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Saving Oromia from the TPLF Gluttons

By HGoche 

There are many Oromo Scholars, past and present who advocated the urgency of coordinating our multi-faceted struggle for liberation of Oromia before the TPLF gluttons consume Oromia’s resources. By resources, I mean Oromia’s natural and human resources.

TPLF is doing what is humanly possible to win the next election to continue pillaging what is left of Oromia and selling what they cannot gluttonize to anyone who can pay them the highest bid to fatten their overseas bank account, because deep-down TPLF leaders know very well their days in Oromia and the South will end one day. That day depends on how, we, the Oromos will over-come our petty differences and mobilize as one people. The TPLF gluttons also know that they can continue their destruction of Oromia as long they can disfranchise the Oromo Liberation movements Organization’s, as they did for the last twenty odd years, and it is up to each and every one of us to arrest their evil agendas and save our nation, Oromia.

Had the TPLFities cared about the democratization of the empire, they should not have aborted the 1991 genuine attempt made to democratize the empire by the Oromos, the Sidamas, and the Walaitas, the Somalis, the Afar and many others.

IF the TPLF gluttons and gangs may expect us not to see and hear, or we will forgive them the glaring environmental and human genocide they are committing against the Oromos and the Southern Nations since 1991, we tell and remind them they are dead wrong. The TPLF gang has been committing extra-judicial killings, torturing, displacing Oromo farmers from their ancestral land at will and selling their land to the highest bidder , expelling Oromo students from Universities and Colleges for only being Oromo, and throwing over 40,000 innocent Oromos in its torture chambers cannot expect us to forget or forgive these grave human and environmental violations. While terrorising Oromos and the Southern Nations in their own back-yard, the TPLF juntas attempt to label us terrorist for demanding our All Almighty given rights is like vomiting on us and insulting our intelligence. Remember, these shameless and immoral bunches are vomiting their venom on our face by invading our own hamlet, villages and towns.

Why and How TPLF aborted the 1991 genuine attempt to change the empire for good?

Being given the green light by the West and by the reckless OLF representatives at the London Conference of 1991, and the huge military support of the Eritreans, the uncivilized and savage TPLF army moved into the heart of Oromia with Oromo Prisoners of Wars POWs), whom they later named OPDOs. After conquering Finfine and realizing there was no meaningful force that can challenge them apart from the OLF, the TPLF leaders started conspiring on how to wipe-out the OLF so that they can gluttonise Oromia’s resources unchallenged. With the help of POW’s and the enemy within, TPLFities achieved their first stage of conspiracy of wiping out OLF by encamping OLF soldiers. Once they achieved their goal of encamping the armed OLF soldiers with much pressure from EPLF and the so-called OLF representatives, they started terrorizing the Oromo mass and detaining them in harsh prison camps, where many innocent Oromos perished due to exposure to tropical diseases such as malaria and the in-humane treatments at the hands of savage TPLF and Eritrean soldiers. There is no actual figure on how many innocent Oromos had perished in TPLF’s torture camps, but according to some estimates, the figure is in the hundreds of thousands.

WHY Abyssinian Political Culture is NOT compatible with Democracy and the Rule of Law

1) It is not hard to understand why Abyssinians political culture is not compatible with democracy and the rule of law, we do not need to go far to but refer to the history written by Abyssinians church historians. According to these historians King Tewodros assumed the Abyssinian throne by killing and committing genocide on all his rival kings. King Yohannes of Tigre did the same thing to claim Kings of Kings title. Here we should note that both Tewodros and Yohannes committed genocide on Oromos who did not want accept the Orthodox Christianity at the time. King Minilk waged a bitter war on his opponents before he declared himself as King of Kings of Abyssinia. The cutting of Women’s breast and the men’s hands at the battle of Calanqo and Anole during the imperial expansion of Abyssinia to Oromia and the South by Minilk and its foot-soldiers clearly demonstrate how savage, backward and evil Abyssinian political culture and mind-set was.

King of Kings Haile Selassie came to power by disposing Lij Eyasy and his mother, who were in-line to assume power after the death of Minilk II. After the defeat of the Italian Colonial army by local fighters with the help of Western powers (Britain, the USA), Haile Selassie, who returned to his throne by the help of the Western powers jailed and killed all local heroes he thought could be a threat to his power.

