Oduu Haaraya


Part III

By Odaa Hora

Bilingualism is not merely Bilingualism

Language is a unique tool that human beings invented, developed, evolved, and fine-tuned to communicate the fruit of their history with their own fellow species. It is the sum of the whole that identifies their cultural, mental-spiritual, social, political, economic and physiological phenomenon of all people rests up on it and their place in this blue planet. Language is the alpha and the omega of human civilizations.

Genuine scholars unanimously argue that “no greater injustice can be committed against a people than to deprive them of their own language.” Since the arrival of the nomadic south western tribes who prefer to call themselves Habesha wage cataclysmic wars of wipe out the indigenous languages and cultures, supplanted with third hand imported an adopted Hebrew myth of Byzantine empire to consolidate political power and committed cultural genocides within the people of north-eastern Africa’s within whom they settled.

What was called the Amharic language, a creole, and the youngest to Tigrinya an Tigre that were consider as the direct descendent of Geez: a pidgin language called Geez (dead) that was thought to be spoken between 400 and 900 AD in Tigre, an spread during the warlord, named Ezana who was converted to “Christianity” and used it as the major toll to conquest, occupy, evict the indigenous folks;the Agew, Beejja, Saa’oo. Kush, Nubia, etc., of the region by committing genoicdes and ethonicdes (cultural genocides) and spread in his empire know as the Aksum empire and claimed: “Ezana, King of Aksum and of Himyar and Raydan and of Ethiopia  (west from Aksum). For more see ETHIOMANIA: THE HOOLIGANS WITHIN OROMIA: PUTTING KNIFE ON YOUR THROATS Part II of https/oromolands.blogspot.com/ or https://bilisummaa.com/

From here departs the role of the church and their Debtras (illiterate, arrogant, chauvinist “priests”) to wish their hand in it that holds true to the very date an called their creole settlers language and crowned it as “lingua sacra,” without a shame. Indeed, the language by itself was a pidgin, or mixed languages whose substratum was rived from of all native languages of Cushitic families like Agew, Beeja, Saho, etc and Greek and south west Arabian languages called as “Semitic” used as lingua franca at that specific period of time and place.

The utility of Amharic as a full-fledged tool indeed is a very recent phenomena. It was known Kasa, from Qamant, renamed to Tewodros, who was known as as Namaa Nyaata, means Cannibalist by the Oromo people that indicates his brute –sub-human-behavior who chopped heads, hands and legs, killed by hanging, throwing own from the hilltops, massacred, burned house and looted all what comes on his wild-bipedal killer dogs “militas” those who resisted and stood firm against his fascistic acts. The survivors from his brute were forced to proselytize, renaming’s and flight. Through eviction he further began to resettle his alien gun-carriers called the Naftanyaas that turned to the recipe of all settler tyrant’s that exponentially increasing from one to the next that holds true to the very date, where over eighty ethno-nations were known to be incarcerated in a predatory and primitive Habesha as they prefer to call themselves or the European equable term Abyssinia (Amhara and Tigre mainly) Empire, as she is known on the paper now.

To understand this point “Empire” we must keep in mind and ferret out the essential feature of the nature of the Habeshas and the empire they established. Although the departing points and the major goals of all empires known in human history were basically territorial acquisitions and exploitations natural and human resources of the terra they occupied and the colonies they established through violence; waged cataclysmic wars in one hand and their ideological-jingoism: ”civilization missioners, superior in this and in that, elected race to rule, etc.,” a dangerous tool, a silent–killer targeted to wiping out, and assimilate the survivors of their colonies, to justify it as “terra-nullius,” for eternal exploitations of rich resources and cheap labors to develop their mother countries.

But empires are not merely empires if one not only sees the over cover or the coat but dig deep inside to the root. There are two forms of the establishments of known Empires. The Overseas-Oceans or Outer empires and the Inland or Internal Empires. Overseas or outer European Empires do differ with inland or internal colonization’s in premise they moved and in their final goals. For instance, The British Empire. What was called the United Kingdom by itself come out as a result of long-lasting inland or internal colonization’s of the conquest of the people of Wales, Ireland, and eventuality Scotland. The establishments of overseas colonies by the British began by occupying North America in the last quarter of the 16th century that stretched to all inhabitable continents till its death and dismantled, decolonized and liberated free sates were reborn in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Most of empires known in history owe, home grown civilizations, systems, regularly trained and paid armies, navies, etc., and produced their own firearms, finances, etc., but the settler colonial empire of Abyssinian is unique in its all forms. Coming out of a century of barbarism, butchering each other the primitive and barbaric nomadic warlords who owed no houses to live in, beg for bread, let alone to have a regular army and navy or finance etc.

