Oduu Haaraya

Response to Dr. Yonas Biru, the Oromo Phobic and Oromo Hater Amhara Ultrarightist Extremist

September 2, 2023

Leenjiso Horo

Dr. Yonas Biru has shown in his political Swinging Pendulum between being half Oromo and half Amhara to hide his deep hatred for Oromummaa, Gadaa, and everything the Oromo people stand for and own. Dr. Yonas Biru, who is a leader of Oromo-phobic Amhara ultrarightist extremists, has written many articles on attacking the Gadaa system- the first democratic system in the history of the world, Oromummaa, Irrechaa, Guddifannaa, moggaasaa, and Waqeeffannaa religion. He is the leader of the Amhara supremacist Nafxanyaa, an Amhara version of the American Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the most hateful and violent group in history. As it is clear to everybody who reads his articles and listens to his talks on media, Dr. Yonas Biru has been promoting Oromo phobia, hatred, violence, intimidation, and genocidal campaigns against the Oromo people and everything Oromo. Before going into these, let me restate that Dr. Yonas Biru is an Oromo phobic and hater extremist in the diaspora that already declared genocide against the Oromo people. To cover up his Oromo phobia and Oromo hatred, this shadow tyrant says this: “I am part Oromo and part Amhara.”

At the same time, he attacks the Oromo identity, calling Oromummaa a Nazification movement. So, he joined Ermias Legesse, who openly campaigns on Ethio-360 media: “Oromummaa politics is fascism and “Political Oromummaa” as Oromo fascist ideology. Ermias borrowed a phrase from Cato the Elder, the Roman Senator and a famous orator who, in 201 BCE, had encouraged war by ending every speech with the line “Carthage must be destroyed,” and finally, the Romans destroyed Carthage. So in his Ethio-360 media talk, Ermias Legesse introduced the “Oromummaa yiwudam” slogan, translated to English, “Oromummaa must be destroyed” slogan calling for the destruction of Oromummaa.

As a result, the Amhara nationals in diaspora-in the United States, Europe- and the Amhara region of the Ethiopian empire had been demonstrating for months carrying, raising high, and chanting the Oromummaa yiwudam slogan. Another person who claims to have Oromo blood is Tamerat Negera, who went on the media saying he wanted to see Oromia disintegrate overnight. It is hard to comprehend that all of them claim to be half Oromo and half Amhara, yet we see them eating their half Oromoness.

2. The Oromo hatred, Oromo phobia, and fear for what the Oromo are and stand for infested the mind, body, and soul of these individuals and their likes. As it is clear, Yonas Biru, Ermias Legesse, and Tamerat Negera have been and are synchronizing their genocidal campaign of extermination against the Oromo people. The consequence of their campaign against Oromummaa set the stage for Amhara Oromo phobic extremists to declare war on Oromummaa, chanting war must be fought; it must be won- Oromummaa must be destroyed. The Amhara settler colonialists have been using these types of personalities and their likes to exterminate the Oromo people since the conquest and colonization of Oromia. Here, it is vital to remember how Nazi Germany used Jews to exterminate six million of them during the Second World War. Regarding this, Jewish Holocaust survivor Primo Levi wrote what the Nazis told the Jewish people during their extermination in these terms: “We are your destroyer….We can destroy not only your body but also your soul. It must be the Jews who put the Jews into ovens. It must be shown that the Jews…bow to any and all humiliations, even to destroying themselves.” Here, what has to be clear to the Oromo people is that Amhara are using some half-Oromo and some fully Oromo to exterminate the Oromo people just like The Nazi Germany used Jews to exterminate Jews during the Second World War. In this article, I only deal with the attacks of Dr. Yonas Biru on the Oromo people and institutions since he is the leader and promoter of Oromo phobia. Here what Dr. Yonas Biru fails to tell is that Ras Mokonnen Wolde Mikael Guddisa Dhaabaa, Haile Selassie’s father, was half Oromo and half Amhara,. His and his mother Tenagnework was the daughter of King Sahle Selassie of Shawa. And yet, Ras Mokonnen, in alliance with Menelik of Amhara, was instrumental in the genocide at Calii Calanqoo and of five million Oromo during the conquest of Oromia.

He also well-knows that Haile Selassie’s mother Yeshimebet Ali was half ethnic Oromo and half ethnic Gurage. Despite this, Haile Selassie committed ethnic cleansing of the Oromo people, especially the cleansing of the Tullamaa Oromo, expropriated land and natural resources of the Oromo, and imposed the Amhara language, culture, and Orthodox Christianity on the Oromo and other peoples, et cetera. Not only this, but Dr. Yonas Biru also knows full well that Jerry Robert Kajuga, national leader of the Interahamwe, the group responsible for committing genocide in Rwandan against the Tutsi in 1994, was born to a Tutsi father and a Hutu mother.

3- He was a leader in the annihilating eight hundred thousand to a million Tutsi. Hannah Arendt, who escaped from Nazi Holocaust, put the collaboration and the complicity of Jewish Councils with the Nazis in these words: “Wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and this leadership, almost without exception, cooperated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazi.” The members of the Jewish Councils were half German and half Jewish like Dr. Yonas Biru is half Oromo and half Amhara. Despite the genocide against the Jews,

thousands of full Jews, and more than a hundred thousand part-

Jews joined the military in Nazi Germany fighting for Nazis. For

instance, here are the names of a few high officers in the Nazi

Vice-Admiral Bernhard Rogge, with a Jewish grandfather; Colonel

Ernst Bloch (half-Jew, half-German); Field Marshal Erhard Mulch

was half-Jew and half-German, et cetera. What one has to learn

from these is that Dr. Yonas Biru’s claiming to be half an Oromo

does not absolve him from his extreme Oromo-phobic, Oromo-hater

Amhara extremist and from his campaign in writing and talking on

Media promoting for annihilating of the Oromo nationalists who

have been struggling for the independence of Oromia from

Ethiopian colonial empire.

Dr. Yonas Biru’s enmity towards Oromo is not something recently

started. In the 1990s, when the TPLF massacred 20-30 thousand

Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) fighters, he never said anything;

when it was reported during the TPLF regime that the prison

speaks the Oromo language, he was silent; when 100,000 Oromo

nationals disappeared without their whereabouts under the TPLF

administration, Dr. Yonas Biru was silent; in 2008, when at Hora

Harsadii Irrechaa festival 800- 1000 innocent men, women, and

children were massacred, he did not say anything. In 2014-2018,

while opposing Finfinnee Master Plan, 5000-6000 Oromo youth were

slaughtered by the TPLF, he did not write or say anything. When

over 100 1000 livestock perished during the TPLF rule as a

result of drinking poisoned water that the regime purposefully

let into the rivers, he did not say anything or write about it.

