Oduu Haaraya

The Goobanaas of the Contemporary Predatory Settler Colonial Empire of Abyssinia

As the world of the 21 st century began to take history seriously by pulling and tearing down the status of the pioneering slave-traders, slave-holders, slave-entrepreneurs, and the worst evil men with sub-human instinct who
committed a crime against humanity, Demociders coined by Rummel, the colonialist,
like Leopold II of Belgium Congo, Cecil Rhodes of British Empire (Cape to Cairo),
etc, the contemporary Goobanaa II (GII), a cold-blooded killer and a vulgar Colonel
Abiy Ahmed, the shepherd of Nafxanyaa hooligans; (a collection of moral-less, ethic-
less beasts), absurdly departed from adoring and preaching to the Nafxanyaa
demociders, such as Sahle Mariam Haile Melekot, fake renamed to “Menelik II” (re.
1865-1913), and his follower Teferi Mekonnen also fake renamed to “Haile Sellasie
(re. 1930-1974) as his prophets in their graveyard.

Democide is defined by Rummel: The murder of any person or people by a
government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. 1
The prophet of assimilated askaris of GII, Sahle Mariam, the pitch-black skinned with
pox-marked face, and funny nose (Leopold II) was contracted Syphilis; (a sexually
transmitted infection caused by a Spirochaete bacterium called Treponema pallidum)
diagnosis by his European physician at his early younger ages. As a result, the sick
monster suffered lifelong with relapsing severe headache; difficulties in coordinating
muscle movements; paralysis; numbness; and dementia (mental disorder). i.e. infected
the brain and nervous system that led him to infertility, and died of Neurosyphilis
without biological offspring.
What was known about his follower Teferi Mekonnen, with a daunting status with a
hawk-nosed, broad lobed ear, unlike his “fathers?” snub nose, and small earlobes is
that his mother Yeshiemebte who was nine times pregnant but all born dead or died
briefly after birth. The birth of Teferi as the tenth as mythmakers of his biographers
put “It was a work of a miracle that she delivered a healthy child on 23 of Juli 1892”
and continued to tell that she died two years later. The rule of biology enforces as to

1 R Rummel, “ WAR & DEMOCIDE NEVER AGAIN: Praise for Books by Nobel
Peace Prize Finalist,” 2004, https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NA.BK1.PDF.

conclude from this anamnesis that both of them (Mekonnen and Yeshiemebte) were
infertile and could not bear offspring, thus he belongs to non of them as it was
claimed. The other option of the rule of biology so far there was no in-vitro
fertilization at this junction of the history, thus the male sperm donor must be
someone-else but not Mekonnen if we depart from his nine donations and her
pregnancy that ended up with abortions. What was left to prove the thesis is a simple
DNA test.
Be it as it may Teferi was known as a self-denier, self-styled, a pathological liar
despotic fiefdom-feudal monarchy who attested the ballad of the “Tribe of Judah”
from a vacuum whom we did not know for sure even his biological father. He
consolidated political power through treachery and internal coups d état vs. Zewidtu in

  1. He scribed the first constitution in written form 1931 for the first time by
    plagiarizing the documents of Emperor Meiji of the Japan Empire, plus the Russian
    King (Sar) on face value translated into the settler colonial creole language called
    Amharic. The despotic feudal warlord, Teferi Mekonen personalized the oldest default
    Gafol System that has its root in the outlaw barbaric warlord so-called Ezana of Aksum
    in the 4 th century AD He was also the first who stole the name “Ethiopia” by replacing
    Abyssinia or Habesha alleged “Semitic stock” as it was historically known since the
    era of the arrival of the Portuguese mercenaries in the 1450s for a rescue mission by
    the request of the outlaw warlord Habsha warlord at that junction of history that was
    considered as the only “Christian Kingdom of Prester John” the whereabouts were not
    known that Portuguese considered to be actual Habesha out of entire Africa.
    More disgraceful was that he was also known as a traitor, who betrayed the land
    invaded by Italy during WWII and fled to Britain to save his neck, Saturday, on 2 May
    1936, three days before Benito Mussolini, the Fascist Duce’s Italian army entered
    Finfinnee, the placenta land of the Great Oromo Nation. They brought him back to
    Finfinne in the wake the Allied victory our Italy and put him on the “throne” to serve
    as a marionette and revised the constitution in 1955.
    The contemporary dictator of the 21 st century Colonel Abiy Ahmed, a walking liar, a
    hypocrite, and a cold-blooded killer that must be named and shamed without a shadow
    of doubt departed from propagating and reiterating to bring back to “One-Ethiopia” of
    the demociders, redundantly stated that he is ready to give his neck for her. From a
    propaganda point of view, he remembered us the propaganda of the military junta’s
    zealous rhetoric of “Ethiopia or death, until one man left,” the blasted liar who finally
    fled to Harare to save his neck.
    The contemporary Nafxanyaa Safaris (Gun-bearer Habeshas settlers) gangs leader
    Colonel Abiy Ahmed who turned from transitional dictator to super dictator within
    less than two years could not be otherwise except that most plausibly fly to save his
    neck to Asmara, to his Mentor not to Harare. The question left is not how but when.

