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Shanee launched a new Master Plan to divide Oromo: Global Gumii Oromo


By Lammeessaa Waq-Woyyaa

February 18, 2017

Recently, I was approached by a member of Shanee Gumi OLF. First, as most Oromo nationals

do, we discussed about the genocide and all crimes and injustices that TPLF is committing

against the Oromo people. Then he asked me if I knew about Global Gumii Oromo. I told him

did not know. With this, he turned to issue of the Atlanta Oromo Conference and told me it was

organized and financed by TPLF. He insisted that “those who went to Atlanta conference were

the overseas OPDO members.” He condemned it as a conference of the enemy agents. Not only

this, he told me “I am happy that Shanee officially condemned it as a convention of stooges of

TPLF.” This shocked me, since I know some individuals that attended that conference were

truly uncompromising militant Oromo nationalists those who put Oromo unity and Oromia

independence first. Following this, he told me that the truly Oromo nationalists are organizing

Global Gumii Oromo that represent the Oromo people globally in order to help the Oromo cause.

He confirmed to me that Eritrea is wholeheartedly helping the formation of GGO with

everything including advising and financing it. He asked me too to join it. I was hesitant to say

ok or combatively say no. He told me the OLA needs your help. I told him that I have been

giving money for years. He told me GGO is a fundraising organization and it needs support and

financial help. I asked him as to purpose of money. He told me the money goes to the OLF

office in Asmara from where it will be sent to the field in Oromia for the freedom fighters.

While we were in the middle of talking about this, he told me another interesting story. The

story that he told me was that Shanee initially opposed the either the formation of

GGO or joining it before Atlanta Oromo Convention. “It was the Atlanta Oromo

Convention,” he told me, “that made Shane to change its mind from its initial

opposition in favor of supporting it.” The fact is, he said, Shanee found out its

usefulness. Then he went on telling me that “At Shanee’s meeting in Asmara,

Eritrea, the meeting unanimously instructed all of its chapters and individual

members, wherever they are, to join GGO and become member in order to take

over it.” Then I asked him as to what is the central logic to overtake it. His

response was to undermine anti Oromo organizations in the like of Atlanta Oromo

convention and others on the one hand and to generate funds on the other. Now,

the truth is, totally all the members of GGO are the members of Shanee. Hence, Shanee has

totally and fully overtaken it.

Before long, I found out that this so-called Global Gumii Oromo (GGO) is a new Master Plan

and a new scheme to divide the Oromo people, particularly in the diaspora. The fact is GGO is a

wolf in Sheep’s clothing, a wolf in the Oromo’s name, a devil with a human face but with the

heart of a beast. Its purpose is clearly to divide the diaspora based Oromo nationals. Girma

Xurunee, all over once again. This time in the diaspora. GGO is indeed a new twist of the

Horro-Guduru mafia with the help of Eritrea to divide the Oromo people. I was told that Girma

Xurunee, a Shanee’s member of Central Committee is trying to establish globally interconnected


organizational network of GGO to recruit more Oromo nationals in the diaspora. Among the key

members in the diaspora is Tashome Dime-the “International Qeerroo” chairman and Girma

Xurunee’s top agent. As it is well-known, the fascist TPLF regime created Addis

Ababa/Finfinnee Master Plan to split Oromiyaa into two. Now, its copycat is here in the name of

GGO by Shane Gumi to divide Oromo people. Furthermore, GGO is also a money-making

enterprise for Shanee Gumii in line with Shane’s long held practice. In fact, GGO is going to be

a globalized robbery of diaspora based Oromo nationals. It is Shane Gumii’s global enterprise,

global activities, global scheme, and organizational global inventive to quench Shane’s appetite

and insatiable need for pocketing money and dividing Oromo.

Be aware of this monstrous GGO-a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its aim is to poison unsuspecting

innocent Oromo nationals in order to mislead them though lies, fake information and deception.

Be aware that Addis Ababa/Finfinnee Master

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  1. why should we trust what you are saying? what if you are wayyane who want weaken oromo struggle? what is your alternative to OLA? you pathetic shit head

  2. Joollen OPDO maraatte bara kana. Maali barruun maataa fi miila hin qabne akkasii? Abaarsa, jibbiinsa, daba, shira, kiyyoo, afaan faajjii, tahinnaa, fi sakaallaa yaadaa QBO irratti manaa fi alaa yaadamaa jirudha. Qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoo ABO geggeeyfamtu Oromiyaa keeysatti lafaa fi waqa raasaa turtee mmayyuu itti jirti. Jolleen Junaddi shirri wayyaanee jalaa barattan bikka hin geettu.

  3. The GGO & The Atlanta Conference, both of them are for the same purpose that prepared by the true Oromian sons and daughters to defeat our enemies / both the actual and potential enemies. unless you are the agency of our enemies, Please stop a such cheap and valueless propaganda, because the step of our people are on today is above and beyond what you think.

    • There is nothing wrong with this gentle man who is exposed the Shane. Gummii hidden agenda. Behind GGO. But .I got questions. For shanee Gummii or Horoo Guduruu Afooshaa? Why Shanee. Group doesn’t like the unity of Oromo people?