Just recently, when over four million livestock died in Boranaa

and Gujii because of drought and negligence of the regime in

power, he was silent about it; and yet calls himself half Oromo.

The reason for his silence is that he is happy because it is

happening to the Oromo and their wealth. Dr. Yonas Biru, a

former landowner himself, is from a landowner aristocratic

family who used to own the Oromo land. Before 194 1974, under

the Abyssinian feudal system, the land in the south in general

and in Oromia in particular, was owned by the few Amhara

Aristocrats like Dr. Yonas Biru and his family. Instead, the

true owners of the land the Oromo peasant became gabar or

serfdom sharecroppers on their land. As gabar, they paid tax and


other services to the landlords, farm on the land and

sharecropped their earning with these landlords. It is from such

an unfair and repressive feudal system that Dr. Yonas Biru and

his feudal family benefited and enriched themselves.

Nonetheless, with the overthrow of Emperor Haile Selassie in

1974 and the land proclamation of 1975, the land ownership was

transferred from autocratic to public i.e., the Oromo people and

others in the south. As a result, feudal landowners lost their

status and privileges as exclusive owners of the land in

Ethiopian empire. Most importantly, they are deprived of

enriching and accumulating wealth by exploiting the Oromo people

and others. Since the Oromo people were in the forefront of the

struggle that toppled Haile Selassie and changed the land

tenure, Dr. Yonas Biru developed resentment and hatred of the

Oromo for their struggle against landowners like him. Hence, one

has to understand that it is out of this deep hatred that Dr.

Yonas Biru has been and is fighting against the Gadaa system,

Oromummaa, Irrechaa, Guddifachaa, Moggaasaa and et cetera.

Not only this, but Dr. Yanas Biru also denies the genocide

of five million of the Oromo people, the extermination at Calii

Calanqoo and Azule, and the mutilation of breasts of women and

hands of men (Harma muraa and Harka muraa at Aanolee) by King

Menelik of Shawa during the conquest, colonization, and

occupation of Oromia. Most importantly, today, in the twenty-

first century Dr. Yonas Biru and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo

Church, Fanno, Amhara Mass Media, and Social Media, without a

sense of shame, have been and are glorifying and honoring the

genocidal action of Menelik on the Oromo people and calling for

the new next wave of Oromo genocide. While Dr. Yonas takes pride

in what Menelik did against the Oromo people, at the same time,

he is angry at the current Amhara generation for their inability

or failure to do against Oromo what Menelik had done- genocide

of the Oromo people.

The substitution of Cush for Ethiopia in Bible

Dr. Yonas Biru also muddles with Bible. He has been complaining

without even doing a little research about when the name

Ethiopia entered into Bible. In the absence of this, he has been

vehemently condemning Biblical religious scholars for replacing

Psalms 68:31, “Ethiopia is extending her hands to God,” by what

he called the “Oromummaa version-Cush is extending her hands to

God.” Dr. Yonas Biru should have taken time to look around for

the other version of the Holy Bible regarding Psalms 68:31, so


he should have made not much noise about it. Here are among a

few Holy Bible that substituted Cush for Ethiopia:

New International Version (NIV) Psalm 68:31 reads: “Cush will

submit herself to God;” English Standard Version Psalm 68: 31

says: “Cush shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God;” New

Century Version (NCV) Psalm 68:31 reads as “The people of Cush

will pray to God;” The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Psalm 68:31 says, “Cush will stretch out its hands to God;” and

The Lexham English Bible (LEB) Psalm 68:31 reads “Cush will

quickly stretch out her hands to God.”

Cush is the oldest name in the Hebrew Bible, not Ethiopia.

According to the Biblical Archaeology Society, Cushite is

mentioned 54 times in Hebrew Bible, the oldest Bible in history.

The Hebrew Bible reads: “The children of Cush shall run to

stretch out their hands in prayer to God.” Dr. Yonas Biru has

failed to consider this before jumping up and down crying, with

complaints and condemnation. He failed to tell the truth that

Ethiopia is the English translation of the Greek word Aithiopia,

which itself originated from aithiops in the Greek language and

meant burnt face or dark-skinned or “negroid,” a racist

connotation the Greeks substituted for Cush in the Bible. It was

in 200 BC when the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek that

Cush was replaced by Ethiopia.

Dr. Yonas Biru has failed to give accurate and informative

content of why religious institutions and religious scholars

chose Cush to replace Ethiopia in the Bible instead of resorting

to the fictitious fabrication of Ethiopia as existing as a

people for time immemorial. Indeed, Dr. Yonas Biru is

intellectually dishonest and unethical and has failed to meet

intellectual credibility. Of course, after the Greek

translation, several Bible translations replaced Cush with the

English word Ethiopia, to which Dr. Yonas Biru is a victim.

However, the nation of Cush was not equivalent to modern

Ethiopia. He should understand that Ethiopia means black color

for the Greeks, so black extending her hands to God is the same

as saying white extending her hands to God since Ethiopia and

white are colors; for Greeks, Ethiopia and white are colors, but

Cush is people. Another Oromummaa version of the Bible that has

become a headache and sleepless for Dr. Yonas Biru is Numbers

12: 1, which says Moses married a Cushite woman.

To the frustration of Dr. Yonas Biru, here is how the Old Bible,

Isaiah 18:2 highlights the military ability of the Cushite

warriors, calling them “a people, tall and smooth-skinned,

feared near and far and a nation mighty and conquering.” Dr.


Yonas Biru well-knows that the Oromo people are among the large

size families of the Cushite. The Oromo people are the largest,

Cushitic people in Africa, the second largest nation in sub-

Sahara, and the third largest in Africa. Their country Oromia is

currently under Ethiopian colonial occupation. The Oromo are

patient for so long, but no one can run over Oromo and Oromia

anymore. Now, the patience of the Oromo is exhausted. The war of

liberation is continuing for independence under the Oromo

Liberation Front (OLF).

