Oduu Haaraya




By Odaa HorA


No people and culture are known to survive from over six centuries of elimination policies of the Abyssinian (Habesha and Tiger mainly) except the Oromo people and their Gadaa-Siiqqee System in human history. Stamped as primary target to be eliminated, there is no gruesome, cruel tactic and strategies left unemployed by the aliens of the north; warlords despotic monarchies, military junta, and contemporary Wayane II (TPLF) brigands in every corner of Oromia


The Habeshas, the offspring’s of divers, invaders who settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges in the horn of Africa that is often impassable, supported with massive Europeans rifles and ammunition, military experts and intelligence etc, since the mid of 15th centuries to the present.


All waged wars of elimination on Oromummaa/Oromoness, committed genocides and ethnocides the dreamed to conserve the Oromo people in reservoirs and their history, culture, language, culture, symbols, rites, etc, in Museum. Mass-slaughter, incarcerations, hanging Oromo meritorious in midday light, torture, rapes, eviction, and flight turned the major accomplishment the alien of the north to the very date.


present. These are the main accomplishment of the Wayane II (TPLF) brigands’ the fascist of today committing genocides and ethnocides in each and every corner of Oromia since December 1991 to the minute


What signifies the vitae of one of the primitive, the poorest, dependent barbaric empire established by Euro-Abyssian alliance during the scramble for Africa, the political power was always seized through coup d’eate. They all committed genocides and ethnocides per se on Oromos primarily and the people of the south conquered and incarcerated in the empire none of them are /were brought to justices and punished for the acts of their atrocities they committed yet.


The deep-rooted inheritance of tyrannical behaviors, mannerism and practices of the lawless warlords, despotic monarchy, military junta, and the tyrants of today who went out with the premise of elimination of the Oromos and resettlement with their own clans and gun-carries (the Neftenyas) have been most significantly increased for the last one-hundred-thirty years. The establishment of a predator-prey relationship between the poorest aliens of the north versus the richest south is their major accomplishment in the history of the empire that holds true to the present.


The current tyrannical regimes that operate with the artificial vitae by attesting the term called the “Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (EPRDF) committed a crime against humanity: Genocide and ethnocide per se for solid twenty-eight years under the umbrella of federal democracy.The term federal democracy, a misnomer by itself turned into a license to corrupt, maim, murder, rape, mass arrest, eviction, plunder, etc.


It also turned to a visiting card. A consent of acceptances and grant to the global financial loans and credits like the World Bank, IMF, NGOs, the donor’s clubs, etc, that the tyrants dreadfully needs to survive and to maintain the power in their clans hand, and to execute their own hidden agenda of systemic eliminations of the natives by all means they can.


It turned to a certificate to exploitations of the resources of the south, cheap-forced labors to enrich themselves and their place of birth called Tigray and the profited geared moral-less and ethic-less foreign companies. Tigray was known as one of the poorest and most backward regions, prone to drought and famine located in the northern tips of the empire in 1990 before the TPLF was brought to political power “thanks to the USA Ambassador Herman Cohen and Isaiyas Afeweriq of Eritrea.”


It is a tragedy that throughout the history of the barbaric, predatory empire the people in uniform, the gun careers turned to the safeguards and the security of the tyrannical regimes. They turned the protectorates of the interest and shareholders of the tyrants in power who purposively, calculated and employed someone of their own clans, loyal puppets, and suitable shareholders from the other ethno-nationals called “investors,” indeed they.

are unscrupulous, corrupted exploiters of the resources, responsible for evictions of all kinds and plunderers of the properties of the peoples and enriches themselves.


The TPLF-gangsters hire the key posts to their nearest relatives clans, interrelated whom they absolutely trust and serves as loyal Avan-guards bounded to the leaders personally and sworn to oblige until his/her last breath. They established and institutionalized and executed policies that justify their atrocities, crimes against humanity; GENOCIDE by deploying and employing the gun carriers who turned their back against their own people, and became a gang of thugs of mass-slaughter eviction, incarcerations of the targeted people and plunderers of their resources in the contemporarily known the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDPE).