The schizoid paranoia of Abiy Ahmed, a mid-day dreamer has been that he intends to
reverse the total liberation of the great Oromo nation (Qabsoo Xumura Gabruuma
(QXG)) that led by from Waaqa (God) blessed Qeerroos and Qaarrees the Alpha
generation the gallant vanguards of QXG that galvanized the entire great Oromo
nation and their brothers and sisters of the historical fate from Abyssinian settler-
colonial slavery (Nafxanyaa Safaris) rule of the entire south people incarcerated within
the house of prison since her invention in the last quarter of the 19 th century. They
masterly knocked the knee of the most brute fascist TPLF rule of twenty-eight years
and toppled the underdog TPLF puppet, Halie Mariam Desalegn.
It was the unwavering revolution of the Alpha generation of the Great Oromo Nation
who stood firm with an empty hand against tanks rolling on them, guns pointed at their
head who sacrificed their life that led the settler-colonial Abyssinia Empire to her final
hour to put a nail in her coffin in summer 2018. Out of this political quagmire on her
fate to collapse, a group called “reformist” vividly from within the so-called OPDOs,
the askaris, the working horses of the TPLFs, their creators, and their masters (1989-
2018) made a U-turn come out from the back yard. The pathological liars called the
“reformist” who justified the revolution of the downtrodden mass and by cursing their
masters as terrorists. They mimicked the demands of Qabsoo Xumura Gabruuma
(QXG)) of the Alpha generation (Qeerroos and Qaarrees) portrayed themselves as if
they were part and parcel of the Qabsoo from within the rule of the TPLF-Fascists and
mesmerized the revolutionary forces to take a charge of the course of the struggle of
Colonel Abiy Ahmed the contemporary gang who took the charge and leads settler-
colonial Abyssainas (Nafxanyaa Safaries) was not a Novus Coronavirus that jumped to
the Human species recently and shaking the world in all spheres of life to the very
minute. He did not for sure fall down to Finfinnee from the moon in April 2018. He
served as the chief of spy agent of the TPLF-Fascist regime killer beasts for 28-years
solid that plagued on Oromia and the entire south since summer 1991 and smeared
with Oromo blood.
Although, the tone of evidence of the crime against humanity they committed brutally
murdered indiscriminately, raped, incarcerated, disappeared, evicted, etc of the Oromo
heroes and heroines and other alkies had been documented, reported, and well known
in the global arena as a result of settlers genocidal acts of the tyrannical rulers who
were qualified to be brought to the International Criminal Court (ICJ) who had been
brutally murdered indiscriminately, raped, mass incarcerated, disappeared, evicted, etc.
Since May 1991 who had been qualified to be brought in the Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ
Den Haag, in the Netherlands including Abiy Ahmed. This world is not this world.
Instead, he was invited to Oslo to receive the “Nobel Peace Prize” just within eighteen
months of power bewildering without a shame.

A fatal erratum to regret right from the beginning has been also that the entire
revolutionary forces trusted him to transit the barbaric and backward empire in hope of
for better future, freedom, and peace, and gave him a chance to climb up to the
political saddle. Abiy has been de facto the master liar, intriguer, hypocrite with
chameleonic behavioral and fascistic hooligan that has been an open secret. One must
have a strong stomach to digest the paradox of the facts of genocidal acts who turned
from transitional dictator to super-dictator within just two years’ analog to Adolf
Hitlers Third Reich.