Another version of the Bible that the Amhara have been so

proud of in quoting is and always talking about, yet, this time,

Dr. Yonas Biru did not say anything about it is the Biblical

version, “Can the Cushite change his skin or the leopard its

spots?” (Jeremiah 13:23); this is a replacement for Ethiopia.

Instead of this and many others, Dr. Yonas Biru remained silent

and, making a choice concentrating on condemnation of “Cush is

extending her hands to God.” Now, Churches are reprinting the

New Holy Bibles by replacing Ethiopia with the original name


Here, one may ask a question regarding the current state of

the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church with the Oromo people.

Here what has to be understood is that the contemporaneous

reviving of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Christian fundamentalism

can be seen as the Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Amhara

political elite failure to accommodate the diversities of

nations and nationalities of different languages, cultures,

values, and traditions in the Ethiopian empire to establish

their respective Synod in their regions. Here the Amhara society

has double-wounded itself now. First, religiously it wounded

itself, and second, politically. Religiously, it denied the

establishment of Synod to Oromo, the largest third nation in

Africa and the second largest in sub-Sahara Africa and other

nations and nationalities. The cruel irony is that the Ethiopian

Orthodox Tewahedo Church officially declared that “Oromo have no

country.” Here what has to be understood is having a country and

its natural resources are a source of life, liberty, and the

pursuit of happiness. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church denied the

Oromo people country, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

It clearly and unequivocally stated its unquestionable position

as the enemy of the Oromo people; and that the Ethiopian

Orthodox Tewahedo Church and politics are the same. The Orthodox

Church failed to tell that Oromo are the original Indigenous

people of the region, contrary to Abyssinians who came from

south Arabia. Now, the Amhara society is limping with wounds.

As stated above, contrary to Dr. Yonas Biru’s fiction, the

name Ethiopia as a country officially came into being with the


constitution of 1931. In 1931, Haile Selassie changed the name

from Abyssinia to Ethiopia. However, Abyssinia applied for and

accepted membership into the League of Nations in 1923, not as

Ethiopia but as Abyssinia. Here is its acceptance letter into

the League of Nations as Abyssinia by the League of Nations in

1923 as it reads:

Resolution adopted unanimously by the Sixth Committee on

September 20th, 1923. The Sixth Committee has taken note of the

report of the Sub-Committee which was instructed to consider the

application of the Empire of Abyssinia for admission to the

League of Nations. The Sixth Committee approves the conclusions

of this report and instructs its chairman to communicate them

without delay to the Abyssinian Delegation.

Before and since its acceptance to the League of Nations in

1923, the country was known as Abyssinia, and then despite Haile

Selassie’s changing the name to Ethiopia in the constitution of

1931, all countries like British, Europeans countries, and the

United States referred to it as Abyssinia until 1942. As all

know, the Italian occupation of Ethiopian empire in 1935 is

referred to as Italy’s conquest of Abyssinia (1935-1936), not as

conquest of Ethiopia. Here Dr. Yonas Biru goes to any length to

lie, fabricate, and distort history as all Abyssinian elites do.

Finfinnee and the Amhara extremists Oromo haters

Dr. Yonas Biru has to write regarding Finfinnee: “Non-Oromo

residents of Addis Ababa, accounting for 81 percent of the

population including the Amhara representing 47 percent of Addis

Ababa.” Assuming what he says about the resident of Finfinnee is

accurate, 34 percent of the city’s population is non-Oromo and

non-Amhara ethnic nationals and 19 percent Oromo. Here why the

Oromo population is so few is the question important to ask. The

Amhara extremist Oromo haters and Oromo phobic argue that they

are the majority to control and administer the city. They want

to make it a special administrative zone. These extremist Oromo-

phobic failed to ask themselves about the population of

Finfinnee before its conquest and occupation. Dr. Yonas Biru and

his Oromo hater Ermias Legesse should ask themselves why the

Oromo population of Finfinnee is only 19 percent. Before

colonization by the settlers, the area was 100 percent Oromo.

The outsiders came for different reasons. One group is a settler

colonizer Abyssinians, and the others are migrants and


immigrants who came looking to better themselves economically.

The population of the Oromo became 19 percent because the

settler colonists exterminated 81 percent of the Indigenous

Oromo people, specifically the Tuulamaa Oromo. Despite this the

Finfinnee city is still remains an integral part of Oromia and

an Oromia capital; no one can own it except the Oromo people

alone. The Oromo phobia and Oromo haters Amhara elites may cry

to high heaven, to no avail.

Amhara extremists fabricated Oromo government

The Amhara elites are the most backward society in history.

Their scholars in the past and still in the 21st century are

still unchangeable and cannot cope with time. Amhara elites

always write fiction and believe in it. The Amhara writes at a

time Oromo came from Madagascar, another time the Oromo came

from India, and still another time from the water. Amhara elites

write a fake history about the Oromo; this is madness. They fail

to write that their own ancestors came to Africa from Southern

Arabia and mixed with the Africans and that is why they are

called Habesha meaning mixture in English Abyssinia.

The Oromo people write their history and establish their

government. In Oromo history, the leaders are elected by the

people, from the people, and for the people for one term limit

of eight years without chance of renewal under the Gadaa System.

On the contrary, the Oromo people did not elect the current

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad’s government of the Ethiopian colonial

empire, nor have they claimed it as their government. As a

colonized people, any government of the Ethiopian empire cannot

be the Oromo government. PM Abiy Ahmed himself is half Oromo and

half Amhara. So, he cannot be categorized as solely Oromo since

he shares two cultural heritages. The fact is Abiy Ahmed has

more in common with Amhara than he has with the Oromo. His

mother is Amhara, his wife is an Amhara, and his children are

more Amhara than Oromo; at home, they speak the Amharic

language; Amharic still the official language of the empire; not

only this, he also built a statue of Amhara king Menelik, the

man who committed genocide against the Oromo people and

mutilated breasts of Oromo women and hands of men. Yonas Biru

failed to tell the world that the government of Abiy Ahmed is

the government of Amhara, not the government of Oromo. In their

happiness, it was Amharas who raised their hands to the high

heaven calling Abiy Ahmed “our Moses” when he became Prime

Minister; most significantly, as to the national composition of

personnel in his government, PM Abiy Ahmed told the country and

the world that the majority of his administration, bureaucracy,


and army are from Amhara, including in his office. Dr. Yonas

Biru himself was an Interim Chair of PM Abiy’s Economic Advisory


The problem with Amhara is whenever they see two or few

Oromo in a high position, they say Oromo are too many, in the

majority. To this effect, here is an example, in 1970, there

were 75 Amhara military officers with ranks of Lt. Colonels and

above and the Oromo were 12, and in 1972 there were 73 Amhara

Lt. Colonels and above and the Oromo were 25. Since then and

now, the mad Amhara elites talk of the Oromo as larger than

Amhara. The Amhara intellectual like Dr. Yonas Biru and his

Amhara elites still today, in the 21st century, dance in madness

to such theatrics. They call Abiy Ahmed government is Oromummaa

government. They never question how an Oromo government fights

the Oromo people. PM Abiy Ahmed has been fighting the Oromo

since he became PM long before he fought TPLF. And yet, the

Oromo phobic and hater, Dr. Yonas Biru, and his company still

fabricate a fictional Oromo government-Oromummaa government.