Lack of trust of the gun-carriers by the people incarcerated in this prison house a deep-rooted legacy of the history of the empire. People often described them by saying ፖሊስ ዘመድ የበንዝን አመድ የለውም.”. It literally means “There is no fraternity and sorority with police (gun-carriers), as there is no ash out of gasoline.” In relation to series of the power holders, warlords, despotic monarchies, military junta and tyrants of today, Wayane II (TPLF) that traded with name “Ethiopia” for over centuries people express their lawlessness and chicanery by saying “ሰማይ አይታረስም ንጉስ አይከሰስም. It means, “As much as you cannot plow the sky, as you cannot claim the King.


That proves that the power holders are above the law they wrote and signed themselves, and the tyrannical and barbaric system of the regimes independent of time, names, flags-anthem they attest to their subjects to exploit. The unwritten law, the absolute power by one-man hands and their clan is the rule of law in the prison house were over 80 ethnonational groups incarcerated and the people and their resources are treated as private properties of the regimes who catapulted to power at gunpoint one after the other since her establishment to the present.


It is a tragedy that sons daughters who have been conceived, nurtured with the placenta, grew up within their people, reached the stage of training and serving with uniform turned their back against their own people and commit fratricidal acts.The Militias in the Villages, Polices in the city, Soldiers and Generals in the military barracks, who sworn to serve, to protect the life of their people,fraternity and sororities, mutated to criminal gangs and commits mass-slaughter, torture, raps, incarcerates his own people in masses who demanded their basic human right peacefull .


On the world arena, the empire was signified with her chronic wars, devastations, famine, exiles and state terrors, horrors and subjugation on one hand and on the other hand, she ranks among the top firearms purchaser and importer and external debt holders lists in the African continent.


According to the Global Firepower ranking lists of 2017, the current Woyane “EPRDF” tyrannical regime ranks 41 in the world lists and the 3rd in the African continent next to Egypt and Algeria. The regime has total active military personnel of 162,000, the defense budget of $340 million and an external debt of $23 billion. On the opposite side, the regime is listed on the tail end of the global democratic rankings index and denoted as the most repressive regimes at the global scale. According to global multidimensional poverty index out of ca.100 million people incarcerated in this prison house called “Ethiopia,”.67 % the population survive in severe multidimensional poverty status.


Out of sixty-four top military posts listed about fifty of them belongs to the Woyane -TPLF clans who belongs to the Tigrians that make less than 6 % the population statistics of the empire who maintained an absolute power and the power wielder of the empire for the last twenty-eight years.


An absolute monopoly of the military post and limitless power enshrined in the regime’s system, its policies and practices, they are/ were able to instigate, waged wars and committee genocides and ethnocides in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambella, Benshanguls, lists without ends from day one of their presence in the foreign land.


The major accomplishments of the reckless settler gun carriers and invaders of TPLF-clans and their underdogs employed and deployed to accomplish the dirty jobs of butchering the native. They trained outcasted special killer troops called Agazi and Leyu police (trained killer squadron) deployed them throughout Oromia most significantly and committed mass–slaughtering, mass arrests, tortures, evictions, rapes, looting, grotesque acts analogy to Nazi Germany. The very few who succeed, fled to exile died in deserts, sunk in the seas and the oceans around Africa racking the world on daily bases that holds true to the very date.


Camouflaged with fake “federalism, democracy, terrorism, development,” the tyrannical regime turned to the worst regime sponsored terror and horror. Under the mass of State of Emerge the regime packed over 10 thousand peace full citizen in concentration camps within ten-month duration only, thousands were killed by live bullets, displacements in thousands turned to be their accomplishments of the daily agenda of the Fascist regime.


In fact, since the occupation of Finfinne in July 1991 by the TPLF-gangs the Oromos were under the state of emergency that was not televised but done on the soil. It began as the Stalinist, Marxist–Leninist League of Tigray (MLLTs), renamed to TPLF led by Meles Zenawi w made a U-turn and betrayed the Charter of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE) signed by major three fronts, the Oromo liberation Fronts (OLF), the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) who brought the collapse of the 17 years of terror and horror of Mengistu Haile Mariam’s military junta under auspices of the ambassador of USA Herman Cohen was turned to dead-born child.


The TPLF-Tyrants gangsters led by Meles Zenawi (chauvinist, narcissist, power–geared and cold-blooded killer) clan implemented the extreme cruelest tactics, methods, and strategy of Stalin of soviets style in a face value to consolidate and maintain the absolute power in one-man-hand till his death in August 2012.