Pray tell, my brother,
Why do dictators kill
And make war?
Is it for glory; for things,
for beliefs, for hatred,
for power?
Yes, but more,
because they can. 2

He emerged from the cocoons of the Prisoners of War (POWs), the conglomerates of
militias forcibly recruited from the entire south people sent to the north by the
megalomaniac, power-geared, delusional Stalinist military junta Mengistu Haile lost
the war, surrendered, and finally captured with their Kalashnikovs in Tigray and
Eritrean desert. By 1982 the military junta mobilized total manpower that stood an
estimated 245, 000 under the garb clad with “Red Star Campaign.” These were ill-
recruited in remote and unknown impassible camps built within the Empire the
whereabouts were hardly know to the people at large and the families of the kidnapped
sons. They were finally packed in military convoys in dark transported to the unknown
terra to die in Tigray and Eretria deserts under the slogan of Everything to the
battlefronts! Ethiopia or Death! And half of them were involved in the attacks on the
EPLF base areas. After nine years of combat, the EPLF who took the upper hand and
who continuously trumped captured 82,000 POWs and 44,000 dependents in 1991
alone. 3
As the pitch black Leopold II, Sahle Marim “Menelik” the Prophet of Abiy found out
Goobanaa Daccee, an enemy, traitors from within the great Oromo nation, the TPLF
rebel gangs led by Meles Zenawi found out, molded and branded the POWs of the
classical enemy of Mengistu’s armies who fought against each other for 17 years solid.
The TPLF did neither killed, arrested the POWs, finally captured with their
Kalashnikovs in Tigray and Eritrean desert nor taken to local or international courts as
the international law demands, but they took diametrically the opposite option they

2 https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/
3 An Africa Watch Report by Alex de Waal, “EVIL DAYS 30 YEARS OF WAR AND

branded them to a fake named umbrella front called “The Ethiopian People’s
Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and rearranged into organizations.
The faked named amalgamated front consisted of The Tigrayan People’s Liberation
Front (TPLF) actin as the Master- architect, the Ethiopian People’s Democratic
Movement (EPDM), the so-called nominal Oromo People’s Democratic Organization
(OPDO) from nowhere in injected in it in Tigray desert in January 1989. They were
further rearranged to fake named “People’s Democratic Organizations” (PDO) a
misnomer indeed. They were neither democrats nor peoples’ organization but the
Prisoners of War (POWs) created for a purpose who come out of counted over 89
Ethno-nations of the entire south sent by the Military junta to die in northern deserts.
To the great Oromo Nation, with similar if not identical fate, the name Oromo that the
TPLF branded as OPDO in Tigray desert was an insult as it was by the other Ethno-
nations incarcerated within the empire which they did not know and heard of them.
They Ethno-names attested to PDOs that come out of the TPLF fabric were created to
play a great role for the TPLF and the EPLF guerrilla rebels’ whose life has been in
the Tigray and Eritrean desert since their birth correspondingly. The entire south they
planned to invade, to occupy, to settle, to plunder, to loot, and to exploit to the extent
they can, was virtually the unknown Terra. Whereas, for the POWs who were sent
from the south is their home. They know their people, culture, landscape, strength,
weakness, etc., and can lead the blind TPLF and EPLF rebel militias in the move
toward the south being in the front line to achieve their goals.
Thus, the PDOs were practically invented to serve as a loyal working horse, and as
Askaris (analogy to the British, the German or Italian African colonial Askaris). In
other words, to serve as the (Global Positioning System (GPS) of TPLF and EPLF
deployed in invading the new world, the south, the Garden of Eden, and promised to
take their shear once the dirty job is accomplished on the road toward the south.
Indeed, they fulfilled their jobs as it has been ordered by TPLF without hesitation
more ridiculously gratification until the TPLF gangs fled back after two–eight years of
committing democide.
As they marched from Tigray desert from far north toward the south about a thousand
kilometers to arrive at Finfinnee, the garden of Eden, Oromia, and the entire South and
occupied Finfinnee in summer 1991, there were insignificant fire exchanges by
remaining and collapsing remained armies of Mengistu on the road toward the south
These askaris were also intended to be sent in the frontline in the war front when
necessary, as it had been the case of the war instigated and waged against Eretria what
was called a fratricidal war in 1998 to 2000 an invasion of Somalia, proxy war, in

  1. The fake OPDOs were created by TPLF for TPLF primarily to take in charge of
    the Great Oromo Nation to employ and deploy them within Oromia to supplant
    themselves in the mind of the great Oromo nation.

