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Date : 04/08/2015 Lakk: 18/stm-abo/2015


The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF),

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF),

The Sheckacho People’s Movement for Democracy and Justice (SHEPMODSOJ),

The Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

Hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

Whereas united effort among the oppressed people has become essential in the struggle

to stop a continuous and gruesome repression perpetrated by the current regime in

Recognizing the fact that true and lasting cooperation to fight repression could only exist

among the oppressed people and political organization that stand and promote the causes

of the people, including genuine and unfettered acceptance of the right of self-
determination for all peoples in Ethiopia;

Reaffirming their unwavering determination to put an end to the underlying causes of

repression, bloodshed, insecurity, political instability and marginalization in Ethiopia and

the region, which is inflicting severe hardships and suffering on all the people, and

seriously hampers the prospects for sustainable peace, freedom, and the attainment of

equality, social justice, and development;

Reaffirming their commitment to shape political order and system of governance

inspired by the universal aspiration for freedom and founded on the values of justice,

liberty, equality, democracy, good governance, pluralism, respect for the fundamental

rights and freedoms, solidarity, mutual understanding, tolerance and cooperation and the

Convinced that the realization of all these aspirations and ideals demands the

cooperation of the Parties and the coordination of their activities towards the

establishment of a genuine democratic process leading to genuine healing and

reconciliation and lasting peace based on the free will and choice of all peoples

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 1

Conscious that the failure of the opposition political forces to develop mutual

understanding and coordinate their struggle benefited no one but rather contributed in

prolonging tyranny by the TPLF regime and perpetuated the misery and agony of all,

Resolved therefore to bring and guarantee freedom of choice and genuine democracy in

Ethiopia and the region, Have in consequence decided to set up the Peoples Alliance for

Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) and have for this purpose adopted this Statute:

Chapter I – Establishment of the Alliance

The People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy hereinafter called “The Alliance” or

PAFD is hereby established. The provisions of this statute shall govern its objectives,

tasks, code of conduct, and organs.

Member organizations shall maintain their respective political programs and enjoy their

organizational independence and autonomy.

The Parties commit themselves to refrain from any act or behavior contrary to the

provisions of the Founding Agreement and make necessary effort to ensure that the

provisions of the agreement are fully respected and implemented.

a. The documents of the Alliance shall be made in English. Certified translations may be

b. The Alliance, in all its activities, would strive to ensure that all languages and the

positive aspects of the cultures they embody receive equal recognition and protection.

Chapter II – Aim of the Alliance

The aim of the Alliance is to establish a working arrangement that:

1. Establish an effective organization that coordinates and directs the struggle of all

member organizations and their respective peoples.

2. Conduct effective joint struggle to liberate all peoples in Ethiopia from EPRDF

tyranny. 3. Advocate, stands for and defends the right of self-determination for all

4. Discloses and addresses the regime’s divide and rule policy by avoiding suspicion,

division, antagonism, marginalization and oppression.

5. These aims shall be pursued through the organs of the Alliance and the coordinated

efforts of member organizations.

6. Create a Transitional Federal mechanism based on democracy, the rights of self-
determination of peoples and respects of human rights that addresses the grievances of all

the nations in Ethiopia by instituting a genuinely representative political order.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 2

7. Create an interim administration that is based on regional and federal structures that

come through free and fair elections based on the current national regional states, and

newly formed ones whose rights were previously denied by EPRDF. Such an

administration shall have the right to fulfil the duties of government. All the peoples in

Ethiopia shall have genuine representation and ability to veto decisions that adversely

8. Guarantees the supremacy of the rule of law based on the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights and relevant United Nations Covenants.

9. Reaffirms respect for and commitment to the basic norms of international law and the

principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

10. Conduct free and fair referendum at the end of the transitional period for all peoples

in the states of the transitional federation for the formation of federal or confederal states

of Ethiopia or creation of their own state, after their duly elected regional parliament

request a referendum. Such a referendum shall be managed and supervised by the UN

and any other independent international entity mutually agreed between the requesting

nation and the transitional administration.

