granted their refugee status determination. In addition, it was a strategy used process to convince the UNHCR that the refugees had no political persecution accusations against them from their homeland hence they could be free to go back to their homeland. Therefore, due to this rise of awareness of our community to its members, many members did not attend the meeting, but only around fifty (50) attended hence their meeting and its agenda went unsuccessful.

Their plan was defeated for the time being and we as the community expected to believe that these security agents will come up with another mechanism in future. Therefore, we are requesting our members to be vigilant and remain united and share any information that are compromising the security of the community and its members. Besides, as an entire of Oromo community here in Kenya, we wish to appreciate the Kenyan government, security forces and police officers who willingly understood our claims and stood with us in all matters to grant our safety life.


Oromo Community Public Relation Officer of Nairobi, Kenya

(Diriirsaa Qajeelaa)

Gadaan Gadaa bilisummaati!!!

Injifannoon ummata oromoof!!!

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  1. warra isin keessaa Woyannee jala yaatu sana UNHCRti himatii dubbii isanii fudhatama dhorkadha.