They left no stone unturned to brush the genuine and the oldest Oromo People’s
Liberation fronts such as the OLF, IFLO, the heart, and the soul, the spear and the
shield of the great Oromo Nations foundations of Our Heroes like Jeneral Waaqoo
Guutuu, Soorresa Jaaraa Abbaa Gadaa, Hussein Sora, Elemo Qiltu, General Taadasaa
Birruu just to note a few among millions of heroes and heroines the great Oromo
Nation nurtured in every village of wonderful Oromia who sacrificed their lives.
They inspired us, our nations that we all echo, remember, celebrate their legacy and
took an oath to accomplish these genuine and from Waaqaa (God blessed) given tasks
of total Liberation of the Land of the great and ancient African people the OROMOS
and OROMIA from aliens who preyed upon our land and human labor since the great
Oromo nation have been fallen in their hands to the very date.
The mercenary askaris, the OPDs packed with semi-illiterate militias, under the
command of TPLF-gangs who knew nothing except mass-killing, looting, rape,
incarcerating vilified Oromuuma (Oromoness) Oromos throughout their services
committing crimes to the very date. The Renaissance the great Oromo nation that the
Neftanyaas left no stone left to wipeout since they planted their feet firmly held
Oromia that made them sleepless and turned to a nightmare, to the askaris and their
masters, the EPRDF of TPLF recently replaced molded to the Nafaxanyaa party, a
collection of the offsprings of the residuals of the five outlaw monsters (Menelik-T.
Mekonnen-Mengistu-and Meles) named itself (Prosperity Party) from a vacuum. It
deserves to be called a Predatory Party of Nafxanyaa (settler colonial Habesha/
Abyssinian) that dreams to bring back the monsters from the grave-yard and sat tall on
the political saddle of the Predatory Party designed in their cocoons to furnish.
These monsters were known as a killer beast who committed the gruesome act of
killing and punishing, even who unlikely submitted and failed in their hands and their
militias Nafxanyaa iller hordes. The pitch-black Leopold II, Sahle Mariam, fake
named “Menelik II,”(1865-1913), the Demociders, similar if not identical to Leopold
II of Congo Free State who enslaved, chopped off hands and legs of millions of
Congolese, that once as BBC designated him “White King Red Rubber, Black death.”
The pitch-black domcider called Menelik was known as the master of chopping hands
(Harka mura), legs (Miila mura) of males and the breast (Harma mura) of females
of the Oromo people and the entire south people who stood firm against his invading
hordes like a wild carnivorous who shaped the contemporary predatory settler-colonial
Abyssinian Empire. He was also the master of Slave raiders, Slaveholders, Slave
traders, Livestock raiders, looters, plunderers of all agricultural products.
Most aggressively as the gallant Arsii Oromos, resisted and fought against the
Nafaxanyaa (gun-bearers) militias hordes armed with European gun fires of settler-
colonial Abyssinian expansionist. The gallant Arsii Oromo cavalries kept Meneliks

