Oduu Haaraya

The game of the bottle


By. Dr.Baro Keno Deressa

We all want peace, we all want freedom, we all want stay out of war. We know the horrible toll and the criminal folly of war. But men of equal sincerity and loyality can and do honestly differ as to the best means of achieving this end. So let us try to think clearly and realistically in these difficult times. Those people, therefore, in our midst who would break up Oromo people life into hostile regional or religious groups and who would persuade others to judge Oromo peoples not on the basis of individual worth, character or achievement, but on the basis of the region to which they belong, or the religion to which they subscribe are the deadliest foes of the spirit as well as the peace of the Oromo people.


Our enemies are killing, imprisoning and force to exile the brilliant, skilled part of the society and promoting and abusing the majority part of the society by power of money and psychological brainwash. Enemy policy is suppress the brain activity (genius part of the society) and promoting the bottle industry (traitors and opportunistic individuals).


Political practice in Ethiopia has developed several problems in the organisational working of the political parties as well as of the democracy. The real problem is that the old, corrupted, established and wealthy ruling class and parties does not wish to give up their special privileges by allowing all citizens to share in governance. Additionally incapacitated the role of political parties. The role of the political parties is very essential to every state. You cannot channelise and generate the atmosphere, the loyalties and the emotions of the people without a well-organized party.


Through the history of the Ethiopian empire the elite actors of the empire are producing the compact of lies to misinform the peoples in order to achieve their barberic act of colonization. Now days when the struglle of the truth get the right truck our enemies are renewed their lies and declaring collective and muliple destructive polices. The one enemy says economy is growing with dubble digit!!, the other one says we are ready to bring democracy!! The other one say we have to look out of box!!!! Predatory enemey wants a bigger piece of the pie. Millions suffer. Living standards deteriorate. Ethiopia is no longer fit to live in. Bad economic policies reflect bad politics.


TPLF people will not be happy with what they read in this article. It is a disturbing story, hardly a chronicle of the best that human nature has to offer. But I see them as an Organization whom gone sour; their idealism was/is shattered by limitless corruption and barberic act against innocent civilians en geniune political opponents. I believe that TPLF or any government organization – needs to be publicly accountable for their actions. Even the CIA has to explain itself to an elected body. The TPLF corrupted and barberic officials, intelligence agents and murderer agazi commando’s does not.

In Ethiopian empire to build the genuine democracy is equal to healing the dead person. The Ethiopian fascist government TPLF telling as that Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in the world for 2017. The Ethiopian economy will grow by 8.3% in 2017 in comparison to the global economy growth by about 2.7%. This total lies comes from the richest and barberic ruling class of TPLF who is currently killings and torturing thousands, of Oromo’s and other oppressed nations in Ethiopia. Peaceful popular uprisings are crackdown by special agazi killer commando’s and brutal TPLF military forces.  Now TPLF is working hard to institutionalise the TPLF murderer authoritarian regimes in order to continue their confusional politics of fake democracy.

My first question is why the enemy, cowards and traitors hate OLF!!!!!! OLF choose on the side of his peoples instead of money. OLF choose death instead of living as a pupet. OLF choose proud instead of slavery. OLF choose freedom instead of colonization.

The second question: How comes it that this fabricated history of TPLF (so called economic growth and democracy) enter the ears of the international powerful organization like world bank and richest peoples like Mr. Bill Gate and powerful persons former USA Presidents Mr. Bill Clinton, Mr. G. Bush and Mr.B.Obama while millions of nations under Ethiopian empire are dying from hungry and manmade horror (TPLF murderer policies).

For the TPLF, money, sex, and some type of psychological motivation individually or in combination can buy almost anything. They are using these tactics by implementing the international intelligence organs formula.


The evidence accumulated from Soviet defectors indicated that the KGB’s First Chief Directorate employed some 15,000 case officers” around the world, about “3,000 based at its headquarters. That was in the 1950s. More recent figures cite the KGB’s total number of employees worldwide at more than 250,000 employees. Even the Cuban DGI intelligence service has some 2,000 trained operatives posted across the world in Cuban diplomatic missions.

The Mossad – believe it or not – has just 30 to 35 case officers, or katsas, operating in the world at any one time. The main reason for this extraordinarily low total, is that unlike other countries, Israel can tap the significant and loyal cadre of the worldwide Jewish community outside Israel. This is done through a unique system of sayanim volunteer Jewish helpers.


TPLF intelligence officers around the world in the name of business man or women, student, social workers and opposition party are estimated around 5000 including puppets and traitors of the liberation forces those serving their stomach.  


No matter who hold state or other top cabinet posts, Ethiopian policy stays unchanged. It’s hardline, imperial and ruthless. It threatens humanity. Unless stopped, it may end it in mushroom-shaped horror. Despite all confusional information so called democracy, economic growth, Oromo people you have only one choice, that is organizing yourself to the maxiumum level to confront the organized enemy and refuse to be bottle and fight to be remain brain.


Victory to the Oromo people!


Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium

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