Oromummaa as a universal principle

First and foremost, let me say this. The sleepless Oromo phobic

malcontented extremist Amhara elites leave no stone unturned in

attacking and attempting to demonize Oromummaa. In this attack,

the Amhara lead leader is Dr. Yonas Biru. Yonas Biru has

written, “As a political doctrine, Oromummaa imposes the Oromo

language, culture, and identity on other tribal communities

through coercion- political, economic, and military.” This is an

unfounded allegation based on Oromo hatred. He is Oromo-phobic,

peddling his imaginary fabricated fiction in his mind across his

likes. He has never identified any people on whom the Oromo

imposed their language, culture, and identity. Lies and

fabrication have been the hallmark of Amhara elite throughout

history. He should have written about the imposition of the

Amharic language, culture, identity, and religion on the Oromo

people, including other nations and nationalities in the

Ethiopian empire, by the Amhara.

The unhappy fear peddlers Oromo phobic Amhara extremists,

like Yonas Biru and company, should learn about Oromummaa rather

than running nervously around spraying lies and false

fabrication about Oromummaa like a mad dog swaggering its tail

to bite what it cannot bite. Dr. Biru’s deep aversion to Oromo,

his lies about Oromummaa, and his invention of fictitious

information to deceive his followers about Oromummaa will

ultimately take his story to the dustbin of history. Dr. Yonas

Biru needs to understand that Oromummaa is Oromoness; it is


being born Oromo; it is Oromo unity, culture, language,

politics, independence, the sovereignty of the people,

sovereignty of the state, ownership, and control of Oromo land

and resources, freedom, self-government, worldview, religion,

and Oromo moral codes. The fact is, Oromummaa is in the Oromo

bones, flesh, and soul. An Oromo born in Oromummaa lives in

Oromummaa and dies as such. Oromummaa is not and will not for

imposition on any society contrary to the fictionalization,

falsification, and fabrication of Yonas Biru to attack it. The

Oromo people have never imposed Oromummaa on any society since

time immemorial. Oromummaa embodies love, truth, peace,

hospitality, living in harmony with others, equality, cultural

freedom, justice, brotherhood and sisterhood for humanity, and

respect for humanity and nature. Oromummaa is an Oromo-centric

value. Oromummaa upholds the undifferentiated human dignity and

universal human values, love for humanity and nature. That is

why so many members of nations and nationalities in the

Ethiopian Empire State live in Oromia in peace, tranquility, and

dignity. Oromummaa is about peace, dignity, justice, co-

existence in harmony, and equality for all humanity. Yonas Biru

does not dare to tell the readers of his articles the truth that

no members of other nations and nationalities go to Abyssinia-

Amhara, and Tigray, to live because of their hostility towards

outsiders. Dr. Biru also accuses Oromummaa stating, “Oromummaa

is religion cleansing and Cultural evilgelization project.” He

has never brought the people to the forefront who claimed that

Oromummaa cleansed their cultures and religion. Being a madman

and an Oromo hater, Dr. Biru created it in his mind for his

Nazist Ahmara followers to join him in his campaign of Oromo

phobia and hatred for the Oromo people and Oromummaa. On the

other hand, he failed to tell the truth that the Amhara cleansed

the cultural, religious, linguistic, and ethnic cleansing of

Agaw, Awi, Argoba, Qimant, Wallo Oromo, Tullamaa, and Shinasha.

Dr. Biru has never dared to tell these truths. Instead, he

created a fiction about Oromummaa.

Dr. Yonas, as an Oromo phobic, foolishly and mischievously

has been promoting unhesitatingly his deeply held hatred of the

Oromo cultural value and his Oromo phobia in these terms:

Oromummaa is Religion Cleansing and Cultural Evilgelization”

and goes on, “What makes Oromummaa dangerous is, it is anti-

Christianity and anti- Islam…” These phrases, words, and

others he has been using epitomize his deeply held and boundless

hatred for the Oromo people and their institutions. Dr. Biru,

first, Oromummaa is not against any religion; it has never been.

In reality, it is only in the land of Oromo Oromummaa national

cultural value, in Oromia, that religions co-exist- all types of


Christianity like Orthodox, Catholic, various types of

Protestants as well as Islam along with Waqeeffannaa, and other

believers of none of these religions. Dr. Yonas Biru knows this

peaceful co-existence of religions is alien in Amhara and Tigray

in Habasha land, but he failed to tell and write about this. As

in all societies, any religion has to adapt to the cultural

value of a community of believers. This is true for all people

throughout history. So, it is also advantageous for the Oromo

believers to have translated Bible and the Quran into the Oromo

language to adapt to the Oromummaa national cultural value.

Here, everybody of the respective religion reads and understands

in their language. The Oromo believers of the two religions know

this very well, so Dr. Yonas Biru cannot confuse anybody with

his hostile Oromo phobia and sinister and savage hatred campaign

against Oromummaa. In continuing, his attack on Oromummaa, he

went to the extent of coining the phrase, “Oromummaa movement is

the Oromo Nazification movement of nationalism.” Here, Yonas

Biru uses a false analogy out of desperation of losing hope in

everything he wished to do to save the dying empire from the

Oromummaa forces of freedom, democracy, liberation, and

independence of Oromia. He is trying to equate Oromummaa with

Nazification. It seems Dr. Biru is in impairment of memory,

reasoning, and judgment. He should distinguish that Nazification

is a German word for the superiority of the German Aryan race.