militia hordes armed with modern Europeans made and provided modern weapons
them at bay for eight years solid with homemade spears sword and shields.
The Arsii heroes and heroines sacrificed their life on their ancestral soil. They left their
remaining body that lays under the Arsii soil to the great Oromo nation and experts to
be excavated, identified by their names, and reburied with the degree of Honor,
Heroism, and Patriotism remembered in written and thought to their children’s and in
the history of the Great Oromo Nation to the world. That is not only an obligation for
the experts but also an honor to accomplish the task. The subject, the history of the
Great Oromo nation must be taken seriously.
While there is no present without the past, and there is no future without a present and
that is what defines history. One who does not know his history will turn a working
horse for his masters. Once his duties and services have been accomplished, he must
be killed like a rat by poisoning or like Goobanaa Daccee of Menelik or by other
means possible, such as assassinations, by hanging. As Menelik found the perfect
slave mind, the assimilated Goobanaa Daccee, the warrior that all colonial masters
dreamed of who gave all his properties, forces, his ability in warfare to Shale Mariam,
and sworn to serve until his last birth, so does the fate of the contemporary Goobanaa
II (GII), Abiy Ahmed who leads the Predatory Party (PP) of Nafxanyaa (settler
colonial Habesha/ Abyssinian) and it couldn’t be otherwise. The question is not how
but when. Dozens of facts known throughout their encounters are an open secret.
By default the Habesha outlaw warlords who catapulted up to the political Saddle have
been known as masters of the masters of Slave raiders, Slaveholders, Slave traders,
Livestock raiders, looters, plunderers of all agricultural products at least since the era
of the outlaw warlord called “Ezana,” and the alleged “his civilization in the 4th
century AD (re 330 -356) whom we do not know for sure if he is a Greek, or a Greek
crossed with Abasat (settlers) tribe, or indigenous people, or an Abasat tribe crossed
with Abasat tribe depart.
There had been relentless predatory raiding expeditions, slaves, live stocks,
agricultural products three decades solid of barbarism right from Aksum, the land of
Agaw people in the north to Meroe crossing the Nile down to the south, nevertheless,
the deniers, settlers call it civilization and yet they are where they were like a
Henceforth, it turned the default system of all offspring’s of Habesha outlaw warlords
who catapulted and hold the power of politics in most cases by butchering each other
for one and half millennium more precisely in 1974. For instance, his alleged
“grandfather” Sahle Sellassie (1813-47) who was known to execute at least two
predatory raiding expeditions os collecting booties per year of the surrounding Oromo
communities like Karrayuu, Saartee, Finfinnee, Eekkaa, Soddo. He looted, a minimum

218,000 head of cattle all in one, and human captives from 1827 to 1843 fled back to
his bases at Gooro Beela or Halkobarrii to “Ankober” 4
But what makes Menelik- a champion out all of his predecessors such as his
“grandfather” who could not crossed Finfinnee had been the intensity and territorial
expansion and exponential growth of Slave raiding, Slave trading, Livestock looting
and plundering agricultural products, etc., by dispatching from 100,000 (minimum) to
150, 000 (maximum) collection of Nafxanyaa militia killer hordes armed with firearms
provided by the Europeans that have never seen within African continent at all time in
history. According to eyewitness documentation by Rev. Martial De Salviac 5 , a French
citizen wrote seminal work to be acknowledged for his genuine and prophetic terms he
exactly coined: An Ancient People, Great Africa Nation, The Oromo, as the people call
themselves hundred twenty years ago in 1901 proved that about 5 million Oromos
were killed within ten years alone. Further another, two volumes of Alexander
Bulatovich 6 , Russian citizen seminal work With the Armies of Menelik II, Emperor of
Ethiopia and From Entotto to the River Baro written in the Russian language
translated by Richard Seltzer into English courtesy to the author and the translator who
made it available to wider English speakers in the world. Bulatovich, an eyewitnesses
account and indisputable fact and figures in time and place that shows the gruesome
acts of Nafxanyaas as his recorded from Finfinnee to the boundaries of the British
colons encircled the Abyssinian Empire.
Menelik united all disfranchised barefoot soldiers of the rival warlords of Abyssinian
property who butchered against each other for centuries within Habesah proper
pending from Gondar to Aksum vice versa like Kasa of Tigre “Yohannis IV” and Kasa
of Gondar “Tewodros” after they were killed, who finally joined Sahle Mariam to
invade south and take their share. These collections of barefoot, illiterate, and fanatic
infantry Nafxanyaa killer hordes called “Fannos” that can be understood as trained
police dogs except that they were waking with two legs also known as the masters of
the slave raiders, slave-holders, slave traders, Livestock pack animals, raiders and
looters. They were also known as the plunderers of all agricultural products that come
on their way until nothing was left for the invaded people to their livelihood and to the
4 Mekuria Bulcha, Contours of the Emergent and Ancient Oromo Nation : Dilemmas in
the Ethiopian Politics of State and Nation-Building (Cape Town: Center For Advanced
Studies Of African Societies, 2011).
5 Martial, De Salviac Père and Ayalew Kanno, An Ancient People in the State of
Menelik : The Oromo (Said to Be of Gallic Origin) Great African Nation (East Lansing,
Mich.: Ayalew Kanno, 2005).
6 Bulatovich A.K. With the Armies of Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia and Entotto to
the River Baro translated by Richard Seltzer.
http://www.seltzerbooks.com/armies.html#from_entotto or