The architect and the mastermind of the genocides and ethnocide. Meles Zenawi, who targeted the Oromo people to be reduced to half of its demographic dominance and to turn them from the majority of the people incarcerated in one of the primitive and barbaric empires on this planet since the mid of 19th century to the very date.


He designed and planned an elimination police of the Oromo’s from every walk of life in 34 points of manifesto: a top-secret document leaked from within that was first published by Seife Nebela newspaper in November 1996, analog to the National Socialist German Party (NAZI) led by Adolf Hitler’s 25 points of the manifesto entitled as “The final solution or the final solution of the Jews question,” manifesto that was officially broadcasted in February 1924 and executed by the Nazi regime until the end of WWII in May 1945. (See Analogy of NAZI Germany and TPLF of Fake Ethiopia’s Elimination Policy.)


The main goal of the manifesto is long-planned elimination policies that begin with the eviction of millions of Oromo, settled agriculturalist, Pastoralists from their ancestral soil. Flowed by how to mismanage and indoctrinate pupils in school, students in colleges, create unbreakable hurdles to be employed for the Oromo graduates, to turn Oromo teachers impoverish to extent that they can not afford to buy  their daily bread from their salary, and plundering the properties of Oromo business analogy to Hitler’s first acts against the Jews properties and finally close or impose unbearable burden to their business, etc.


The TPLF dreamed that it is possible to reduce the demographical, territorial dominance of the Oromo’s by half by deploying the conglomerates killing militias, fanaticist and cold-blooded killers trained by TPLF-Brigands, employed and deployed to kill. These have been facts and their accomplishments for the last solid twenty-eight years on the ground and committed to the day in and day out and it is going on right now. Right after the tyrannical regime grasped the political power, they designed, planned, and systematically execute the acts of regime or “state” sponsored terrorism. They mobilize all resources under their control; such as military, security, finance, techniques of repressions, mass media, etc. The armed forces served as the major insurance and the backbone of the tyrannical regime that operates from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, the last layer to maintain the political hegemony in both national and global sphere and to achieve their planned ultimate goal of exploitation and self-enrichment.



Paradigm shift: Safuu or Cubbuu


The term Paradigm shift meant radical change that needs radical modification. In other words, the over centuries cursed, ignored, rejected people, the Oromos, and their unique Gadaa-Seeqqee system that was stamped to be wiped out by the aliens of the north by all means they can. As the sacred struggle of Liberation of Oromia, Qabso Bilisummaa Oromiya for which heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives as an individuals, in organized form, as Liberation Fronts within Oromia, whom we admire, love, remember them always, inspired, thought and inherited their beloved sons and daughters (Qeerroo fi Qaarree) to accomplish the journey they began.


The peaceful resistance of the liberation lead by Qeerroo-Qarree after decades of covert operation to overt operation finally encompassed Oromos from all walks of life took its firm stand, resilience’s and galvanized the struggle that moved like wildfire from on to the other corner of the empire that turned the tyrants from Dedebit desert of yesterday and the comfortable bandits who turned from zero to billionaires on the fate of the Oromo people and the people of Souths resources and forced and cheap labors and their underdogs to a nightmare.


While all the fundamental genuine questions of the people’s demand were/are still left untouched late alone to be answered, the regime turned back again. They relentlessly reinforced the old rotten, stench recipe, the only one they have “the State of the emergency announcement.” In fact, these arts of behavior are as old as the empire itself, and nothing will be new for the people incarcerated in the empire. As in metaphor that says, no one expects milk from chicken. No health mind of the citizen expected that TPLF-tyrants of Dedebits rotten Brian can think and understand the facts on the soil, that they are sitting on the core of hot volcano to erupt within ours day and weeks to come.


As in Russian prove: It is better to let, as not to be at all. The current updated stage of global knowledge of an empire that committed genocide and ethoicdes for over two decades was an open secret and documented in Oromia and her neighbors like in Ogaden, Sidama,  Gambella etc. The profit-geared states, global financial loans and credits like the World Bank, IMF, NGOs, the donor clubs and companies who kept their mouth zipped and their ears deafened that business, as usual, cannot continue.


The behaviors of duality mixed with arrogance, discrimination, and negligence as far they profited from the regime is now a dead recipe at this hour when the time is ticking against the regime to collapse and to be buried once and forever very soon.