11. For those who choose to be part of a federal or confederal Ethiopia, to institute a

federal or confederal system that is just, and democratic, where all human and democratic

rights are fully respected; and the full autonomy of the constitutive states fully

implemented. For those who choose to set up their own state, to establish a positive,

friendly relationship with each other based on mutual respect, cooperation and common

12. Try to amicably resolve conflicts arising in the Horn of Africa thereby laying the

foundations for lasting peace, democracy, stability and development and creation of free

economic and trade partnership.

Chapter III – Functions of the Alliance

1. Start uprooting the oppressive structure of the current regime and replace it with the

federal Transitional Administration.

2. Lay down the structure of the mechanism for the transitional administration in

3. Start to mobilize peoples in Ethiopia to assert their democratic rights and take part in

uprooting this brutal regime and replacing it with a truly representative political order.

4. Coordinate the activities of member organizations by mobilizing and galvanizing their

respective constituencies in order to achieve freedom, lasting peace, and democracy.

5. Pool together the Parties’ resources and talents in order to conduct an effective

campaign in the political, Cultural, diplomatic and military fields.

6. Work together to promote brotherly relations among all the people in Ethiopia by

mitigating and preventing all forms of inter-communal and religious discords.

7. Uphold a culture of peaceful resolution of intrastate and interstate conflicts in the

region and enhancing regional cooperation as a vehicle to create conditions for peace,

stability, economic development, and political integration.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 3

8. Promote harmony between the Parties and their constituents by overcoming the

history of mistrust through dialogue, mutual understanding and respect; and

9. Advance the development of democratic culture and institutions.

10. Promote friendly relationship with neighbouring countries based on mutual respect

and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs.

Chapter IV – Seat of the Alliance

The Executive Committee shall decide the seat of the Alliance. The Executive Committee

may also establish branch offices where and when necessary.

The Alliance may move its headquarters whenever it becomes necessary.

The members of the Alliance are the Parties to this Statute.

A political organization who believes in the principles of the alliance may be invited or

may itself submit application to become a member. Admission shall be based on the

consensus of the existing members.

A member may withdraw by formally notifying the Alliance of its intention to do so.

Such withdrawal shall take effect a month after the receipt of the notification. Upon its

withdrawal the member shall not have the right to claim any benefit or property.

However, an organization whose membership had been withdrawn without its consent

has a right to be given back its contribution in proportion to remaining period of expiry.

A member of the Alliance that violates the terms and conditions of this Statute may be

suspended from membership by the decision of the Executive committee. A suspended

member has the right to appeal to the Governing Council within three months of the

notification of suspension. The suspension becomes final when the Governing council

decides to uphold the decision of the governing council its first session after the

1. For those rights specifically delegated to the Alliance in accordance with this Statute,

member organizations shall maintain their own independence.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 4

2. Member organizations, in accordance with this Statute of the alliance, shall have the

full right to express their views and participate in its activities,

3. Member organizations are entitled to petition for the convening of the meeting of the

Governing Council in accordance with this Statute.

4. The Alliance shall have its financial records audited once a year and such report shall

be made available to all member organizations.

5. Member organizations shall refrain from engaging in activities directed against each

other and in any activity that in any way compromises the security of a member

organization. Violation of this article can be a cause for expulsion from membership.

6. Notwithstanding Article 5.5 of this Constitution, member organizations are not

prohibited from expounding their political belief, and recruiting their own members in

accordance with their respective laws, rules and programs.

7. Member organization shall refrain from engaging in any activity that in any way

compromises the security of another member organization.

8. Without prejudice to Article 5.6, member organizations may establish bilateral

cooperation to further coordinate their activities. Such bilateral cooperation shall not be

with other organizations that are antagonistic to a member organization, unless there is a

clear strategic value that will directly or indirectly benefit the alliance and with the

consent of member organizations.

9. Member Organizations shall not join or make other Alliances in Ethiopia with other

political forces without the consent of member organizations.

