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Settler Colonial (Neftenga Safaris) Abyssinia is structural, not an Event

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Part V

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

By Odaa Hora 

Settler Colonial (Neftenga Safaris) Abyssinia is structural, not an Event

Settler colonialism destroys to replace as the result of settler colonialism’s genocidal outcomes in time and space. Veracini in seminal 2015 book The Settler-Colonial Present quoting James Bleich insightfully defined a ’settler’ that is, a ‘bona fide’ is not. Settlers are most definitely not those who were in the ‘new’ locale at the beginning (i.e. when the first settler arrived, that is those who were aborigine –the Aborigines. He accurately defined, settlers are, those who have not stayed where they were and fundamentally characterized by displacement that simultaneously identifies two different sets of people-the exogenous and the indogenious alterities delineating a settler-colonial collective (italics and Bold mine). Settler’s sovereignty claims are actually counter-sovereignty, their claims premised on ‘terra nullius” arguments by dashing out the crime against humanity committed genocidal acts.

Most settler colonial studies concentrate on the Anglo-empire building, the European settlers “Whites” who followed the footsteps of their captains navigated as it was called the “Unknown world” or “New World” under the flag of “Explorers,” or “Discoverers,” such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, James Cook, etc., escorted with armed scouts commissioned by their Monarchies to search for turf via seas and oceans once coming out from its lethargy.

As Eric Wolf 1982 seminal book Europe and the People without History: indicated that Europe comes out of almost over 16 century of barbarism, butchering each other from the era of Vikings to the era of “Columbus.” As she comes out of her lethargy, almost over half of the world’s civilizations were accomplished. She brought to the world her deep-rooted culture of barbarism, vandalism, the slavery that she mastered within her geographical historical accounts for millennia to the rest of the world in large. 

Indeed the so-called “explorers” or discovers were the fad-finders and the first slave traders and spies for further organized invasion. Henceforth, the navigations of invasion of armed forces of European marathon to scramble the oldest world, unknown to the European monarchal metropoles began. Settler colonists left their home navigated with primes of “terra nullius” to eliminate the Ab-Origines to the last human left and replaced with their own peers, where ever their feet held and their ships docked on the coasts of the “New World” on the foreign soil. After the genocidal act is accomplished they occupied and claim the ownership of the territory and hoisted their flags. The USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are good examples (Veracini, 2010, 2015). 

Settler colonialism is a continuous process, unfinished business, it never goes away. Indeed settlers proclaim as a thing of the past and could not to say and to justify the crime they committed and continued to commit under the mantra of “state-building projects, security, expansions, and settlements.” Thus settler colonialism is the business at present. Palestine, Oromia and other over eighty ethno-nations incarcerated in the Abyssinian Empire are clearly good examples among other alike in the world. As a result, the decolonization and liberation fronts were born and began to fight with all means possible such as in Palestine, Oromia and other alike to dismantle the settler colonial structures.

The binary narrative of Abasat or Abyssinians who are physically in Africa, but their brain is in near-east Asia, were the migrating of the Abasat; nomadic shepherd tribes from today’s Yemen, who crossed the Red Sea via Bab Al-Mandeb strait and settled in the Horn of Africa, They were already mentioned in the Ancient Yemenite (Sabaean) texts as a renegade tribe (Abasat), and we have every reason to understand that they were expelled from their country of origin due to their heresy and evilness (Jaalata, 2008, Bulcha,2011, Megalommatis, 2007).

The fiction of “civilization” of the settler-colonial Abasat immigrate tribes who settled in the northern fringe of the Horn of Africa gradually established a unique authentic system at Aksum called the Gafol System coined by Yu. M Kobishchanov (1986, 1988, 1991, Bulcha 2011) most evidently during the tyrannical rule of the warlord called “Ezana,” who was converted to the so-called “Christianity” in the 4th century AD and deployed his new “religion” as the most successful tool of elimination of the indigenous people of the K(C)ushitic people, the Agaw, the Bejas, the Sa’oos etc.

They expanded from Aksum to Gondar and to Ankober through invasion occupation, settlement and forced assimilations of the indigenous people wherever the Neftegna-Safaries hordes feet held. Finally, they invaded, conquered and expanded further to the south as united Abyssinian (Tigers and Amharas mainly) as it has never seen before and occupied and settled at Finfinnee the placenta land of the Oromo Nation.-

The Gafol System have been anchored, on a collection of tributes by force, collection of booties, raiding and capturing slaves, to serve, or to be sold like animals, robbing all arts of domestic animals, agricultural products burring to ashes what were left on the ground. Collection of fanatic mobile and nomadic barbarian killer hordes, These invaders with sub-humane instincts, moved with the premise of elimination of indigenous people camouflaged with religious myth and racial grammars by sword or later on the Neft (Gun) pointed at the head of the mass downtrodden, helpless inhabitants invaded. They temporally lived in tented encampments on the soil they occupied until nothing was left to plunder, to pick with their finger to their mouth, and move to the next nearer victim (Bulcha, 2011; Kobishchanov, 1986, 1988, 1991).