On the other, the Oromummaa movement is a movement to liberate

Oromia from Ethiopian colonial occupation. Hence, it is

impossible to equate the two. Yonas Biru should understand

without a shadow of a doubt the brutal truth that the Oromummaa

movement is an Oromo political movement against Habasha colonial

occupation of Oromia as the Quit India Movement of India was

against British Colonial occupation of India led by Mahatma

Gandhi and as Mau Mau Movement of Kikuyu of Kenya was against

British settler colonialism led by Jomo Kenyatta. Once more

reiterating, the Oromummaa movement is a movement to liberate

the colonized Oromo nation from the Ethiopian colonial empire;

it is for Oromo national self-determination, statehood,

sovereignty, and democracy in simple terms, Oromummaa movement

is a movement for the establishment of independent people

democratic republic of Oromia.

Gadaa a universal Democratic System

Since Oromo and foreign scholars have written many books and

articles about the Gadaa system, there is no need to spend time

on it here. I will only say a few things here. The Gadaa System

is a system like Feudalism, capitalism, and Socialism. The Gadaa

system existed long before the other three systems. It is the


first democratic system in history. When Europe and Asia had to

fight themselves over kingships, Oromia was governed

democratically. The Gadaa system is a system where governing

bodies were elected by the people, from the people, and for the

people for a term limit of eight years without renewal except in

the religious institution. Hence, the simple thing to be known

is that the Oromo were the first people in history to have

developed an indigenous, egalitarian socio-political system

known as Gadaa system based on the principles of a democratic

constitutional government. Religious freedom and autonomy are,

guaranteed and respected in the Gadaa system. People are the

source of power and authority in the Gadaa system, which means

Gadaa is a system of administration of political, social,

economic, military, et cetera, based on the consent of the


Yonas Biru wrote, “Gadaa is dead and in the tomb.” He is

delusional and hallucinating like all Amhara elites. Not only

this, but he has also to write again shamelessly, “Gadaa and

Irrecha are historically and socially foreign to the

overwhelming majority of the Oromo people.” The naked lie of

this man is beyond imagination. He should have felt a deep shame

for himself for his infamous and vicious statements of lies. He

writes about an issue that he does not know. He lacks self-

respect as an ordinary man, let alone as an educated elite. Dr.

Yonas Biru came out of the womb of feudalism and grew up in it,

so he does not understand the Gadaa system. The Gadaa system is

a system of egalitarian democracy, secularism, and a republican

form of governance. The Gadaa system is not a system of

oppression, exploitation, dehumanization, and demonization like

Feudalism and Capitalism, the systems that Dr. Yonas Biru

glorifies and adorns. In contrast, it is a system based on the

principles of universal human dignity, value, respect, and

equality. It embodies principles of peaceful power transfer,

check and balance, and popular sovereignty. Under the Gadaa

system, people are sovereign, power rests with people. People

elect their leaders for a term limit of eight years without the

possibility of renewal. Political authority is not hereditary in

the Gadaa system of governance. Most of all, instead of

condemning the Gadaa system without knowledge, Dr. Yonas Biru

may find it interesting to know if he wants that UNESCO

recognized the Gadaa system since 2016 as an “Intangible

cultural heritage of humanity, an indigenous and democratic

socio-political system of the Oromo of East Africa.”


On the other hand, Irreechaa or Irreessaa is an Oromo-centric

cultural yearly Thanksgiving holiday, whereby Oromo people come

together in the open field to praise their creator, the creator

of the universe, the almighty God/Waaqa. At the same time, it is

a secular yearly festival that is a symbol of Oromo cultural

identity, and it is the demonstration of the Oromo national

unity. Shamelessly, the Amhara Orthodox Christian church and the

rulers of the Ethiopian colonial empire state portrayed this

holy thanksgiving, Irreechaa, as a practice of devil worship and

made it illegal and outlawed it.

Such a system is alien to Dr. Yonas Biru, who was conceived

in the womb of dark Abyssinian authoritarian culture and

governance and born out of this dark culture. Hence, Dr. Yanas

Biru was born and raised in an unenlightened feudal system that

he values, adorns, and glorifies. He looks at the Gadaa system

but cannot see its brightness, democratic values, importance,

and universal significance to society. Contrary to Dr. Biru’s

belief, the Gadaa system is well and alive. Because it is

living, the Oromo people have been fighting for it since the

19th century. It has already defeated the system that Yonas Biru

was born in and lived in -feudalism, capitalism, and socialism.

Neither Feudalism nor Socialism sustained his Ethiopia nor

capitalism. Yonas Biru’s option is to seek refuge in the Gadaa

System to save his Ethiopia before it disintegrates into the

dustbin of history rather than condemn Oromummaa in vain. In the

Oromo Gadaa system exist, various democratic institutions, such

as social organizations, political organizations, economic

institutions, civil institutions, religious institutions et

cetera. Dr. Yonas Biru is uncomfortable with democracy. He

wishes to resurrect the decayed Amhara institutions of feudal

aristocratic fascistic rule by condemning the democratic Oromo

institutions. He and his extremist Amhara cohorts have been

working hard day and night to impose, if possible, on the

colonized Oromo and peoples of the south the Ethio-semitic

Amhara-centric socio-cultural, religious, and politico-economic

system of the bygone days that they had been enjoying over a

century and a half. Still today, in the 21st century, Dr. Yonas

Biru and his company are salivating for fulfillment of the

unfulfillable dreams and wishful prospect of the return of the

Amhara feudal authoritarian, the harshest totalitarian police

state that established the Amhara supremacist, their supremacy

in politics, economy, social status, culture, language, and

religion over the rest of the colonized peoples and that has

been denying the existence of the Oromo people since the


colonization of Oromia. Dr. Yonas Biru and his extremist Amhara

zealots, being Orphans of dead feudalism, have been trying to

reclaim the authority of that bygone feudalism. Dr. Yonas is

hungry and thirsty for the dead feudal aristocracy to resurrect

and rule the Ethiopian empire again. It is time for Dr. Yonas

Biru and Co. to face reality; the Ethio-Semitic meant black-

Semitic (Abyssinian or Habesha) superiority has gone, never to

come back again. It is, therefore, time to abandon this

idealistic wish of the return of the gone by the dead feudal

system and opt to live with the reality of the 21st century and

rest your mind. Think, today is not yesteryear; live in today,

not yesterday. The Gadaa system is the only system that exists

today to save the continent of Africa from the vicious, fascist

dictatorial regimes that have been humiliating, impoverishing,

and leaving to death and destruction the people of Africa. Only

under the Gadaa system of governance African peoples’ legitimate

power, authority, and sovereignty could be restored.

