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The Call to Articulate Oromo’s Decision in Unison

As a nation, what do we the Oromo people want and what do we need to achieve what we want? With urgency, we the Oromo people as a whole have to decide what we want and what we need to achieve it.

In my view, we the Oromos have not decided yet what we want and what we need to achieve it.  Decision is the first step before action.  To desire something or to have a clear objective, we need to decide first what we want to achieve.

When I say decision, I mean as a nation we need to have a consensus on what we want.  Once we decide what we want, we can move on to the next steps we need to take and what is required of us to achieve our clearly set vision and objectives, goals.

I believe our inability to decide clearly what we want has been the defining problem for us as a nation. For a long time we have been half-hearted in our political pursuits.  The political elites and the fortunate few literate and schooled have not reached a unanimous decision what sort of existence we want.

I mean by that whether we need total self-determination or coexistence within the empire state of Ethiopia.  This indecision has been the main obstacle confronted us.  As the result, our oppressors had the free ride to subjugate us and imposed their despotic regime over one century.

They realized that the Oromos cannot decide and will not decide, so they can take advantage of our indecision to rule over us against our will.  We allowed them to oppress us and terrorize us, to loot our wealth, to destroy our life, and know to completely cut us apart through the TPLF genocidal land policy.

My suggestion and call to all Oromos is we need to decide fast and urgently before the current TPLF fascist regime exterminate us from the human geography.

The Oromo people cannot call our self a nation without the following three things.

  1. our land;
  2. our people;
  3. our socio-cultural institutions.

Especially, we need to understand without our land we will be nothing and our existence as a nation will be in doubt.

The threat that confronting us today is the differences between life and death.  We need to decide urgently and deploy our resources for our common survival as a nation.  That means our financial resources, our time and energy, and our intellectual capital.

I urge all Oromos wherever we might be to reach with urgency a common decision for our common survival.  For the time being, we should set aside our political differences until we attain what we want.  Once we secure our Oromia, we can negotiate our political differences in accordance to our cultural resources and customs.

Message to the young generation of Oromos

Your endeavor to liberate yourself and your father land Oromia is just and legitimate. In human history, freedom has never been given by the oppressors as a charity to the oppressed.  Every nation who fought for justice and freedom always paid a very dear price to attain them.  That is what is expected of you if you want freedom, justice and human dignity.  History calls a generation to action.  Those who have prepared themselves they answer and take their position to full fill their generational duty.

As Frantz Fanon once said, “Out of relative obscurity, each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.”

As a generation, you have discovered you generational mission, I hope you will fulfil it.  But, you need to be very smart and adopt well thought through strategy that will see you through to your end goal.  You need to outsmart your enemy.  You should never give in.  You should never be deceived by this clever and cunning enemy you are confronting.  Young Oromos, remember, you are against a very dangerous and hungry beast.  TPLF is the most dangerous and cunning and depraved Wolf in human close.  Do not accept any less than what you set out to achieve.  What you are fighting for your freedom, dignity and rights that belongs to you which is inalienable and you are endowed by virtue of being a human.

To lead a dignified existence, you must fight until you attain it.  You must be persistent and decisive in your endeavor.  Do not expect the old.  Think and decide for yourself this is your time.  History invites you to fulfil your generational mission.  To liberate yourself from the yoke of slavery and subjugation, the tools you need to achieve your goal is courage, resolution, determination, total commitment and sacrifice.  Without these cardinal virtues, you will never be able to realize your dream of freedom and justice.

Mahatma Gandy once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Be the freedom and justice you want to see. Fight with vigor and valor.  You will see what you dreamed of and what you want.  The old generation has been deceived many times in our history.  They were hesitant. They did not understand how their oppressors operated and functioned.  They did not know what type of deception and political intrigue they played.  Learn from your fathers and grandfathers.  Do not repeat their mistakes.  Be prepared to fight your oppressors smartly and wisely.  You should not hesitate for one second.  Be alert. Be one step ahead of your enemy.  Fight with one heart, with one voice and build a strong and cohesive trust.  Do not allow to be fooled by the current dangerous and cunning wolf.  Good Lack with your struggle.  Jal Dibaba Tesfaye


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  1. Jaal Dibaba

    Thank you for your advice. Please disseminate this information to young generation. It is very important and clear language. Let you dispatch on on different websites.

    Fayya ta’i.