Henceforth, the Neftegna-Safary System (Gafol System) turned the system of all Abyssinian chieftains, warlords, who sprang to the political saddle by default. It turned the authentic structural tyrannical Neftegna ruling elite’s clan’s cohesions who followed the footsteps of Ezana of Aksum and implemented in face value through ought their history of expansions, colonization, and settlements. 

The Neftegna-Safary System legitimizes robbery, raids of slaves and domestic animals, and to live the predatory life of the offspring’s of divers and invader, the Abyssinian (Tiger and Amhara mainly) that hold true to the contemporary on the soil (Hassan, Bulcha, 2011). Nonetheless, the period from1974 to 1991, seventeen years of the rule of the military junta was seen as decades decapitation of the Feuds and returning back the land to the people, a significant alteration of the Neftegna-Safary System (Holcomb, B. K., & Ibssa, S. 1990, Bulcha, 2011).

Schartz and Schwarz-Barcot (1976) in his review article of Levine’s (2014) “Greater Ethiopia,” who made an Elephant out of Mice, stated: “In spite of the fact she was known with images of a forbidden refuge of savages, the only nation “civilized without wearing trousers and shoes,” and, of course, a grossly underdeveloped country. Undaunted by an old proverb about Ethiopia as a place “of which it is impossible to speak the truth.”

Unfortunately, under the umbrella of “EPRDF” the TPLF tyrants who adamantly claim the kinship to Ezana, as their rival brothers, called the Amharas, the system was reinstalled in a more aggressive way as it has never seen before. The regime of one-man rule considered the whole territory south to Abyssinia proper as “terra nullius’ right from Finfinnee and ready to sale, to lease to the unscrupulous local and global enterprise under the mantra “development” with less than a price of sandwich per hectare. Eviction by forces, incarnations, indiscriminate killing turned the major accomplishments of the Stalinist gangster since they catapulted to the political throne deposing the military junta in 1991(Hassan, 2017).

Independent of their animosity, Tigre versus Amhara or vis a vis and fights to control and sat tall on the political power at Finfinnee not Gondar or Aksum to take the fat of Oromia and the whole south incarcerated within the Empire and enriched themselves both are the offspring’s of invaders and divers and cut from the same cloth. The term Safar of Arabic origin literally means “travel,” a loanword that was easily adopted by the Abyssinian settlers or the Habeshas to designate the turf they invaded, occupied and settled by the Neftegnas. As Aregay (1980) stated the term Neft or Näft as it was described by, the Arab historian Maqrizi that an Egyptian prince called Altunboga who trained Yeshaq’s soldiers in throwing spears and fighting with the sword.).He was also credited with teaching them how to make the Näft (Gun) most probably it may be a cannon.

The Neftegnas (ጠብመነጃ ያዥ) was called just named “Soldiers” is an insult to the profession is analog to call a witch man a Doctor, a professional physician and to give scalpel to conduct Brain or Cardiovascular surgery. The Nefetgnas were a collection of hooligans, outcasted youths or kidnapped from the streets and brought to distance camps from their birthplace and trained just how to shoot guns. 

They are/were indeed bipedal human-like creators, killer-militias trained like police dogs who knew nothing except killing and eating raw meat “brondo” (ጥሬ ሥጋ) like a wild cat, and they are /were very proud in carrying gun, even without bullets, because he is a Neftegna Amhara and in consumptions of called raw meat proud to authentic as their unique Habesha culture (ጥሬ ሥጋ መብላት የ ሀበሻ ባህል ነው), a dumb primitive culture of raiders and plunders of animals that disseminated within the empire that We did not get rid of it yet and still consume endemic as “luxuries” without even thinking for a minute in the dishes of the backward empire. As a result, they turned to the incubation box of endoparasites, like Tapeworms, a disease of medieval Europe, and today the Tapeworms and their likes are more useful in archaeology than public health. 

The Neftegnas (ጠብመነጃ ያዥ) are /were also the most cursed, rapist, vectors of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). They are /were known as Gun-men, beasts, collections barbaric, mobile, lawless, absolute illiterate barefoot infantry troops, notoriously known as absolute arrogant, without morals and ethics, living upon preying the resources of the subjugated people from all walks of life, robbery and raiding. 