“Thanks to the resources greedy European colonizers and genociders unreserved supports with all necessary tools, firearms, trainings to kill in competing to boost up their sphere of influence on the killer-Habesha warlords that shifted the paradigm and gave an opportunity to wage wars of eliminations conquered, occupied and resettled with Habesha colonies that turned her the burden and the prison house of the whole south to the very date the Abyssinia or Habesha Empire, the artificial bone known yet as “Quasi– Ethiopia State” on paper.

The Naftaynaas moved with premise of wiping out, uprooting the indigenousness as a whole by weapons and training provide by Europeans waged wars in an attempt to usurp indigenous lands, uproot socio-political, economic, cultural, spiritual matrix, native knowledges, world view, absolutely prohibited practices of their own home grown, developed values, norms and taboos of their inherited ancestral social fabrics in all spheres of their life in day light.

When one speaks of Abyssinia it is a must, to keep in mind, as a rule of thumb and deploy it, what pioneer sacred experts, who devoted their academic life, wrote books thought us who finally ferret out what exactly was the essential feature of the nature of the Habesha or Abyssinia Empire that was established in the last quarter of the 19th century in the image of the European colonizers.

Sacred scholars found out that the settler Abyssinian empire codified her with many self-explanatory terms such as “A Pawn of European colonizers”, “A right hand extensions of western colonization’s” , “a burden of white people” a burden of black people, etc.,” To put it all in one, she was dependent and still is on foreigners for here establishments, maintenance and survival in one Hand and preying on the whole south that makes five to six time larger, prosperous as to Abyssinia proper on the other Hand. These facts hold true since her establishments to the current that we did not get rid of her yet.

Since then occupation of Oromia and the entire south to Habesha proper by gun-carrier, backward, nomadic barbarians, lazy-horses who know nothing except killing, rapes, looting and preying on the resources and the labors of the whole south. Henceforth, there were/are no stone left unturned to wipeout Afaan Oromoo (the language of the Oromo people) they ear-marked as prime foe followed by all other native languages that counts over eighty of the people of the entire south incarcerated in a predatory and primitive Habesha as they prefer to call themselves or the European equable term Abyssinia (Amhara and Tigre mainly) Empire.

The warlord called Sahle Maryam, later renamed to Menelik II by his Debtra “priest” in 18887 in Finfinnee to claim the myth of the kinships of the so called “Menelik I” that come out from vacuum turned the only candidate left alive to be buttressed by all Europeans with all tools he in desperately needed; Firearms, Finances and mentoring’s etc. He was grown up, under the fascist, brute warlord, Kasa or Tewodros of Qamant trained for twelve–years. He followed and deployed Tewodros ii’s recipe in face value. As a result of committing gruesome subhuman acts what was known as genocide and ethoncide in modern parlance in the whole vast south to Habesha proper the Brigands was able to establish the prison house that trades under the mask of so called “Quasi-Ethiopian State,” yet.

Hereafter all series of tyrants of settler Habesha colonialists who griped the political power of the barbaric empire, one deposing the other in most case at gun point. hey all waged relentless wars targeted to erase all indigenous people their languages, cultures, rites, symbols, names, etc., from their minds, from the memories of the conquered, occupied and colonized people such as the Oromos, and their historical alikes who were finally incarcerated into this an artificially bonded prison house as she is known yet.

The bequest stretched out of Abyssinia proper that was built up on violence, deep-seated elements of hidden aggressive, repressive and discriminator methods which have been deep-seated in the mind of Habeshas upbringing by injection the socio-political, economic, cultural, spiritual signature based on imported Zionist myth “African Zion” as they consider themselves, indeed it was /is where “Africans in hell.” They plagiarized the imported myth and pidgin language, Amharic crowned it as “lingua sacra” feed from one to the next generations of the offspring’s of settlers through their colostrum.

The major driving objectives and tasks of the settlers legalizing and institutionalizing their language i.e. Amharic, has been to wipe out the indigenous Mother tongue and supplant it with their own. Deploying their method built upon the mantra of “civilization missionaries, superior, uniqueness, myths and fairy tale, without limits,” while all other indigenous languages cultures etc., which were and are very older, richer, and broadly spoken than their language were cursed, deviled, brushed with tar marked to be wiped out, to be arrested to the extent they can as their grand–fathers and their fathers.

The settler colonialists branded all indigenous languages as nothing but folklore, gibberish, obscurantism, and mumbo-jumbo. They stamped indigenousness as the seed of disintegrations of the artificiality bonded barbaric empire. One cannot miss it from the settler’s agenda, from the midday dreamers today in the 21st century.

As all series of Habeshas committed cultural genocide what is metaphorically called mental-holocaust or mind colonization, to obliterate the identity matrix of the Oromo people to maintain their socio-political and cultural dominance, and their predatory nature on the prosperous Oromo Land (Biyya Oromoo) and their human labors and culture as prime in the past so do the Nafatnyaas of today dreams. Indeed they did not stop it for sure until their last birth to safe-guard the prison house where of over 80- ethno-national indigenous languages are in arrest that trades under the masks of “Quasi-Ethiopia State.” While, they are what they are and neither one, nor the other will change.