most vulnerable of the society, their children’s. See
Thanks, the brain, the architect the Firearm smuggler of the Habeshaized Swiis citizen
Alfred Ilg, nicknamed “the White Abyssinian” crowned as “Bitwadad” of Sahle
Mariam who advised him to use the disfranchised headless militias and foot soldiers
and call to join him to invade the entire south and to take their shares once they
accomplished the dirty jobs of by elimination of the people “terra nullius” of the south
and claim ownerships their territory and the resources of the south and finally to settle
and reproduce by displacing the natives instead of revenging his rival enemies.
The white Abyssain, Alfred Ilg arrived at “Ankober” in May 1879. He served the
pitch-black deomcider for twenty-eight years solid uninterrupted in all spheres in the
establishment of the settler-colonial and predatory empire of Abyssinia. He was a
brain fanatic architect who has his fingers everywhere who lead a blind, illiterate
bandit Sahle Mariam in establishing one of the most backward, predatory settler-
colonial Abyssinia Empire and left in 1906 and died ten years later in Switzerland in

  1. Without Alfred Ilg the warlord of Ankboer could have never able to crossing the
    next river next to his village as his father and grand-father nearest to his place of birth
    as his grandfather and his father late alone to establish an empire. For more see
    Most disgraceful had been the role of the assimilates like Goobanaa Daaccee the
    enemy from within in the case of the Oromos that shaped the contour of the
    contemporary predatory empire trade with the stolen name “Ethiopia” plagued on the
    human and natural resources of Oromia and the entire south that consists of about
    hundred Ethno-nations. Goobanaa Daaccee (1821–1889) of Lichee, a brand assimilate
    hybrid mind, who joined a twenty-three old younger Sahle Mariam(1844-1913) right
    after he successfully escaped from Tewdrose’s prison in 1865 and arrived at Ankober
    From here depart his loyalty and servitude and the colonization of the great Oromo
    nation and the entire people of south role incarcerated within this prison-house that
    shaped the contemporary backward and predatory settler- colonial-empire of Abyssain
    until he was killed by poison like a rat once he was no more profitable for the pitch-
    black Leopold II, “Menelik II.” And that is the default fate of the collaborators of local
    assimilate in the cocoons of Nafxanyaa, as in use and throw gloves.
    Goobanaa was the most cursed assimilated amharaized-Oromo, the dangerous enemy
    from within a traitor to the great Oromo Nation who referred him to a strange dog,
    who betrayed and fought against his own people and the entire people of the south. As
    Prof. Mohammed Hassen by quoting Getahun Delibo stated, “The formidable Oromo
    warlord brought southern Oromo….under the Amhara in five years, a mission that
    Amhara kings and warlords tried and failed in 400 years.” 7

The Habesha assimilators’ the Meneliks and Tefere Mekonnen (1930-1974) who
followed the footstep of Menelik who extended and maintained with insignificant
changes of the system within the gaps in between them. Their first move has been to
ferret out the weakest mind, easily manipulable out of the natives of the targeted
people. Engage them with intermarriage politics, proselytization, renaming, call
“civilized” as psychological rewards while he/ she lost his/her name to make meaning
from meaningless and accept the derogatory names given by their masters “prefect
slave mind.” According to their services, meaningless titles and small prestige were
offered to make a perfect loyal, an intoxicated servant who was ready to give his neck
to the sword in the disposal of his master in the front line.
As Menelik found out Goobanaa, Meles found out and branded the nominal OPDOs in
the Tigray desert where some of them have been seen to speak a creole Oromo
language for similar if not identical duty in purpose. Goobanaa Daaccee was designed
to serve as a working horse and askaris of Menelik in building the predatory settler-
colonial Abyssinia dominated by Amharic speaking settlers
The PDOs, among them, have been the so-called (OPDOs), a misnomer by itself and
deserved and qualified to be called the Goobanaas and askaris of Meles who brought
the blind-eyed Tigre rebels from Tigray desert to Finfinnee ca. thousand km to the
south on the front line, and put them in the political saddle with the absolute
domination by the Tigre-speaking Habeshas in higher echelon and all spheres of the
political quagmire of the predatory empire. The Tigrian makes ca. 4% the population
incarcerated in the backward and barbaric Empire. The settler-colonial Habesha (the
Naftanya Safary) Empire has been dominated by “Amhara-Habeshas” since she was
invented in the last quarter of the 19 th century to 1991.
The PDOs of Meles has been designed to serve as askaris corresponding to their folks’
belongings, nominally that counted over 89. The OPDOs were designed to serve with
the Oromos and Oromia and intended to fight back the genuine liberation fronts the
OLF, IFLO, and another genius civic organizations such as the oldest organization of
Maccaa and Tuulama and the political organization of the Oromo people they planned
and dreamed to wipe out them and led them sleepless and turned to the nightmare to
the very date.
There has been no stone left unturned by the OPDOs under the tutelage of TPLF to
achieve their dreams. They deployed the most blessed and oldest methods by tyrants
and the most deviled method by the downtrodden mass incarcerated within the empire,
the method of “divide and conquer.” Since they arrived in the African continent the
7 Getahun Delibo, “Emperor Menelik’s Ethiopia 1865-1916 National Unification or Amhara
Communal Domination” (1974), 148, quoted in Mohammed Hassen, The Oromo of the Gibe
Region Southwestern Ethiopia, 1570-1860 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990),