The active peaceful resistance with crossed arms that Feyisa Lilesa, an Oromo Olympic marathon runner and the silver medal winner showed to the world in Rio on 22 of August 2016 as he crossed the line. This symbol of protest and resistance against the hidden crimes, silent genocides committed within this empire to whom the world was blindfolded, most of them deliberately as far as their profit counts racked the world population under theTV screen tha exposed one of the most repressive regimes


Feyisia’s symbol of protest turned to the symbol of resistance global more significantly protests against the tyrannical regimes in African content today. His action in Rio reminded the world the heroic acts of two athletes of African America Tommie Smith and John Carlos, a gold and bronze medallion winner respectably. Both athletes raised a black-gloved fist kept them raised until the anthem of the USA had finished in Mexico City in 1968. The symbol with the global reckons of resistance and determination against racism, discriminations, and liberation movements.


The struggle of the Liberations of the Oromo people survived, rehabilitated, raised up and geared up its momentum with a high degree of wisdom, tactics and strategies and arrived at its final goal to the point the tyrannic regime is found in its last hour of burial after twenty-eight years of Iron-fisted rule by the TPLF Brigands.


Inspired by Qeerroos and Qaarrees and the Oromo people as a whole, and the recent solidarities, other northern ethno-nationals incarcerated in the empire, who final joining the struggle for liberation proved in this form for the first time in the history of the Empire reduces its burden theoretically for the Oromos and the Southern people who carried it at least since Menelik II era. From an estimated of 100 million people, a conservative estimation of at least about 90 % the population is considered against the regime Today and nick -named as a large terra of the prison house and joined the struggle to liberate themselves.


In the battle for freedom and liberation, it is not the armoury of the oppressor that matters, it is the will of the people.


Thus, the 162,000 gun carriers of the empire it is import for you and for your people who nurtured and nurtures you and your family to shift the paradigm to do the right thing once in your life You must overcome your fears of the corrupted semi-illiterate TPLF general commanders who sent your comrades in zealous wars in the past died in deserts like in Badme where tens and thousands were lost their lives and over millions of people displaced or in Somali proxy wars.


It is crucial to think twice, use your brain before you live the military barrack to kill your own people. You must listen to the slogans of your own people, the voice and their strength and the power behind them on the streets that must be crystal clear to you. Finally, the fact on the soil is this is the war that your generals, commanders will never win. There are only three alternative left for the fascist from Dedebit desert and i.e, one,to follow the steps of their predecessor, flight, second, To be caught red-handed like Gaddafi of Libya or Saddam Hussein of Iraq and finally to set on the chair of Charle Taylor of Liberia in ICC. I have a doubt if they are brave enough to commit suicide and join their master in the graveyard although they come to the conclusions and said that they were guilty of all the crimes against humanity they commented for the last solid twenty-seven years and spoken it out publicly


The Gun-Carriers


You must remember the first day you were given a gun and sworn to protect your people, it is a curse that you are turned to a killing machinery that has no brain served finger counted Narcissist, arrogant, profit geared fascist general. Camouflaged with the reclamation of the State of Emerge after Irrechaa massacre you have packed over 10 thousand peace full citizen in concentration camps within the ten-months duration, killed, and displaced thousands of Oromo’s. You have committed genocides in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambella, Benshanguls, etc, arrested en-mass, tortured, raped, various cruel acts and continued to do so that mother nature gave them and anchored in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) ratified by the UN unanimously 1948 a milestone achievement in the history of human rights that a “states” or “quasi-states” signed to respect and to protect its credo:


Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.


Article 3.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.


Article 4.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.


Article 5.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


Article 6.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.


Today than ever the world is watching each and every move you make. Let the principles of Safuutruth,”, “justice,” righteousness,” “order,” “balance,”  “reciprocity,” and its opposite Cubbuu “falsehood,” „disorder,” “injustice,” etc, anchored in the heart and the soul of the Oromo people that guided our people at all level that resisted, protected and brought the Oromo people and Oromia’s achievements we harvest today, and the foundation and the inheritance of the credo that says the Law Stands Above All men, and no human stands above the law. Let our beloved general Taaddaassa Biirruu, whom we love, admire be the models of your move. Then you will be part of the history that will be written in the final chapter and the best and the only choice for the EPRDFgun carriers in the final hours their collapse.