The subjugated downtrodden mass of the populations considered the fanatical demagogic illiterate nomadic militia hordes who devastated all resources of the inhabitant’s life based on subsistence agricultural farming and animal productions a human locust that plagued the peasants to the level that nothing was left to feed their hungry children let alone to feed them themselves. The main object in life of Neftagna is killing, raping, plundering, and raiding living on what they did not grew. 

The Coming of European Nefts (Guns) to Abyssinia 

It was first the Portuguese monarchy that introduced European firearms. He found common myth “the other brothers in faith” out of the whole African that the virtual “Christian Kingdom of Prester John” considered as actual Abyssinia. He ordered troops, armed with four hundred and fifty matchlocks, and mercenary soldiers who arrived in Abyssinia in the 1450s sent for a rescue mission by the request of the Abyssinian Warlord and some of died in battlefield in foreign. 

Henceforth the coming four centuries will be the era of vandalism, butchery, plundering and raiding between various local brigands (shiftas) within Abyssinia proper, an era comparable to the eras of Vikings within Europe, to put it in one sentence. Francisco 

Alvares, a Portuguese clergyman who visited the court of emperor Lebnâ Dengel in 1520s, explained Ćäwa as men at arms turned to the name “Shoa or Shawa” to designate as the territorial acquisition of the Tuulama Oromo Gosas (brunches of hereditary lineages) by committing genocidal replaced the aboriginal names. The Habeshas term Ćäwa (ጨዋ) during the and the Gondar period (1632-1769) was given to the collection the main body of mobile infantry bare foot militias gathered by the over warlord or Shiftas within Abyssinian proper. These regiments or “soldiers” who comprised such regiments were called Ćäwa. Hiroki (2002) stated: 

The royal army fought against the Tulâma Oromo in Dâra and “all Ćäwa and all strong men in the military camp” found and killed the Oromo people who took refuge in caves. We can see that many Ćäwas were raised by the Emperor, and lead them to many military expeditions because Ćäwa performed their obligation to serve the regimental system that was reconstructed during the first half of the Gondar period and that Ćäwa were the main body of the royal army during this period. The emperors were able to lead many military expeditions because Çâwa performed their obligation to serve them in a military capacity. We cannot see the phenomenon that Çâwa refused to participate in military expeditions until 1697. In return, the Overwarlod gave to the Ćäwas Çâwa a gult right, or the right to gain a part of the tribute from that land and also earned their living mainly from the income of the lands to which they had gwelt right and the territory they occupied called Gâbbar medr” means colonial land. 

The settlers who stayed within the Tulama Oromos gradually attempted to detach themselves from their northern descendants, invented and profiled themselves as the “Amhara of Shawa” that corresponds to mean “Pure Amhara” than their northern brothers, from as they connoted them as the Gonderian or Gojame Ćäwas. They expressed, wrote lyrics and song to show how brave they are singularly in such as e “Ye Manz leji yelewm Abayi ( መንዝ ልጅ የለውም ዐባይ), means literally “no coward had been born into the Manzes.” (Bulcha, 2011, OCTB,2006)

What the settlers safaries called “Manz” deformed from the Aborigine lands of the Maama, Laalo and Geera branches of the Tuulama moiety who were there before the coming of the the settler-colonial Neftegna Safaries, the offspring’s of invaders and divers who erased the aborigines names, culture and history, as a whole, erasing the identity of the autochthones Oromo people (Bulcha 2011, OCTB,2006).That is the premise of settlers move and their aim in Life; waging relentless wars of elimination, erasing the physical and the cultural assets of the territory, expansions, occupation, settlement and to live a predatory life.

Followed by centuries of cataclysmic and relentless wars of warlordism, barbarism, vandalism, anarchism, butcheries, slavery, riding domestic animals within Abyssinia proper what was called “Zàmànà masafent of (1760-1855) literally meant the “era of princess” a blasted lie, and indeed it was the era of warlords, butchery, anarchism, vandalism, and chaos in Abyssinia, 

Since the arrival of the Amharic speaking Habeshas settlers began to invade and expanded from north to south the invaders encountered the children of Galan of Tuulama in Waalo ‘Wallo” northern Oromo land. They shared their spears, feed their Horses and fight against the offspring of invaders and divers of Abyssinian settler-colonists for solid three centuries. They kept them at bay until they saw a colossus spitting fire, the matchlock, what the Abyssinia call medf (መድፍ), copy and paste from the Arabic language, and muskets provided by European. The day turned to night for the Oromos and the whole southern people to the Advantages of the Abyssinia warlords and their Neftgna-Safari hordes to establish and maintain the settler-colonial (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት). Abyssinia System: the Neftegna-Safary System 

In 1840 Britain in earnest began to deal with local Habesha warlords of their and signed officially the so-called trade deal. 