Habeshas have been the masters on the subject, intrigues, diabolic lies, hypocrisy, and
chauvinism who took it through the maternal colostrum that they deployed in every
sphere of societal life in encountering the non-Habeshas. They succeeded in
assimilating the non-Habeshas, the Goobanaas in the case of Oromos to be on their
One thing that Habeshas knew for granted has been without brain-draining, assimilate
Oromos in front line they cannot move an inch from the village where they were born
late alone to invade and conquer the giant marital Oromo nations of Fooles and Buutas
and occupy Oromia and the entire south. The settler-colonial Amharic speaking
Habesha Naftanyass deployed all means and tools they owe such as political
intermarriage, proselytization, psychological rewards, titles, small prestige to make a
perfect loyal, intoxicated servant more than themselves who was ready to give his neck
to the sword in the disposal of his master. They search, and found the weakest mind
out of the Oromos, and other targeted people and assimilate by all means they can and
deployed them in the front line to fight against their own people.
That is the reason experts categorize them that assimilates are more dangerous beast
than their masters for many reasons. second, They are always in the front line and will
fight harder and harder to gain psychological rewards in any form, titles, small
prestige, and theoretical recognition, so far they are profitable by their master-invaders
and colonizers and settlers colonizers.
That is what the Goobanaas of the 21 st Century of Nafxanyaa safaris, the blind
shepherd of colonial of the predatory Settler-colonial Empire the prison-house that
God has forgotten led by Colonel Abiy is committed since his service to the fascist
TPLF Gangs for 28 solid years and committing right now his mind is filled with
porridge implementing the system and style of the operation of Nazi Germany of
Adolf Hitler in 1933. His killer militia hordes dispatched in every corner of Oromia,
the primary target, running like a rabid dog, biting, killing. incarcerating the Oromo
people indiscriminately to the very minute.
To add an insult to injury to the Great Oromo Nation and the entire south to Habesha
proper with similar if not identical historical fate incarcerated within this backward
prison house, he built status, pontifices the pitch-black Leopold II, “Menelik II” the
mad evil man seen in the Horn of Africa. Abiy Ahmed, the assimilate, slave mind
dreams and preaches, to reverse the barbaric empire two steps backward to the era of
the domoicders and slaveholders and slave traders and preyed upon the entire south
today in the 21 st centuries.
He shamelessly proved his histrionic mindset by building status bringing them out of
the graveyard to a public show who officially spoke out that he is proud in doing so
without regret, a borderline personality disorder of denial defense mechanism. The
contemporary power bewilders, the shepherd of Nefxanyans Abiy moved with the

premise of elimination of the great Oromo nation punching above his weight. Twisted
minds of evil men like Abiy who intend to use the mask of religion or patriotism as an
excuse for some of the most horrifying crimes in history since he replaced Haile
Mariam Desalgn from day one to the very minute who took power as ingratitude the
writhing of its victims who began to serve his fascist masters which are not yet tabled
in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to the principal judicial organ of the United
Nations the question is not how but when.

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