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Truth Barometer #4



By Odaahora


The Tuulama highland plateau where Finfinne or Shagar is located was a beautiful village like any Oromia villages, with its blessed geographical contours where one can enjoy the beauty of its land escapes in all four compass directions from the top of the Xiixa or Intooto Moutain with an elevation of 2355 meters. The Tuulama highland plateau was proposed to be the most plausible terra known as the cradle of the Oromo people and the umblicalcord of Oromia and its capital city. It was known for its rich cattle production site from where the Oromos named it Dirree Saawa, means plain for cattle as the knowledgeable Oromo storyteller like Edaa’oo Boru proves it. It is an indication of its fertility, abundant grasses, water, rivers, and streams from where the name Finfinne means Fountain is coined.


The plateau Tuulama highland had a vegetation of great variety of fauna and flora of tropical highland forest with indigenous trees like Junipers trees, Podocarpus trees e.t.c, before the invasion of Eucalyptus trees seedling exported from Austral and the Habesah settlers. It was estimated to have about 150,000 to 200,000 inhabits, with distributed huts surrounded by farms, grasslands were horses, cattle’s, sheep and calves grasses, typical of all Oromia highland inhabitants residency before the genocide and ethnocide of the native Oromo were conducted by Habeshas most intensively by Sahile Maria’s nomadic, predatory settler/ Neftanyas and brigands and occupied and colonized that holds to the very minute.


Once Alfred and his two colleges were settled in Intooto, the next urgent project was building houses for Menelik’s future residence, roads, bridges, churches using slave labor and recruiting workers and soldiers and later on a construction of Bullet fabric in Finfinne. In smuggling weapons from Europe, the French citizen Leon Chenfneux was Alfred’s partner par excellence. Alfred Ilg traveled to Europe seven times as “Habeshanized ferji” with Swiss background to solve all the problems related to Menelik. These name Dirree Saawa was deformed to a meaningless name “Shoa” similar Fifinne was renamed to “Addis Ababa” by the settler colonialists that was turned to be the springboard of Sahile Maria’s expansions wars and genocides where the empire was increased from five to six to the original size of Abyssian proper, “thanks to the brain and architect of all affairs, weapon smuggler, advisor etc., of Sahile Mariam “Menelik II,”named Alfred Ilg of Swiss citizen” and the establishment of one of the primitive, barbaric empire contemporarily know as “Ethiopia” stolen from Greeks who knew nothing about the existence on this planet. Once settling in Fifinne, Sahile Mariam must urgently claim for the throne to be called “Menelik II” the myth of the tribe of Judah.


It was on the day when Sahlie Mariam was renamed to “Menelik II” by Abuna Mathewos in Intooto in 1889 that among other Europeans who participated in this ceremony, Alfred Ilg was the only person who appeared with local dresses “Shemma: an habeshanized Ferenj,” a plus point for his loyalty and trust indicator to Menelik and his circles. On the 2nd of May of the some year the Treaty of Waacaale (TW), deformed to a meaningless name “Wichale” by Abyssinian settlers was signed between Italy and Menelik. According to Oromo, genealogical descriptions Waacaale is a branch of Sikko Oromo resided in the northeastern parts of Oromo land, mostly known as Walo region to which Ittaya, Borru, Uttala Oromo Gosas or Qommos belongs among others inhabitants in the region.


Italy was the primary sources of weapon supplier to Sahile Maraim, as a hope to fight against the trouble maker, Yohanis of Tigre on the Italian-occupied colonial borders in the horn of Africa, Eritrea, who had over 30,000 soldiers trained by Swiss master Gunner Louis. The representative of Italian government G.P. Antonelli began working with Sahile Mariam since the beginning of the 1880s in so-called alliance plane and trade argument planes and Massawa was occupied by Italians without a single shot in 1885, and delivered over 189,000 weapons of war from Europe to Sahile Mariam through the port of Massawa under her control until 1895, within ten years alone. But, Sahile Mariam surrendered to Yohanis IV without a shot and pardoned as an underdog to hold his part occupied but pay annual attributes to Yohanis IV.Two months after Yohanis was killed by Mahdists the TW was signed be Italy and Sahile Mariam. First, the complete draft of the prepared treaty was written in Italy that Antonelli brought with him to Menelik in his occupied camp gafol or Zagol in Waacaale to be interpreted in Amharic, signed, and sent back to Italy to be ratified and executed. Menelik had signed and sent it back to Rome. Gafol or Zagol is the deep-rooted system of predatory Abyssian settler troops escorting their warlords or brigands preys on the local community within which they temporarily settled. They were known as “human locusts or plague” where ever their footholds.