As Hall (1834) described:

Peace might probably be brought about between the Governor of Tigre and the Governor of Begemder and Amhara; so that a British envoy might reach Gondar. As Abyssinia is justly regarded by our nation (Britain) as a Christian country, it deserves our attention. The bigotry of Mahometanns is intolerable. The Abyssinians are also bigoted of the Greek Church. But, beyond the recommendations of the Scriptures, I am certain we ought not to interfere with their religion. Every attempt to innovate in religion will be accompanied by the greatest danger. The Abuna is a mere ignorant instrument. All these people who go by the name of monks, hermits & c. are the most ignorant class of savages, as turbulent as they are very numerous. These religious disputes are quite absurd and ruinous. ”

Murray quoted by Halls:

The Ras [Welde Sellase of Tigre) is very desirous to hold intercourse with his Majesty and to be thankful for his bounty… It will be creditable to Britain if Habbesha could be made a power of some consequence, and put in the possession of the coast (Red Sea) in opposition to the Mahometann Arabs and other tribes of a bad description.

In the last quarter of the 19Th century the resorusceless and greedy European Monarchies, including Russia, Turkey and the USA, 15 all in one unanimously signed in Berlin Conference of 1884/85 scramble for Africa to invade and colonizes Africa all at ones as it has never seen in the past, and that is going to shape the entire Africa. They designed Africa on paper, drew with rule and pencil like a chessboard as all mutuality argued in the conference hall. ‘The colonies have been created for the metropole by the metropole’.

Although there were none of the African representatives were participated in the Berlin conference, nevertheless, Abyssinia was treated as an exception in her absence. Encircled by Italy, France, and British colonies in the Horn of Africa, but there was no European or America colonial flag was hoisted in her landmass out of entire Africa. She had been reserved to play an especial role, a port of enter, meeting point on African for all ambitious colonial powers signed the “Berlin act” of 1884/85 to resolve conflicts of interests in treaties, instead of butchering each other on foreign soil as it was in Americas, since the era of Christopher Columbus to Berlin Conference catalyzed by German Autocrat Chancellor Otto Bismarck. They set out Abyssinia to be everybody’s darling on African soil (Hertslet, 1894). 

The dominant European colonizers of Africa, the French and the Britain of the whole Africa, and the Italian in the horn who possessed pivotal turfs around the Red sea coasts become the major firearm, ammunition, military advisory, finance provider and diplomatic backings in the global political arena including Russia to Abyssinian warlords arose in the region.

After centuries of cataclysmic and relentless rival warlordism, barbarism, vandalism, anarchism, butcheries, raiding slaves and domestic animals, robberies within Abyssinia proper, three rival warlords arose in the region, Kasa of Tigray, Aksum renamed to the Yohanis IV, who ruled from 1872 to 1889, and another Kasa renamed to Tewodros who ruled from 1855 to 1868 Sahle Maryam in Ankober (1866-1889) (Melbaa,1988).

The decades following the death of both warlords (shiftas) to the beginning of the nineteenth century were marked years of the zenith of the Warlord; Sahle Maryam. Sahle Maryam was a POW, a booty of Tewodros kept for more than decades in Gondar under Tewodros, who successfully escaped in 1865 to Ankober. Furthermore, he was also the vassal, the underdog, who surrendered to Yohanis IV without a single shot and agreed and paid annual tributes through his nose until the death of Yohanis IV. Once his masters were in graveyard one after the other, the underdog becomes the only Master in the region without rivalry.

Advised by Amharized” Swiss Citizen Alfred Ilg, the mastermind, the architect of Menelik’s empire, the minster of all of Meneliks Affairs who has his hand overall. He advised him not to take revenge against his rival warlords as it was customary in the region, but to use them for Menelik’s empire buildings ambitions. Ilg guided him first to pardon the POWs of the unsuccessful Nefagna mulitas led by Yohanis’s son who surrendered to Menelik, to join him as brothers rather than enemies. In return they were promised to take their shares, awards of land and salves ownership, collecting booties, etc., once they accomplished the dirty job in invading the entire South from Ankober.

The disfranchised fanatic Nefetgna infantry militia hordes joined Menelik with enthusiasm and began wiping out the Oromo’s from Ankober toward the center of the Tuulama plateau. As it has always been, their default, they moved with the logic of eliminations of the indigenous people where every their feet held in the northern fringe of the Horn Africa from Agewland to Gondar from Gondar to Ankober.

