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Tedy Afro will sue Tigest Geme(Oromo First Genocidal Activist) for defamation

Tigest Geme is known for extreme hate for Ethiopians specifically to Orthodox Christians.She is one of Jawar’s follower and Oromo first Genocidal activist and currently resides in Portland. Due to her extreme religious and ethnic hatred for Ethiopians .Many of her friends has been distancing themselves for a while. Tigest and her friends are driven by  low sense of self worthiness, victim mentality and hatred.

Tigist has falsified and fabricated defaming Teddy Afro. Thus, it is imperative for Teddy Afro to take on the needed legal action against such extremists. This also goes for the recent Teddy Afro song Tikur Sew which was taken and made into an Anti-Amhara, Orthodox and Menelik II song. This is a copyright violation not to mention inciting genocide against Orthodox and Christians in general. Tigest had made a serious of baseless allegation against Tedy Afro . (her article can be found here(http://www.opride.com/oromsis/news/horn-of-africa/3725-the-dark-side-of-teddy-afro-s-fame-and-fortune).

The recent ongoing controversy on Teddy Afro by minute small group of Oromo extremists has reached fever peach high. I came across an article written on the controversy by an individual named Tigist Game, and I must say I have not come across an article that is so full of mendacity and vitriol. She engages in presenting falsity to justify her genocidal ideology and mentality. I will cover each of her claims paragraph by paragraph and try to expose much of her inconsistencies and fabrications.

“Enqu editors circulated the magazine’s December issue (pictured above) via email featuring Teddy and his beloved emperor side to side on its cover with a comment that reads, “For me, Menelik’s unification campaign was a Holy War.” A few days later, amid protests on social media, the publishers shelved the comment and sought to dismiss the controversy by saying it was a technical glitch in their system.” First of all, Teddy Afro never made such a statement. Yes, it is true the magazine had at first published alleging Teddy Afro had given those statements, but the magazine did retract its words, and in fact, Teddy Afro also gave a statement specifically detailing that the questions were about Adwa and nothing else. However, even if he gave those statements he has right to speak his mind! However, the deliberate twisting of words to assassinate someone’s character is nothing new to Neo-Nazil Oromo extremists.


“As Hallelujah Lulie points out in a blog post at Horn Affairs, on a closer reading, the Enqu publishers retraction doesn’t hold much water. First, a direct quote from a source cannot in any way be a “technical glitch.” Second, as Lulie rightly notes, every news organization has established workflows and mechanisms for editorial oversight. It is therefore preposterous and unethical for Enqu editors to downplay and fix quotes by caving to pressures from Teddy and his handlers. Third, by lionizing one of Ethiopia’s most ruthless tyrants – one whose historical atrocities amount to genocide against several nations and nationalists in southern Ethiopia including the Oromo, Kafficho, Wolayita, Sidamo and many others – Teddy has already condoned these atrocities. He has never been shy about his saintlike admiration for the loathed emperor.”

Teddy Afro does not need to be pressured to change his mind. He is a well-spoken individual who is articulation goes beyond than just playing around with empty rhetoric. He is a profound artist who weaves art and history together boldly. We all know where Jah Yasterseryal song cost him. If Tigist Geme things Teddy Afro is somehow afraid to speak his mind then she is hugely mistaken. Furthermore, she classifies Ethiopian rulers as being, “Ethiopia’s most ruthless tyrants – one whose historical atrocities amount to genocide against several nations and nationalists in southern Ethiopia including the Oromo, Kafficho, Wolayita, Sidamo and many others.” Notice how she presents a selective picture of Ethiopian leaders and does not provide any context and attempts to classify it as genocide in the current context.