The TW was the work of Antonelli and Alfred Ilg. Both of them equally knew Sahile Miriam, worked with each other as a friend or as foe depending on the time and circumstances. Both of them knew the Amharic language and native to the Italian language. The arrived at the some year and worked almost over 10 years with Sahile Miriam who finally profited immensely from both. As the letter reached Italy, Rome was very much satisfied and promptly sent as the reward of welcome gifts of 4000 Remington rifles with 200,000 cartridges, 500 other rifles, and 1million Westerly cartridges. Antonelli was very satisfied with the deals with Menelik who furthermore gave one-third of Eretria including Keren, and Asmara two months after TW. In addition to Firearms and ammunitions, Antonelli also secured a loan of 2 million Lire for Menelik in concision concerning the boundaries in February 1890


The spin of the modal verbs of TW the “can” and the “must”


The assumption that what Menelik had signed in TW and ratified was the translated Amharic version of the “can” but not the Italians version of the “must”, and was alleged to be the mistakes of alleged translator named Yosef of Menelik to Amharic was a betrayal of grade level A. he was found as scope goat. First, Yosef knew nothing about Italian alphabet late alone the syntaxes and semantics of the Italian language and holds a license of the translator. Thus, no healthy human curses an illiterate person for foreign language and exchanges of modal verbs except the Abyssinia’s. Secondly, If, the issue was as it was propagated by Abyssinians, one will not sign the treaty on the spot if he or she can be able to take the consequence granted, but not six years later. Third, Italy could never provide weapons and ammunitions of war and money loans since she occupied the red sea coasts and Eretria till TW. Fourth, one must know that Menelik was also an illiterate with his own language who cannot read and write, let all to detected the role of “must and can” and global treaties. His knowledge is limited to the villages he moved and settled and knew that Europe produces modern weapons of war that he eager to get to fight against his local rivals and territorial expansion in the region.


Thus, The fact that Italy was a protectorate was proved by Menelik himself at the end the end of the 1890s in dozen of letters written to Italy. It was also known by the responses he got from all Europeans except the Russians and Turkey symbolically who has no much spheres of influence to change the paradigm. It was known that Alfred Ilg, the spin engineer who knew Italian and Amharic languages was in Waachale with the alleged translator Yosef who knew no Italian, thus it can be only Ilg who translated the draft signed by Menelik and sent to Rome. In return Menelik was supplied with sufficient weapon and money loans from Italia which she was going to regret in March 1896.

The idea of the projects of betrayal and accusation of Antonelli began by Alfred Ilg himself it cannot be otherwise. In fact, all sorts of communications channels, letters mainly made between Menelik and the rest of the Europeans colonial powers in general, and around the horn of Africa in particular were opened, read, interpreted and responded through Alfred Ilg whom menelik authorized. One must  understand all Habesahs around him and he himself can not read and wrtite thir wn lanagauge let alone to act as a bridge as interpretor.Thus,  Menelik without Alfred Ilg was a blind man, and Alfred Ilg was a minister for all, an interpreter, secretary, advocate, foreign and domestic relations, trade and commerce begging from clay pot to white gold, plundered resources, looted subjestcs, stolen historical,cultural goods wherever the foot of Minilks predatory brigands Militias holds in Oromia and the whole south with similar historical fates  incarcerated in th empire. Alfred Ilg had a finger in every pie and no one by pass him.


In his first trip back to Europe Ilg represented his plans of Menelik’s empire to the Geographical-ethnological society of Zurich in May 1980. He left with the ship fully loaded with goods and resources exploited from conquered regions of the south as a whole such as Gold, Coffee, Ivory, Tusk, Cinnamon, Civet, Fur, Hide, Historical artifacts, etc to Europe. In return from Europe, he shipped back full of Weapons of war and its accessories, construction machines and materials, and some times gifts for his his Master-Menelik to Abyssinia, and that was the beginning trip and he would travel 6 times more untill to his final leave of the Empire in 1906 that will be explored in the follwing part.

A lot of inks were spilled on the barbarisms of the Habeshas-the exact name one must called them, go back to the day of their arrival in the horn Africa from Southwest Asian desert. Furthermore, nothing has changed and the world is witnessing it on daily base today. So, if a sacred historian writes about Habeshas histroy not folklore myth and fables, her signature must be barbarisms, famine, hunger and hypocrisy, last but not least diabolic lies and betrayal. The Italian accused Alfred Ilg not the barabaric menelik, and found him guilty called him Firearm smuggler and betrayal of the treaty.

Although the accusation of italiay did not bear fruit, the idea of  betrayal and annulment of the Treaty of Waacaale was designed and executed by Alfred Ilg. He comes out with the idea before Menelik official rejects the treaty he signed and won the gigantic amount of weapons and a debt of Two million Liras loans must be repaid and while Menelik and his settlers were in Famine and cannot pay it back. There were enough weapons of war than food in the empire on Menelik imported from Europe including Switzerland who portray herself neutrality this period of time. Ilg was turned to the shareholder of every subject and resources exploited from the south with Menelik and promised to pay it back, and he paid it back. Now the super mentor, Alfred Ilg and the underdog “Negus Menelik” fill matured enough to reject officially the modal verb of Italians “must” to “will or can” of the Alfred Ilg-Menelik version that they profited from it, since the 1980 trade argument with Italy to the TW on the 2nd of May1889 to the beginning of the war in on 1st of march 1896 with Italy. As an idiom that says: Biting the hand that feeds you.”typical Abyssinian cultural doctrine and behavior and arts of acts heritage one must know.

The following part will thoroughly explore the impacts of the colonial forces occupied the red seas strips and islands like Britain, France, and Italy most efficiently and the role Alfred Ilg in internal as wells as foreign affairs of Abyssian and his role in wars waged by Menelik against the people of the south. The awufl truth of the the spin engineer of the railroad project that indeed turened to the capitain of firearm smuggler will continoue.


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