The invasion of Abyssinian Nefetgna infantry militia hordes from Ankober to Finfinnee was unique in its art for two major reasons. First, all Habeshas i.e Amhara and Tiger Neftegnas (ጠብመነጃ ያዥ) who were rival enemies lead by their corresponding warlords and Shiftas who fought against each within Abyssinia proper have joined and united under Menelik’s command. According to Count Gleichen in his 1897 seminal book With the Mission to Menelik pointed out, the combined forces of standing Neftegans (ጠብመነጃ ያዥ), only Abyssinians from the most barren land, amounts over seventy thousand men, those the militias to quite a hundred and forty thousand more. By default, Neftgans live preying upon the people they assaulted. Carrying Neft legitimatizes feeding by robbery and raiding of the resources of the inhabitant they invaded and occupied. They owe neither morals nor ethics.

As an anthropologist and ethnographer Patrick Wolf in a seminal 1999 book and article published in the Journal of Genocide Research 2006. Settler colonialism and the elimination of the native prophetically pointed out: 

The question of genocide is never far from the discussion of settler colonialism. Land is life –or land is necessary for life. Thus the contest for land can be indeed, often are–contest for life.” Whatever settlers may say—and they generally have a lot to say—the primary motive for elimination is not race (or religion, ethnicity, grade of civilization, etc.) but access to the territory. Territoriality is settler colonialism’s specific, irreducible element. The logic of elimination not only refers to the summary liquidation of Indigenous people, though it includes that. In common with genocide as Raphael Lemkin characterized it. Settler colonialism strives for the dissolution of native societies and it erects a new colonial society on the wholesale expropriated land such as Australia or North America. Settler colonizers come to stay: invasion is a structure, not an event’. 

Mahmood Mamdani in his Inaugural Lecture 1998 concluded:

Settlers are made by conquest, not just by immigration, by domination as well as movement. Settlers are kept settlers by a form of the state that makes a distinction, particularly juridical- between conquerors and conquered, settlers and natives, and makes it the basis of other distinctions that tend to buttress the conquerors and isolate the conquered, politically. However fictitious these distinctions may appear historically, they become real political facts for they are embodied in real political institutions. The settler-native question is a political question. It is also a historical question. Settlers and natives belong together. You cannot have one without the other, for it is the relationship between them that makes one a settler and the other a native. To do away with one, you have to do away with the other.

Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት).ሠፉሪ ሥርአት)), by erasing the Aboriginal population and system and replacing by Neftegna-Safary system. Most successfully since the last half of the nineteenth century that shaped one of the most primitive and barbarian empires, that trades with the stolen name “Ethiopia” contemporarily. 

From 1868 to 1889 alone, France, Russian, Britain, and Italy provided 715 thousand rifles, and 50 million ammunitions, military advisory, finances and backed him in the global political arena (Melbaa, 1988). Such was the special case of Italy claiming the protectorate of Abyssinia versus Menelik backed by France and Russia and Britain. and most importantly the mastermind, the architect of  Menelik’s empire the “Amharized” Swiss Citizen Alfred Ilg who has his hand overall. He was known as minster of all affairs of Menelik’s Empire who often traveled between Finfinnee to European metropoles representing Menelik. In return for his loyalty and decades of service, Menelik awarded him the highest rank called “Bitweeded Alfred Ilg.” Whereas, the Italian called him the burden of “White Men” who hijacked and took over the role of the protectorate of Italians of Abyssinia in his own hand-signed in the camp of “Wuchale” treaty. Wuchale a deformed, and contorted name by Neftegnas from its original meaning Waa’caa’le branch of the indigenous Oromo’s of the northeastern Tuulama Ormo moiety.

He belittled Finfinnee to the Neftegna infantry militias gruesomely renamed to Safar (ሰፈር); the sites, given the names of the commanders of the garrisons of his loyal over warlords, blood relative. He renamed to Ras (head) Mekonnen Safar, the commander of 30,000 Neftegna infantry militias, where 6,000 of them (ጠብመነጃ ያዥ) were Gonderians “Amharas.” Ras Tesema, Safar the commander of 8,000 Neftegna infantry militias, Ras Darge Safar the commander of 10,000 Neftegna infantry militias, Ras Micahel Safar), Ras Welde Gorgis Safar, the lists go on. He also billeted turfs around Fifinne to his main doners, mentors, firearms, ammunition, Finance, advisors, etc providers of the European colonizers (ባለ ዉላታዎች) who brought him from village warlord and the underdog to the throne, to be called the “King” of the empire.) around Finfinnee by evicting the Oromos and renamed to French Legion, Russian Legation, British Legation, Italian Legation, and German Legation (Garrteson,2000); a unique phenomenon a meeting turf for all rival European colonizers of Africa as they signed in “Berlin act” (Hertslet, 1894).

