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Support the victims of the Addis Ababa “Master Plan”

Many of us have been following the Oromo students who have been demonstrating in all parts of Oromia, unequivocally regecting the Addis Ababa (Finfinne) “Master Plan”. As usual, the Ethiopian government opted to shed blood instead of responding the demands of the students that have been demonstrating peacefully.

Based on our culture of helping fellow Oromos in thier time of sorrow, Macha-Tulama Association (MTA) hereby launches an online fund raising drive to support the families of those students who are killed by Ethiopian security forces across Oromia while peacefully protesting the “Master Plan”. We would like also to announce that MTA has allocated $1,000.00 U.S. dollars to support the victims and their families, and also to lead the fund raising effort.

The fund will also be used to support students in their needs who are incarcerated for months in notorious gulags because of again protesting the Addis Ababa “Master Plan”. Please click on the Donate button on our website – – and follow the instructions to contribute.

It’s our plan that if sufficient funds are collected, MTA will reach out to the victims of the 2014 violence of the government.

In the mean time, we would like to request for your help in gathering the following information and sending them to us via our Facebook message or our email –

  1. Names of the students killed by the Ethiopian government security forces,
  2. School grade or academic year and field of study if s/he is a university student,
  3. Name of family members (at least two) to whom money can be sent and their telephone number,
  4. Picture of the deceased student (if available), and
  5. Age, place of birth, brief life history of the deceased if known

Please do not hesitate to contribute as much as you can. Every penny adds up and makes a difference in the lives of the victims!


Macha-Tulama Association
Washington, D.C.

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