Another problem with Dr. Yonas Biru is cultural. He was not

born in and lived in the Oromo democratic society, the society

that values liberty and equality. As a result, what he knows is

the only Abyssinian autocratic society in which he was born and

raised, a society devoid of democratic values. Nondemocratic

society is known for conflicts and violence among itself, and so

is Dr. Yonas Biru’s Abyssinian society.

Throughout its history, the Abyssinian society has had

neither a state of internal peace within itself nor external

peace with its neighbors. It has been fighting among itself and

with others on many issues. Among the issues it has been

fighting over within itself is political power. No political

power has ever transferred peacefully from one to the other in

Abyssinian history. Also, there is no term limit in their

constitution even today in the 21st century. Let alone before

the Era of the Princes (Zemene Mesafint), but since the Era of

the Princes alone, political power has been taken or grabbed at

gunpoint- through force and violence. Such is a Semitic culture

to which Abyssinians are an integral part. One can look at

Abyssinia and Arabs; both are Semitic.

Ironically, instead of writing about the cruelty of his own

Abyssinian culture, and its undemocratic nature, Dr. Yonas Biru

has been aggressively and obsessively pursuing in writing and

talking on mass Media attacking and degrading the Oromo culture

of democratic Gadaa system, the first democratic system in

history before the Greeks; the Greeks adopted democracy from the


Cushite during Thales, Pythagoras, Pilato, and Aristotle who

lived and studied in Africa. Democracy spread from Cushite to

the rest of world through Greek.

Dr. Yonas Biru’s attack on Waqeeffannaa

To those who read his articles and listen to his talks, Dr.

Yonas Biru has been tarnishing the Oromo people and their

institutions. He wrote, “Waaqeffannaa cannot survive where there

are competing religions…,” the competing religions he is

referring to are Orthodox Christianity, Catholics, Protestants,

and Islam. He went on to deny Orthodox Christianity came to

Oromia along Abyssinian conquest, colonization, and occupation

of Oromia. Dr. Biru wants to hide the fact that the Ortho-

Abyssinian expansionism had been on violence, death,

destruction, suffering, and extermination of the Oromo people

and peoples of the south. The foundation of Abyssinian Orthodox

expansion was forceful, while the Islam, Catholic, and

Protestants expansionism was peaceful, no force involved. Here,

Dr. Yonas Biru is seeking the support of Catholics, Protestants,

and Muslims against the Waaqeffannaa, as if Waaqeffannaa is

against them.

As it is well known to all until the fall of Haile Selassie’s

regime, Catholics, Protestants, and Islam had been marginalized,

belittled, denied equal access to resources, and treated as

alien and strange religions by Abyssinian Orthodox Christians

and the Abyssinian rulers. Similarly, since the colonization of

Oromia until 1991, the Waaqeffannaa had been demonized and

banned. Not only this, Amhara colonial regime and Orthodox

Tewahedo Church continued fighting the Waaqeffannaa religion and

its oppression, subjugation, dehumanization, demonization, and

demeaning the Waaqeffannaa religion as idiot ever since the

colonization of Oromia. Dr. Yonas Biru is the twenty-first

century leader of Waaqeffannaa religion hate groups, and now he

is continuing with demeaning and denouncing Waaqeffannaa to

renew the old Ortho-Amhara and Amhara regime attacking method on

Waaqeffannaa attempting to ban it again, if possible, and to

fulfill his and Ortho-Amhara extremist goal of Oromo hatred and

Oromo phobia campaign against it.

The Ortho-Amhara church had been playing an omnipotent role

in building the Ethiopian empire and its politics by

participating in the war of conquest, colonization, occupation

of Oromia and in looting the Oromo lands ever since. During the

conquest of Oromia, the Tuulama Oromo were forcibly converted to

Orthodox Christianity by sword and gun. The Oromo Muslims were

also coerced to convert to Christianity. Those who refused to


accept Tewahedo Christianity had their tongues, ears, and noise

mutilated. For years the Ortho-Amhara Christians have been

denying the Oromo Orthodox Christian believers having their

sovereignty and independent Synods. As Dr. Yonas Biru well-

knows, Oromos accepted Islam as resistance against forceful

conversion to Ortho-Abyssinian Christianity and the colonial

conquest of Oromia. In some area of Oromia, Oromo converted to

Islam before the conquest of Oromia through trade and merchants.

Dr. Yonas Biru well-knows that the Oromo kingdoms of the Gibe

and Wallo regions of Oromia peacefully converted to Islam in the

early 19th century, long before the conquest, colonization, and

occupation of Oromia. Arsii and Hararghe Oromo converted in the

mass to Islam in resistance against Orthodox Christianity after

the conquest of Oromia.

The only thing the Oromo scholars have been stating is that

the Muslim region did not fight against Abyssinian colonialism.

Despite this, the colonialist denied the Muslims every right in

the empire; the same has happened to the Protestants. The Oromo

scholars have been arguing that Semitic-based Islam and Ortho-

Amhara Christianity have one common feature regarding the new

believers; both change the identities of the new converted into

the Semitic identity; this means a change to the name of Amhara

identity and Arab identity and everything that goes with it. One

can believe in any religion without sacrificing their indigenous

national identity, their names. The fact is it is only Ortho-

Amhara Christianity and Islam religions that change the identity

of people who accept their respective religion.

In contrast, Waaqeffannaa is an indigenous Oromo religion; it

fought against the colonial occupation. The colonialists

annihilated the Qaalluus and Abbaa Muudaas- religious leadership

and social and political institutions. The colonialists not only

annihilated the Qaalluus but also made outlawed Waaqeffannaa to

congregate gather together for Waaqa worship. For this reason,

the Abyssinianian colonialists waged a continuous vicious war

against Waaqeffannaa. Not only this, Waaqeffannaa Galmas were

burned down to the ground, and on the other, on the remaining

site of Galmas Waaqeffannaa, Abyssinian Orthodox Tewahedo

Churches were built. Following these, Orthodox Christian burial

places or cemeteries replaced burial grounds or cemeteries for

Waaqeffattootaa. It is significant to recognize that the Galama

Waaqeffannaa is equivalent to the Christian Church, the Muslim

Mosque, and the Jewish Synagogue.