First and foremost what she is classifying as genocide is one of the thousands of wars that have taken place in the various regions in Ethiopia. Notice how she also attempts to garner the support of the Southern people and also attempt to attribute the same defeatist and victimization ideology to them. Once again, she argues selectively and attempts to speak for the Southern people under her Oromo extremist ideology. The irony is that many of these ethnic groups detests Oromo extremists because historically have dominated those same groups she accuses Menelik II of oppressing. In fact, the land of these ethnic groups were changed to Oromo names because they were conquered by them. Furthermore, Menelik II is not loathed by the majority of Ethiopians! On the contrary, he is only loathed by extremists like herself because they refuse to see beyond their hateful religious and ethno-nationalist radical goal. Therefore, Teddy Afro does not condone anything! Like any other Ethiopian, he wishes to celebrate our victories!

“For example, in an interview with EBS’s Kassa Show, dressed in a royal knight-like wear, Teddy flamboyantly showed off portraits of kings Menelik and Haileselassie in his living room while boasting about the need to understand history and the past to create a better future.”“Even if one accepts Enqu’s botched retraction as plausible, Teddy has already done enough damage to his reputation. To be sure, as a private citizen, Teddy has every right to admire or immortalize whomever he so chooses. But he is a public figure. His music and words have significant influence. His willful ignorance and simplistic interpretation of historical events and figures have generational consequences. For the Oromo and other nations in the south, Teddy’s actions amount to exculpating Hitler of the Holocaust.” Teddy Afro’s reputation is still intact! If Ms. Tigist Geme means reputation with extremists like herself than that is true because Teddy’s love message in incongruent with their extremist’s hateful ideology. As stated earlier, his music has and continues to be at the forefront at uniting people, and presently he is the most sought out artist.

Tigist Geme has neither the moral ground nor the education to give advice to Teddy Afro because any one that has a depth understanding of what Hitler did and what the Holocaust was about would not spew nonsense nor make such a ridiculous and ludicrous comparison with Menelik II. Perhaps it escapes Tigist Geme that the Nazi’s were in the business of gassing people in gas chamber or how people who did not fit into the Arayan’s race concept of “fitness” were disposable? I could go on and list for hours on end on the atrocities of the Nazis, but doing so would mean entertaining the epitome of stupidity. Therefore, I will not do it! However, one can easily assume how drunk the extremists have gotten with such hate! She further goes on and states. “It is time that Teddy is stopped. Such revisionist historiography and hagiography has no place in our time. It took decades of sustained struggle to correct the falsified Ethiopian history written by court historians, not least those who worked for Menelik. It is unthinkable to assume a return to an era where history is written to fulfill the interests of those who seek to maintain the status quo.” It is evident reading this statement that she does not understand what revisionism denotes and how she is contradicting herself.

According to the Webster dictionary revisionism or a revisionist is, “support of ideas and beliefs that differ from and try to change accepted ideas and beliefs especially in a way that is seen as wrong or dishonest.” Obviously, she not only lacks the understanding of the definition but the concepts of how history is written and merited. In other words, her and her likes hold the revisionist position. One of the individuals who they love to hate is Abba Baherey. Aba Bahere was a Christian Monk who wrote on the Oromo expansion, culture, and identity in an utmost detail.

According to Hassan Mohamed, who is an author of Oromo historical literature, states that Abba Baharey is the first person to have written about the Gada system which these extremist Oromos radicals hate with a passion. Abba Baharey, as many historians, was biased of course. However, his writings cannot be entirely dismissed as being biased because it is part of history and perspective of his. For argument sake, we will dismiss Aba Baharey to suit Tigist Geme and here minion Oromo extremists. Now the question is what about foreign writers? Are they biased too? Well of course they can be but in most cases they are not. A perfect book that can perhaps appease them is that of, “Futuh Al-Habasha: The Conquest of Abyssinia (Futuh Al-Habasa).” It was written by Sihab ad-Din Ahmad bin Abd al-Qader bin Salem bin Utman. The book was written Sihab ad-Din Ahmad bin Abd al-Qader bin Salem bin Utman, and in the book he perfectly documents how the Oromos expanded along with Muslims all the way to Shewa, Gojam, Gonder, Wello and so forth. This is one of the many Oromo expansions which you will not hear from Tigist Geme or her minions because revealing those facts would dismantle the premise of their ideological position and mission.


source; boletoday.com

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