The Neftegna infantry militias of Yohanis IV of Tigre were known as the strongest in the region that figures over 30,000 “soldiers” predominantly Tigreain’s trained by Swiss master Gunner Louis until the death of Yohanis IV in 1889, who also finally joined Menelik’s invasions, conquests, imperial expansions, aggrandizement and the establishment of the Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት).

As a result, the paradigm of the region was diametrical shifted to the advantage of the Habeshas that enabled them to gradually expanded toward the south through invasion, elimination occupation, forced assimilation of the indigenous inhabits and settled with the safaris from Abyssinia proper “Tiger and Amhara mainly). Menelik’s empire extended from five to six times from her original size.

From Ankober to Finfinnee, from Finfinnee to Benshangul in the far west, to the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, to the East African protectorate of Brtish Empire Today’s Kenya, and to the southeast, British colony, Somaliland as it was called at this junction of history. The primitive, barbaric Empire of the Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት), drew the artificial boundaries have been drowned with his European allies (ባለ ውለታዎች), Britain, France, Italy by dozen of treaties who brought him so far and shaped the empire as she is in contemporary.

As an eye witness accounts documented, by Alexander K. Bulatovich (1900), Martial De Salviac (1901) that:

The local Shums and Haleqas knew nothing excepteat, drink, sleep and grow fat as a sheep kept for the Easter feast at the expense of what the poor have; the latter are unceasingly despoiled without mercy. The soldiery were merely the armed agents of such parasitic governors. Indeed part-time soldiering was almost the only way a farmer could escape for a time from being prey to others by participating in the plunder. Predatory soldiers, in the state’s service and freelances, were very much a feature of society in Minilik’s reign” 

Patrick Wolf stated, settler colonizers come to stay and the invasion is a structure, not an event’. Settler colonialism destroys to replace as the result of settler colonialism’s genocidal outcomes in time and space.

Stoett (1999) defined that “the modern nation-state which demands a certain level of assimilation, could be seen as a genocidal machine.” 

Van Den Berghe (1990) further suggested: 

The fiction of the nation-state’ is seldom innocuous. It often contains a prescription for the cultural destruction of a people through state policies of more or less compulsory assimilation and, at the limit of genocide. By extension then the state system that supports the nation-state as the primary political unity could be seen as a genocidal. Most often Paternalism uses the fiction of biological relatedness to make tyranny appear just. It uses the deep-rooted symbols of kin selection as a political mystification to justify parasitic exploitation and to hide the coercive nature of the political system that perpetuates that exploitation. But what if masters and slaves were in fact relatives, as they frequently were? We know that all slave systems, chattel and domestic alike, are a great accomplice.

Lorenzo Veracini in his seminal 2015 book The Settler Colonial Present stated: 

Settler colonialism as a specific mode of domination needs anti-types, settler-colonial projects produce and consume antitypes at a fierce rate. This antitypical definitional mode is reflected in the way the population economies of the settler projects are normally constructed, and definitely not those who were in the ‘new’ local at the beginning (i.e. when the first settler arrived), that is those who were there, aborigine- the Aborigines. In other words, in the context of a ‘situation” fundamentally characterized by displacement, the settlers are defined as those who have not stayed where they were. That this double negation simultaneously identifies two very different sets of people-the exogenous and the indigenous alterities delineating a settler-colonial collective. 

By reawaking, one of the most influential historian and economic journalist, John A. Hobson in Imperialism: A study made more than a century ago (1902) which was presented as a `study of social pathology’ that did not attempt `to distinguish the malignancy of the disease‘, and proceeds rather by diagnosis than historical description. His analysis of Imperialist, Colonialist and Settler Colonialists as (exogenous elements) of the West “White” European and the USA, that preyed upon prophetical conclude (economic parasite, the common disease of all,) the resources and labors of the whole rest of the older, larger and richer continents out of their geographical boundaries, via seas and oceans wherever their ship docked. 

Veracini Veracini (2015) related colonialism with viruses and settler colonialism with bacterial modus opreandi reawakening Hobson study of Imperialism study more than a century ago. Microbes are exogenous elements that often dominate their destination locales, so are the colonialists and settler colonialists. If one raises a question, what are the purpose of the microbes in life? The shortest answer is to invade the permissive host, to acquire resources,-and to reproduce within the particularly invaded host if it was to be described in one sentence. Analogically the aim of the Empire, Colonial, and Settler colonial are an invasion, exploitation of resources and reproduction. As microbes deploy their own specific weapon to achieve their goals, so did the empire builders colonialists, and settler Colonialists.