All and all, the scholars categorized Islam, Protestants, and

Catholics for their silence and failure to fight against the


colonization of Oromia “empire builders” along with Ortho-Amhara


Dr. Yonas Biru failed to understand that Waaqeffannaa is

monolithic religion. It is collective indigenous Oromo religion,

embodying Oromo identity, indigenous Oromo cultural and social

values and legal traditions, indigenous Oromo religious rituals

and practices, and the civilization of the Oromo people, and

respect for the Oromo ancestors’ values. Of course, these are

true for Christianity or Islam and any religion, for that

matter, for their respective societies from where they originate

and spread. As God is for European Christians, Allah is for

Muslims, Bog for Russian Orthodox Christians, and Igziabeher for

Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo, and Waaqaa for Oromo Waaqeffannaa. So,

God has many names for different peoples in the world. Being

Oromo-phobic and Oromo hater Dr. Yonas Biru has failed to accept

this truth regarding Waaqeffannaa.

Contradictory story of Dr. Yonas Biru

In his article titled “Oromummaa’s Religion Cleansing and

Cultural Evilgelazation Project,” Dr. Yonas Biru, besides

viciously attacking Oromo and Oromo institutions, took time to

talk about his heritage, as both half Oromo and half Amhara. To

establish this relation, he told us the channel through which he

is half Oromo. He wrote about Woizero Senait, the sister of King

Mikael Ali of Wollo. He noted that among her children was

Woizero Menen, who he said was the mother of Dejazmach Kasim,

the father of Dejazmach Biru, and that Dejazmach Biru is the

father of Dr. Yonas Biru. Dr. Yonas Biru, however, failed to

tell us to whom Woizero Senait was married.

Another story told was Woizero Senait, the sister of King

Mikael of Wollo, was the wife of King Menelik of Shawa and the

mother of wizero Menen and Dejazmach Kasim. That Means Menelik

was the father of Woizero Menen and Dejazmach Kasim, the father

of Dajazmach Biru, who was the father of Dr. Yonas. In this

scenario, Emperor Menelik II was the great-grandfather of Dr.

Yonas Biru. In this case, Dr. Yonas Biru, had a chance to be

emperor of Ethiopia.

According to Ethiopian imperial royal history, Woizero Menen

was the daughter of Asfaw Ali and Woizero Sehin, the daughter of

the King Mikael of Wollo. And she was married to Tafari Mokennen

and who later became Emperor Haile Selassie.

In another scenario, it had written that Menelik had only

married three women. One was Altash, daughter of Emperor

Tewodros, the second was Befana Gatchew, and the third was Taytu

Betul. He had no children with them but several other children

by other women he recognized. It had told Menelik had several


wives, not married legally in Church. Here, the question is how

the story of Dr. Yonas Biru fits into all these.

The one thing we can learn from Dr. Yonas is that his family

was at the pinnacle of the epicenter of imperial power. He told

that his grandfathers were Dejazmaches, his father was

Dejazmach, and evidently, he was a Dejazmach then, even though

he refrained from telling. In the Ethiopian imperial feudal

hierarchy, the first position was emperor, the second was Ras,

and the third position was Dejazmach. They controlled the empire

and the resources. Here below Hassen, Muhammed, The Oromo of

Ethiopia, as cited in Tabor Waamii, yeWugina Dirsatochina

yetarik ewunatoch, 2006, p. 508.

Ranks of Neftegna Numbers of tenats Land owned in acres

Dajazmach over 1000 1000

Fitrawrari 300 300

Kegnazmach/Gerazmach 100 150

Balambaras 50 50

Lowest rank 15-20 2-20

As it is clear from this table, a Dajazmach owns thousands of

acres of land and a thousand slaves. Dr. Yonas, his father, and

his grandfather were the class of lordship together owned over

3000 tenants and 3000 acres of land. With the revolution of

1974, Dr. Yonas and all the feudal class lost the lands and

unlimited wealth they accumulated, and the power they had

because of the Oromo nationalists and the Oromo people’s

struggle against this colonialist of Oromia. Because of these,

Dr. Yonas Biru has become an Oromo phobic, hating the Oromo,

everything Oromo, their institutions, and things the Oromo

people stand for. From his deep hatred for the Oromo people, he

fabricated lies and fiction of hate against the Oromo, being

inspired by Hitlerism to write this fabrication portraying the

Oromo people in his article “The Fanno Manifesto” of August 15,

2023, wrote:

Apart from cruel mass evictions, hanging people upside down and

pelting them to death with stones and hacking the necks of

children and elderly with machetes have become the signature

political tools of Oromummaa’s subjugation.


This newly constructed statement is Dr. Yonas Biru’s

longstanding work to arm the Amhara fundamentalists, the radical

Orthodox terrorist movement Fanno with a new ideology of Oromo

phobia, Oromo hate, and Oromo extermination following the

example of Menelik and their fathers and grandfathers. Such a

statement is a declaration of genocide of the Oromo people, and

he went on to write: “Fanno fights against Oromummaa anti-

Christian, anti-Islam, anti-Amhara, and anti-Ethiopia campaign.”

Closer looking at this is a genocidal campaign call on the

Christians, Muslims, galtu neo-Gobanist Ethiopianists of hue and

colors, and collaborationists of all types against Oromummaa,

the Oromo-centric culture, and values. The close observer will

note that the neo-Gobanists and collaborationists have loyalty

to the Ethiopian colonial empire political machine rather than

the Oromo people and their struggle for the right of the Oromo

nation for self-determination.

Furthermore, Dr. Biru continues writing. This time, he

accused the Oromo Christian and Muslim nationalists of saying

that they were Oromo first when asked whether they were first

Christian or Muslim, or Oromo. He wrote: “The Oromo nationalist

allegiance has become ‘I am an Oromo first before I am

Christian’ and ‘I am an Oromo first, then Muslim.’ What makes

this dangerous is that the 16th-century Gadaa military tradition

is the force behind its implementation.” Here, the question is

how Dr. Yonas Biru can overcome or reconcile his irreconcilable

contradictory statements. On the one hand, he campaigns for the

Oromo Christians and Muslims to join the Amhara to fight against

Oromummaa, yet, on the other hand, he accuses them of their

choice of being Oromo or Oromoness or Oromummaa first before

being Christians and Muslims. Dr. Yonas Biru is in a madness of

mesmerization of the “past glory of Ethiopia.”