History teaches those who are capable to learn from it, that no tanks, Kalashnikovs, fighting jets can stop the liberation struggle of a nation whose consciousness is aroused and prepared to sacrifice whatever it may coasts.


At end of the 1980s, the global political wind of changes was blowing. The Soviet Union was collapsing day by day. Old republics incarcerated in the Union for over six decades demanded their sovereignty and began reestablishing their independence. On 11th March 1990 Lithuanian formal first declared their independence and they are out of the USSR. Vytautas Landsbergis became Lithuania’s first post-Soviet head of state. The USSR leader M.Gorbachev, a controversial politician, a hero outside his empire and a repressor within his Union reacted against Lithuanians independence said loudly and repeatedly: “ni kuda ni ediyotee” in English “You will go nowhere.” In other words, he was ready to crackdown the Lithuanians.” and give lessons to the others in the Union.


On 11th of January M.Gorbachev paratroopers and tanks invaded, the Lithuanian capital tanks ploughed into unarmed demonstrators and cracking down in Vilnius. The Soviet troops opened fire on unarmed civilians in Vilnius, killing 13 people and injuring 100.One can see grotesque acts, the Soviet tank rolling on the human body, Lithuanians pushing with their arms against the tank as if they can stop this ugly monstrous rolling toward their government building to crack down.


Nevertheless, in the battle for freedom and liberation, it is not the armoury of the oppressor that matters, it is the will of the people. The Lithuania people were prepared to sacrifice for the reestablishment of their independence, stand firm against the gigantic war machinery of the USSR. Nothing rendered the sovereignty of Lithuanian to sing their national Anthems and wave their flags in their capital city in Vilnius.


Later on as we know that the same monstrous, tanks rolled into Moscow’s red square to commit a coup against Gorbachev. Boris Yeltsin, the governor of Moscow and the citizens of Moscow saved Gorbachev’s life and he was thrown out of Kremlin once and forever. The USSR Empire was digested and fifteen sovereign states were reestablished, the Berlin wall was torn down and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved Finally.


The USSR was left for the historians to teach for those who can be able to learn. That proves that no tanks, Kalashnikovs or fighting jets can never twist the will of the people.And that will be the best lesson for the gun carriers of the EPRDF to think twice before they make a wrong move, instigate and wage wars and commands as the did in the past for further bloodshed which they will never ever win against the will of people prepared to sacrifices for the Liberation once and forever from the house of prison called Ethiopia.


Today is not yesterday and it will not be tomorrow. The repercussions of wrong moves i.e. committing Cubbuu injustice and continue with your atrocities as usual commit, again and again, turn back to your habits of criminal gangs now the time has come as it has always been you are committing suicide, you are splashing litters of gasoline on your own self to be caught by a flame of the Peoples revolt waving from all compass direction to word the center and turns you to ash. If at all the will be a survivor he /she will be brought to the international criminal court like Nazi Soldiers who are watching you each inch you move. You will also inherit the guilt’s, your deeds to be paid by your sons and daughter and their children’s in future.Be part of history on making.


The Final Hour


People should not fear their Governments, Governments should fear their people
This is the final hour, the last battle in a struggle for power
We stand upon the front line. The clock strikes twelve, you’re out of time!
This is the final hour, the last battle in a struggle for power
We stand upon the front line. The clock strikes twelve, you’re out of time!
We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness and we will fight in the light! We will fight!

You have been waiting in the shadows since the beginning of time. You have infiltrated every aspect of our meaningless lives
We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness and we will fight in the light! we will fight! Like poison from the wound we will draw you from the shadow into the light!

Destitute of common knowledge and deprived of unchained life. This struggle ends tonight
We have broken our bonds and abolished the chains that bind our guarded minds. This struggle ends tonight
Defect from slavery and denounce your name. Become faceless and kill, kill without shame
The truth will be revealed at the hands of a slave stained red with the blood of his master name

The population is broken and dead, revolution an imminent threat
In our eyes, we see only red. Our darkest days lie ahead
Run in fear! The end is near! Run in fear!
People should not fear their governments. Governments should fear the people
This is the final hour. Run in fear!
This is the final hour. The end is near!

Lyrics from  Molotov Solution album


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