As viruses are obligate molecular parasites comprising genetical material (DNA or RNA) intra-cellular parasites, can only live, reproduce in living Organisms, as do the settler-colonial Abyssinians. Bacteria are unicellular microorganisms that do not necessarily need a living organism to live and can be cultivated and grows on artificial media

The first thing that a virus must do is to attach itself to the host cell. To achieve its goal the virus must occupy a macromolecule or “receptors” to dock on specific host cells called permissive or viral tropism cell or tissue which are comfortable and serves entry-port to the infected host further steps. Once traversed all the barriers of the host-cell plasma membrane it uncoated and injects its gen to the targeted cell and begins to replicate, so do the settler colonials /Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት) who invaded destroyed the Gada-Siiqqee systems, the system of the Oromo people replaced itself as a result of genocidal outcomes.

Pares (1937) prophetical concluded suggested that colonization and empire–buildings are above all economic acts, undertaken for economic reasons and very seldom for any others. Therefore it is necessary to look first of all for the economic motives of imperial expansion and exploitation. Thus, the most important thing in the history of an empire is to remember the history of its mother-country. Colonial history is made at home: given a free hand, the mother-country will make the kind of empire it needs

The primitive, barbaric Empire of the Settler colonial Abyssinia’s have been above all economic acts, undertaken for economic reasons and very seldom for any others. Therefore it is necessary to look first of all for the economic motives of imperial expansion and exploitation. Thus, the most important thing in the history of an empire is to remember the history of its mother-country. Colonial history is made at home: given a free hand, the mother-country will make the kind of empire it needs.

Just think for a minute about a barren Abyssinia without the resources of the south such as Oromia, Sidama, etc. Coffee, Agricultural and Animal products, human power in one hand the amount of firearms what that tyrants of The barbaric empire import to safeguarded, their authentic settler-colonial Abyssinia’s /Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት) or Gafol system that has been moved with the logic of eliminations of the indigenous people south to Abyssinia proper and the north-south exodus without limits continued since the era of Menelik to the very date. That has been the major accomplishments of all Abyssinia tyrants who catapulted to the political power to the very date. 

Yet, the paranoia of settler-colonial ruling elites of Abyssinia who sat tall in the political saddle as it has always been that beat a dead horse. The paranoia that always tries to run away from the fact on the ground intending to continue the course and to stay in power by changing their coat like a molted snake. These have been one of the major behavior in the psychology of dictatorship and the mechanism to maintain power. Dictators propagate about peace, ”new philosophy” every time they took microphone redundantly, indeed it meant submission to their wills, needs, and lusts of their cohesion of ruling elites.

Ideological jingoism has been the jugular vein of all dictators in their terra. Hitler sprang out of the German society; Stalin sprang out of the Soviet society, Mengistu, Meles, etc, sprang from the circumstance of the society incarcerated in the Abyssinian Empire and finally turned to pure dictators until their last birth. They all invented and created their own ideals. Hitler created and determined his ideals of “Pure Aryanism.” Put his ideals black and white in his book My Struggle that turned the Bible of the disfranchised Germany populations at that junction of history that must be implemented on face value without question and mesmerized them to an extent to give their life for him. Stalin planned to create “pure communism” out of the Soviets, determined singularly by Stalin. 

Mengistu and Meles both an admirers of Stalin had ideals of their own ideological jingoism, once sprang into the political saddle “pure socialist than their finders” and “developmental democracy” respectively. The current regime that come out the shadow of the tyrannical regime of under the umbrella of EPRDF placed under the tutelage of TPLF gangsters who ruled with ironfisted since summer 1991, one-man–rule with ironfisted until his last breath in August 2012. He was replaced by another dictator Halie Mariam, Desalgn (the underdog of Meles) who took oath to follow his master’s foot steeps ruled for 6 years, until February 2018 and replaced by Abiye Mohamad, at the time the empire was founded on here last hours of survival of collapse by the formidable mass revolts of the core, and the Giant forces of the Grand OROMO POPLE from every walk of life and heroic sacrifice. 

The cumulative result of the long years of the liberation struggle that finally arrived at the stage of the grand Oromo nation’s the QEERROO and QAARREE revolution Qabsoo Xumura Gabrumma, the vanguard, the core, the dynamic and the powerful branch of the Oromo societies mobilizations entirely from within and via seas and oceans. The Struggle arrived at unturning stage (the final face of the Total liberation of Oromia) and the people within her and neighbors who has similar, if not identical fates in their history since they were all conquered and incorporated to one of the backward empire since the quarters of the nineteen century and the establishments of the settler-colonial Abyssinia the Neftegna-Safary System (የነፍተኛ ሠፉሪ ሥርአት). They stood firm, resisted arms-crossed, free of violence and well-organized form against, Tanks; military jets, Guns pointed to their head as the world had destined to witness live through media channels for the last at least five solid years.