Dr. Yonas Biru’s Campaigns of renewal of Alliance

against Oromo

In this campaign, he has drawn lessons from the late 19th-

century and 20th-century experiences, the way Abyssinians, his

predecessors, defeated Oromo and their institutions. In this

regard, first and foremost, Dr. Yonas Biru and his old feudal

aristocratic class have successfully united the rightwing Amhara

extremists and the Amhara population behind them for support

against the Oromo institutions-especially Oromummaa-the Oromo-

centric culture, Irreechaa, and Waaqeffannaa religion.

With this accomplished, his campaign is now to bring into

Amhara fold the neo-Gobanaas -the Oromo Ethiopianists, the

collaborationists, and the descendants of former Oromo


balabbats. The neo-Gobaninsts are the Trojan horses of the

Amhara settler colonizers of Oromia. These Trojan horses are now

at the gate of Oromia wearing camouflaging clothing of

“transitional government, federalism, and self-determination” to

mislead the Oromo people into accepting the Ethiopian imperial

colonial empire. These Trojan horses, the neo-Gobanists, are

already in line to join Dr. Yonas Biru and his extremist

rightwing Amhara barbarians that is overwhelmingly overpowered

with Oromo phobia and Oromo hatred and with the desire to

destroy Oromo people and their institutions to maintain the

colonial empire. These are the methods the settler colonizers

used in the late 19th century, 1992, and since 2018. In history,

neo-Gobanists have never supported the independence of Oromia

and the armed struggle to restore the lost Oromia independence.

Another method the Abyssinian rulers used against the Oromo,

but the Oromo have never paid attention to is this. It is the

question of how the 14th-century Oromo get defeated. It is

reappearing in the 21st century once again. The question here is

how the Oromo defeated in the 14th century? In the 14th century,

two countries were campaigning to overtake Oromia. One was The

Christin Kingdom of Abyssinia, the other was the Muslim

Sultanate of Adal. Opposing these two forces was the indigenous

Waaqeffannaa population of Oromo defending the country. Here

there were three-way wars. The Christian kingdom and Muslim

Sultanate were fighting each other to control the land on the

one hand, and on the other, both were fighting the Waaqeffannaa

Oromo. At the same time, the Oromo were fighting both of them.

So, no one was able to defeat the other. Here, the Christian

Kingdom came up with a new plan; it suggested to the Muslim

Sultanate that both were brothers, had Abrahamic religions, and

needed to fight the non-Abrahamic religion. The Muslims

accepted, and Christians and Muslims allied and fought and

defeated Oromo. And the rest is history. Now, the Ethiopian

colonialist elites are trying the struggle in Ethiopian empire a

religious struggle.

In his article Oromummaa’s Religion Cleansing and Cultural

Evilgelazation Project, Dr. Biru wrote this:

What makes Oromummaa dangerous is that it is anti-Christianity

and anti-Islam in a country where the two Abrahamic religions

account for over 90 percent of the nation’s population. In

recent days Oromummaa’s ethnic cleansing endeavor has been

elevated to religion/religious cleansing crusade.


He went on: “Those who ignore Oromummaa do so at their peril

like people who ignored the Nazi movement in its formative


Dr. Yonas Biru is trying to make an alliance between

religions –Christians and Muslims against Oromummaa. This time,

he is asking all Christians and Muslims in the Ethiopian empire

to join hands and hand and shoulder-to-shoulder as allies with

Amhara to fight against Waaqeffannaa and Oromummaa, portraying

all Oromo institutions as evil to fight. He wrote that the

Oromummaa movement is the Naizification movement of the Oromo

nationalists” The only difference today is not the outside enemy

but to make the Oromo fight a war of Oromo against Oromo, to

turn Oromo itself against itself. Such is the campaign of the

Amhara extremist ultraright elite barbarism of the 21st century

against the Oromo people and their institutions under Dr. Yonas

Biru and his Co.

In conclusion, the Oromo people and their institutions have been

under attack more than ever before since 2018. The attackers are

Amhara political elites, political activists, mass organizations, the

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, mass Media, and social media in

unity. The Amhara elites referred to the Oromo national struggle for

independence as political Oromummaa fascism, and Dr. Yonas Biru called

Oromummaa the Oromo Nazification movement of nationalism. He,

furthermore, condemned the adaptation of Qubee, the Latin alphabet, by

the Oromo nationalists in Oromia as a Nazification of academic

disciplines in Oromia to undermine Ethiopia. Not only this, adopting

Bible to the Oromo identity, the Oromo phobic sadist settler

colonizers led by Dr. Yonas Biru called it the Oromummaa Nazification

of the Bible, but adopting to Amhara identity is not Nazification. Dr.

Yonas Biru and his Amhara elite hatred for Oromo is immense.

Eventually, this Oromo phobic like Dr. Yonas Biru and the other haters

of Oromo and Oromo institutions-Oromummaa, Gadaa, Irreechaa,

Moggaasaa, and Waqeffannaa will bow to the victorious struggle of the

Oromo people and to the establishment independent democratic republic

of Oromia. Dr. Yonas Biru seems angry with himself for his inability

or failure in his attempt to undermine the Gadaa System.

Dr. Yonas Biru’s goal has been to resurrect the “Past

greatness and glory of Ethiopia” of his fathers and grandfathers

that have never existed in history but only in his mind. He

thinks the Oromo people and institutions are an obstacle to his

mission. For this, he has chosen to engage in a deliberate

fabrication of naked lies against the Oromo institutions to

undermine, weaken, and destroy them, if possible, to achieve his

goal. Not only these, but he also wants the Oromo struggle for


liberation turned into a war between Oromo Waaqeffannaa and

Oromummaa versus Christians and Muslims. For this, he has been

ceaselessly calling the Muslims and Christians to unite and

fight Waaqeffannaa. Now it is time for Dr. Yonas Biru and his

likes to comfort themselves that it is impossible to reverse the

inherently inalienable right of the Oromo nation for self-

determination to establish a sovereign independent republic of

Oromia. For the people in the Ethiopian Empire state to live or

not live together depends on the free will of the people and the

people alone through referendum only, not on the coming and

going dictators and Nazist Amhara elites and their Nazist

followers and other collaborationists-the neo-Gobanists of the

21st century. Dr. Biru should understand that under the Gadaa

System of governance, all nations and nationalities have

entitled to free choice through a referendum, whether to live

together in a federation, confederation, or separate and form

their respective independent state.

A Luta Continua!

Oromia shall be

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