10. Member organization may establish a relation with any political force from their

people or nation without violation of the core principles of this Statute. Such a

relationship must not endanger or infringe the rights of a member organization and

11. All member organizations shall have the duty to propagate and promote the objectives

of the Alliance, support all its activities and implement decisions taken by it.

Chapter VI – Organs of the Alliance

The organs of the Alliance are:

i. The Governing Council; and

ii. ii. The Executive Committee- at least 2 representatives from each organization- newly

joining members will wait until the next election to participate in the heads of bureau

selection. However they will get an equal share of members in EC and will seconded to

working bureau. The chairperson of the newly admitted organization will participate in

the Chairpersons deliberations.

iii. Auditing Commission and Legal Service Commission

The Executive committee should be members of Governing Council. As an executive

branch, the Executive committee shall be a practically working committee with a very

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 5

The Governing Council is the highest and supreme organ of the Alliance. The General

council shall set and monitor the policy and positions of the Alliance. It elects and

assigns the Executive Committee, Auditing Commission and Legal Service Commission.

a. The Governing Council shall consist of representatives of each member

organization, delegated by its organization from among its leadership.

b. Each member organization shall be entitled to five representatives on the Governing

Council, and each representative shall be entitled to one vote. If an organization cannot

field five members due to limitations, the participating members have a collective vote

c. The head of a member organization shall be one of the representatives on the

Council. The member’s team shall consist of three from the political organ, one youth

and one woman from the Youth and Women’s civic organizations of that member

d. Each representative must be a member in good standing of his/her organization.

e. Member organizations may recall their representatives except the Head of the

Organization, at any time, with or without case, by giving written notice.

f. If the member Organization changed its Head, the newly elected Head of

Organization automatically substitute the position of Outgoing Head of the

The Governing Council shall adopt its rules of procedure and shall elect through

consensus. The Chairpersonship and deputy Chairpersons shall be rotational and every

year it shall be rotated. In general the leadership shall be collective and all the

chairpersons shall have constant consultations on main issues, regardless of who holds

the chairpersonship. The selection of other members of the Executive Committee shall

be made on the basis of consultation between the heads of delegates of member

Subject to the provisions of this Statute, all resolutions of the Governing Council shall

require a two third majority of the representatives of each member organization.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 6

The Governing Council shall meet in ordinary session twice a year.

The Governing Council may be convened in special session, upon the initiative either of

the Chairman or by a written request of at least by one third member organizations.

Chapter VII – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made of the following:

A Presidium of Chairpersons of the organizations who will be composed of a

chairperson, two deputies and the rest of the other chairs. The Chair of the

presidium will head the EC and the First Deputy Chairperson will focus on

Organization Affairs (Finance, R&D, Defence) while the second Deputy Chairperson

will focus on diplomatic affairs (Foreign Relations, Information, HR/HA)

2. Heads of bureau composed of:

a. Head of Political Affairs and Organizational Affairs

b. Head of Foreign Relations

c. Head of Information

e. Head of Research and Planning

g. Social affairs- Human Right/Humanitarian Activities (HR-HA)

1. Each head of the bureau of executive committee shall head a committee

composed of members organizations that will fulfil the duties of the bureau. All the

committee are not members of the EC. Organizations that cannot take that

responsibility will be exempted until such time they are ready to fulfil their duties.

2. The Executive Committee may establish other bodies, as it deems necessary.

3. The Executive Committee shall be responsible to work out the details on the

design of the logo and letterhead of the Alliance and use it.

1. The Executive Committee may temporarily suspend a member organization for

due cause. It may make such decision on account of failure of the member under

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 7

consideration to fulfil its financial 8 obligation. The General Council will reach the

final decision of uphold or rescinding the membership of a suspended member of

2. The appropriate office of the Executive committee shall inform any misconduct

of a member to its respective organization.

3. By-laws regarding the workings and conducts of the alliance members will be

prepared within six months of formation of the alliance by the Executive committee

and approved by the general council in its next held session. Such a By-law shall be

delivered to the General council in good time for adequate deliberation before their

The Executive Committee shall formally report its activities at all sessions of the

The Executive Committee shall hold an ordinary meeting once every three months.