Haile Selassie not only destroyed those who fought Italian colonization while he fled to exile, he incorporated the Italian Somaliland, currently known as the Ogaden and Eritrea. After the UN, the USA and the UK agreed to support the cession to Ethiopian Empire of the Italian Somaliland and Eritrea in 1952. In the case of Eritrea, the UN in its September, 1952 passed a resolution called for Eritrea and Ethiopia to be linked through a loose federal structure under the sovereignty of the Emperor against the will of the Eritrean people’s wish for independence. Eritrea was to have its own administrative and judicial structure, its own flag, and control over its domestic affairs, including police, local administration, and taxation, while the Ethiopian Empire was to have a control over foreign affairs, defence, finance and transportation. As a result of a long history of rule under the Italian and British colonizers, and the introduction of modern democracy into Eritrea by the British before their departure in 1952, gave Eritreans a desire for political freedoms which is alien to Ethiopian political tradition. Due to the incompatibility and the absence of democratic political culture in Abyssinia, Shortly after ratifying and accepting Eritrean federal status, Haile selassie started violating the UN approved agreement, and finally pressured Eritrean Assembly to abolish the federation and join the Ethiopian Empire. The violation of the UN agreed Federation of Eritrea to Ethiopia, and its subsequent abolishment by Haile Selassie gave birth to different Eritrean Liberation Organizations. Both Haile Selassie and the Military Junta after him, never understood or own the intellectual, cultural capacity to comprehend the Eritrean People’s demand for freedom and independence. They even have not attempted it to restore the federal structure, under which Eritrea was linked to the Ethiopian Empire by UN. We all know the consequences of the Eritrean war of independence, where Abyssinians forcefully conscripted thousands of young Oromos from schools and market places to fight and die in the hills and valleys of Eritrea. Only History will tell how many innocent Oromos fought and died in Eritrea for an evil empire Ethiopia.

Abyssinian Political Prostitution and the Ethiopian Empire State

Despite all the evidences showing Abyssinians psychological make-up is not compatible with democracy and the rule of law, there are some Oromos who advocate salvaging the dying empire in the name of democratization of the empire. Nowhere in human history, where an empire is democratized but, instead, empires were dismantled by sheer force and her subjects freed. In the case of Ethiopian Empire, many gallant and brilliant Oromos such as Tadese Biru, Mamo Mezemer, Senay Leke, Haile Fida were sent to the gallows for only demanding let Ethiopian Empire represent the whole of nations and nationalities within her border. Abyssinians top-down and authoritarian system of governance, where words and decrees uttered by the Prime Minster, King, President ( whatever title past and present Abyssinian rulers had) , was equated with words given by the all Almighty God, and violating or breaking them was like breaking the words of the all Almighty God. Those who tried to break these authoritarian systems were sent to the gallows.

All Abyssinian rulers, past and present are clever in embracing any dominant political ideology of the day to maintain the status quo of the empire’s grip on their subjects nations such as the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Walitas, the Somalis, the Afars and others, so that they can kill, harass, humiliate, exploit these subjects nations at will. After the brief occupation of the empire during the Second World War by the Italians, the subjects’ people of the South were allowed to use their language and culture, but this freedom was short lived. Immediately after King Haile Selassie was restored onto power, he banned the limited freedom these subjects’ nations have enjoyed under the Italian occupation. Despite Abyssinian way of governance is alien to any world political system, they are very canny to embrace and pay lip-service to any given world political system of the day to hide the injustices and colonization they commit on the colonized nations of the Oromo, the Somali, the Sidama, the Walaita, etc.

For example, King Haile Selassie embraced parliamentary democracy to gain political and diplomatic support from the West, despite his reign was backward authoritarian Feudal system. By embracing fake parliamentary democracy, Haile Selassie not only managed to hold his grip on the South, but, also given Eritrea and Italian Somaliland by the West.

The military Junta of Mengistu jumped on the band-wagon of International Socialism and maimed millions and fought un-just wars in Eritrea and the South in the name of defending the mother land. The current TPLF gang, once rested power from the Amhara ruling class, abandoned its Communist ideology and embraced the name democracy, and continued the Abyssinian tradition of killing, torturing, and gluttonise the resources of the South at its will.

There was no democratic culture in the history of the Abyssinians, and there shall never be any in the future, and attempting or even thinking the democratization of the Ethiopian Empire with Abyssinians is like expecting a dove from the eggs of the snake.

HGoche can be reached at hgoche2011@gmail.com

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