For the last 208 solid days we have redundantly heard a very strange term that has never heard and deployed in social science called MEDEMER (መደመር) in the language of Neftagnas it means “to add” as in arithmetic, even it is funneled as “Philosophy” that was transferred from microphone to paper and currently the indoctrinations course has already began in wider range as it was call “to teach about add up.” where there is nothing to teach but to learn from the people who mistakenly temporarily trusted the untrusted that has been echoed at least since the replacements of the current ruling elites and  ruling elites which were supposed to be brought to ICC if justice was to be revealed in this from god forgotten barbaric empire. The project called MEDEMER (መደመር) is a project designed as a legal means of maneuvers to shape the mass that support the continuation of the dictatorship to live in paradise, grow fat like Easter Lamb on what the others grew in taking the opportunities and “trusts” given to act as president and used as springboard to keep the Neftegna-Safaries-empires status quo intact as he took the oath. 

The settler-colonial (Neftegna-Safary) Abyssinia that turned to an obligate predators microbes, which prey upon the resources of Oromia and the whole south. These have been the major objectives and accomplishments of all series of Abyssinia tyrants that catapulted to the political saddle through butchery and finally turned to pure dictatorial rule guns pointed at the head of the entire people of the south predominately the Oromo’s, the formidable force the fear like a thunderstorm once the giant folk come to its final statement against the system of miseries and chronic famines (ችግሮች ችጋሮች), lies and various types of perfidies (ውቨቶች ክደቶች) they brought with them lived from it  and yet die-hard to keep its status quo, and beats a dead horse.

As history teaches, No Gun, Tanks, even atomic bomb deters the conscious mind of the GIANT OROMO NATION-NOW THAN EVER let alone one of the barbaric empire, who can not even provide clean water to the mass, late alone three meal-time for the people. 

In the primitive and barbaric Empire, the prison house in defacto, the mass of the populations suffers from chronic malnutrition, cannot afford at least two mealtimes per day for his child, cannot afford to drink clean water, , as a result, as it has been well known such as Cholera outbreaks, parasitic disease where there is no preliminary sanitation and hygiene no antiparasitic or antibiotic at least penicillin, tetracycline, etc. to treat the vulnerable parts of the society, the children right now in 21st century

The Cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae as its name is self-explanatory is bacterial disease known as the 19th-century European disease today found in labs for research and teaching purposes only and rear as outbreaks. These diseases have been nicknamed for instance European disease as the 19th-century diseases. In most cases, the disease spreads by consuming unsafe water and unsafe food that has been contaminated with human feces containing the bacteria. In most case, Its outbreaks can occur in concentrated refugee camps of displaced or fled people from natural catastrophes or wars where there were no preliminary hygiene conducted

The ruling elites can not only drink processed, germ-free packed water, but champagne and whiskey. They can not only afford to buy antibiotics for preventable diseases like cholera in case they are infected, but they can afford to order an Airplane to fly abroad to get all sort of treatment in case they are sick, even neurosurgery, if need on the fate of resources they exploited from the people without clean water to drink and no antibiotic affordable against Cholera even if they are available in generic form through importation, not innovations. These are the uncomfortable truth of daily “life” survival of the mass of populations on the ground. 

What has been done and within the last solid 208 days within Oromia and continues must serve as the final litmus test to act accordingly and reread again and again the mind of Nefategna Safaris and their cohesive ruling body-grades in office and hooligans on the streets for the final TOTAL LIBERATION OF ORMIA.

Dr.Moghaddam seminal book The Psychology of Dictatorship is special academic endeavor, an eyewitness that differs from those who have written about dictatorship from distance without testing its bitterness defined:

Dictatorship is rule by single person or a clique that is not elected by free and fair elections by the subject population and not removable through popular election, with direct control of security apparatus that represses political opposition; without any independent legislative and judicial checks; with policies that reflect the wishes and the whims of the dictator individual or clique rather than the popular will; and with a high degree of control over the education system, the mass media, the communication and information system, as well as the movement of citizens toward the goal of continuing monopoly rule by the regime. more in detail in the forthcoming theme …

Qabsoon Ormoo Kan Xumura Gabruma tii malee kan bayanatte mataa irratii baachuuf miti !!!!!!!!

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromooti!!!!!!



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