The Committee may choose the manner in which the meeting takes place. The

Executive Committee shall prepare and adopt the internal working rules and

regulations of the Alliance.

The Executive Committee shall prepare and implement the specific criteria of

admittance into the Alliance.

Chapter VIII – Duties of the Officers of the Alliance

1. Represents the Alliance.

2. Uphold and promote the objectives of the Alliance

3. Serves as the chief executive and chief spokesperson of the Alliance.

4. Directs and supervises the Executive Committee in the implementation of the

decisions of the Council.

5. Calls and presides over the meeting of the Executive Committee and the Council.

6. Presents at each regular or special meetings of the Council the report of the

work of the Executive Committee.

7. Co-signs the checks or drafts of the Alliance.

a) First Deputy Chairperson:

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 8

1. Carry out the duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.

2. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson

3. Supervise and direct the activities of his/her focus bureaus.

b) Second Deputy Chairperson:

1. Carry out the duties of the first Deputy Chairperson in the absence of the first

Deputy Chairperson and the duties of Chairperson in the simultaneous absence of

both first Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson.

2. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

3. Supervise and direct the activities of his/her focus bureaus.

Political and Organizational Affairs

1. Coordinate the organizational activities of member organizations.

2. Carry out strategic planning activities to increase the capacity and efficiency of

3. Prepare, recommend and if approved, disseminate the public relations policies of

the members organization

4. Coordinate and disseminate joint policies and positions of members’

5. Organize and coordinate the mass organizations of the members.

6. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

Head of Foreign Relations:

1. Carry out the diplomatic mission of the Alliance.

2. Building strong relations with governments, NGO and other institutions to win

support for the objectives, tasks and programs of the Alliance.

3. Head the Foreign Relations Committee of the Alliance, composed of foreign

relations bureau of members organizations.

4. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

Head of Information:

1. Disseminate information to the public.

2. Build strong working relations with the media to propagate the objectives and

activities of the Alliance.

3. Head the Information Committee of the Alliance.

4. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 9

1. Manage the financial activities of the Alliance

2. Organize and supervise the Accounting, Fundraising and Treasury sections

3. Head the Finance Committee of the Alliance composed of Finance Bureaus of

member organizations.

4. Serve as a custodian for all the funds and properties of the Alliance.

5. Co-sign the checks or drafts of the Alliance along with the Chairperson.

6. Prepare the financial reports and the budget of the Alliance.

7. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

Head of Research & Planning:

1. Head the Research & Planning Committee of the Alliance composed of R&D

Bureaus of member organizations.

2. Collect and analyse relevant information to enhance the work and productivity of

3. Conduct research studies and surveys to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency

4. Provide to the Executive Committee quantitative and qualitative information to

assist in planning, policy-making and decision-making

5. Recommend policy options to the Executive Committee and the Council.

6. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

1. Head the defense Committee of the Alliance composed of defense Bureaus of

member organizations.

2. Prepare and propose the joint strategy and action plans of joint military Strategy

of the Member Organization of the Alliance

3. Organize and follow up the implementation of the joint strategy approved 4.

Organize military intelligence gathering and sharing

5. Coordinate member military campaigns to make them more effective and timely

6. Facilitate the formation of liaison between forces of member organizations in

adjacent operational zones and explore ways for joint operations.

7. Draft the guiding principles and structures of the future joint transitional army of

8. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 10

Head of social affairs

1. Heads the Social affairs Committee of the Alliance composed of social Bureaus of

member organizations.

2. Prepare and propose the joint strategy and action plans of the alliance in regard

to mobilization and foster the development and effectiveness of the Alliance social

organizations and other civic groups

3. Serve as a liaison to build the social network of member organizations

4. Plans and strategies to promote brotherly relations among all parties.

5. Organizes various forums where civic organizations and others can have an

opportunity for dialogue.

6. Coordinates and directs the efforts of associated Human rights groups and NGOs

7. Documents and files the violations of democratic and human rights committed

against the nations and nationalities of all parties.

8. Organizes aid and support for refugees of member organizations and liaises with

UNHCR and the UN agencies.

9. Monitors and advocates for refugees rights of member organization

10. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson

The Secretariat headed by a secretary

1. Liaison inter-departmental coordination with consultation of the Chairperson.

2. During any meeting of the Alliance taking dictation in short hand and preparing

its transcript in the best manner possible.

3. Maintaining in a proper order the documents required to be retained by the

4. To keep a watch over timely submission of reports, statements and scrutinize

5. To receive letters and visitors and see that their requests, complaints, and other

pertaining issues to the Alliance are attended to.

6. Maintaining the secret files.

7. Fixing appointments or cancelling in accordance with instruction given from

Chairperson. 8. Execute all other duties assigned by the Chairperson and/or

Chapter IX Auditing Commission

1. The Committee will consist of at least five memebers or more. One member from

each organizations. At least one must be an accredited accountant and all members

of the Audit Committee shall possess or obtain a basic understanding of financial

reporting and auditing.

2. The Auditing Committee is nominated by the Governing Council and report to it.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 11

3. The Committee shall have a team leader and secretary from the Commission

members elected by Governing council, except the accountant if not found in the

4. The Auditing Commission proves the reliability and integrity of financial records,

and the preparation of financial statements.

5. It investigates whether the organization has suffered through misappropriation

of assets, manipulation of data, omission of information, or illegal acts

6. Review the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the

means used to identify measure, classify, and report such information to the

General council in its session.

7. It prepares a written report that addresses how the Committee discharged its

duties and met its responsibilities. The report shall confirm that the Committee held

separate, private discussions on financial statements prepared by the Finance

8. It reviews the means of safeguarding assets and, as appropriate, verifies the

existence of such assets

9. The Audit Committee shall establish procedures for the receipt, retention, and

treatment of complaints regarding internal financial controls and practices, or

10. The Committee shall sign a non-disclosure clause outside the alliance.

Chapter X Legal Service Commission

1. The commission shall have five (5) members. There will be an elected chairman

2. Monitors compliance of statutes

3. Provides legal opinions to the Executive Committee on any matter or document

requiring such opinions

4. Drafts rules, regulations, orders, and decisions for Alliance where ever needed

5. Represents the Alliance in cases brought before the courts. 6. Interprets statutes.

7. Deals with legal aspects of any complaints.

8. Prepares Alliance’s papers having legal implications

9. Prepares report for Governing Council session.

Chapter XI – Membership Dues

1. The major source of resources for the Alliance shall be from members.

2. There shall be annual membership fee for each member organization set and

reviewed by the Governing Council in their sessions.

3. The fiscal year shall be from April 1st until April 30th.

4. Membership Dues must be paid in full by July 31st within the fiscal year.

P.O.Box 6973 Asmara, Eritrea Tel 2911110236 Email:, Page 12

5. Organizations that do not pay their duties will lose their rights to vote initially.

Chapter XII – Settlement of disputes

1. Any dispute between parties of the alliance shall be initially settled through

dialogue between the parties affected.

2. Any other dispute between two or more parties relating to the interpretation or

application of this Statute that is not settled through negotiations within three

months of their commencement shall be referred to the Governing Council.

3. The settlement given by the Council by a 2/3 vote shall be final and binding.

4. Disciplinary clause should be prepared by EC and approved by the Governing

council, within six months of formation of the alliance.

5. More elaborate bylaws regarding disputes shall be prepared by the alliance.

Chapter XIV– Final Provisions

This Statute may be amended or repealed through a consensus of the Governing

Council and it may be made at any regular meeting, or at special meeting called for

this purpose, provided a written notice and intention of the meeting is conveyed to

all member organizations.

This Statute shall enter in to effect on the date it is signed by the Parties.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the undersigned being duly authorized thereto by their

respective organizations have signed this Statute and caused it to take effect

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF),

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF),

The Sheckacho People’s Movement for Democracy and Justice (SHEPMODSOJ),

The Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

Hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

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