The assumptions that some thinks even try to impose my language is superior to yours is nothing, but the foundation of the ideology of colonialism and the foundations of settler colonialists; the Neftaynaas. One must be clear that colonialism and colonialist carries the seeds of fascist temptations in its bosom, what was metaphorically called Mind colonization that is known as the most dangerous form of colonization’s that is irreversible, when compared to physical (territorial colonization) where language come to play an indispensable role buttressed with gun imported with debts via seas and oceans.

As all the tyrants of the past, the aliens of the north safe-guarded their hegemony in all spheres of life preying on the whole south, the unscrupulous profits, properties they looted and scrambled and selves justified privileges by all means they can through their establishments of structural and operational oppressive tools of command post that turned them to the permeant burden of the Oromo people and the whole south that sadly we did not get rid of it yet, so do the offspring’s of settlers Habesahs (Naftanyass) the offspring’s of divers and invaders of today, reproduce like a mushroom, grown up in the whole south without having no shame and disgrace such as in Finfinnee today, who owe a culture of denial, betrayal and falsehood. For more see DECOLONIZATION OF MIND IS THE MILESTONE TOWARD, THE LIBERATION OF OROMIA & ALIKES at https://bilisummaa.com or https://oromolands.blogspot.coma

As the software functions in computer, so does language in human interactions and human civilizations, and a computer (hard ware) without software is non-functional, or is a assemblage metal gadgets, so does human without language and culture is nothing but a bipedal creature. That is why that it is essential to bear in mind that all colonialist waged wars on language, culture and history, on all in one to wipe out the indigenousness.

Thus, Settler Colonial Bilingualism (SCB) cannot, and must not be compared to just any linguistics dualism; possession of two languages. It is not merely a matter of having two tools, but actually means participation of in two physical and cultural realms, such as if a Oromo learns Sidama, Afar, Somali, English language or vis-a-vis with his or her will and sympathy is dramatically opposite in  learning the language of settlers such as Amharic. For the very reason the objective of the Amharic language moved with premise to wipe out, erase Afaan Oromoo from the mind and the memory of the Oromo people and to supplant it by itself. It has been deployed as the major tools, the weapon of the settler-colonialists, a silent–killer as we know for granted

We have destined to witness to owe myriad experiences in our life the assimilations policies of the settlers that began from renaming our floras, faunas, soil, personal names, simmering rancor’s, violence, and irreversible damages done by deploying with third hand imported plagiarized Hebrew myth “Torah.”

Once the language Afaan Oromoo was wiped out or uprooted as they planned, then there will no Oromo, but an Amharzied, physically Oromo like creature the assimilate with it’s all ingredients that the settlers relentless injected in his brain through subjugations, discriminations phenomenon of interactions of the settlers value versus the indigenous value to remodel the colonized mind to the extent they can that revealed him/her in itself mental holocausts that went through Apoptosis (a programmed death from within. That is indeed, the ultimate goal, the jackpot as in lottery of the settler-colonialists dreams and remodeling policies of the colonized mind the durable one in the history of the protagonists bondage of the colonizer and the colonized mind.

From historical perspective and the objective; the language of Nafxanyaa’s (settler-colonialists) Amharic can be compared to the Afrikaans language in South Africa that became the “official language” in 1925 and whose roots can be traced to the arrival of Dutch settlers to the Cape. It was attempted to establish a unified nation by mixing indigenous language, a socio-linguistic engineering of the Dutch population settlers in South Africa that indeed turned to the synonymous of White oppression and subsequently endorsement by the Apartheid government analogical to the arrival of the Habesha settlers in Oromia an on the whole southern people incarcerate in the Abyssinia Empire.

Amharic, the language of settler’s arrival to Oromo Land and to the entire south is indeed a very recent phenomenon. It was brought by the predatory nomadic Nafxanyaa militias “soldiers,” dogs of wars invaders who conquered, occupied and resettled with their blood relatives from their terra of birth. They colonized, committed cultural genocides. They all exterminated the Indigenous Children of Tuulama Oromo’s first from the northern tips of Oromia, subjugated them and gruesomely assimilate those who survived the sub-human acts that in earnest began by fascist warlords of aliens of the north by Tewodros II, followed by Yohannes IV and then by a black pitch monster named Sahle Maryam, renamed to “Menelik equable to Leopold II of Belgium in Congo Free State. He finally gruesomely renamed to “Addis Ababa.“ settled in garrison tents, established ghetto.

We do not even begin to talk about the gruesome sub-human acts committed alone Finfinnee where their huts are built on the bones buried and the blood spilled Finfinnee in central Tuulama plateau let alone in the whole Oromia and beyond. No wonder that the schizophrenia, the hooligans, whose mind is stacked in the far past of of Immiye Menelik, the off springs of genociders dreams to claim the terra, cultural and linguistic kinship and ownership of the placenta land and the capital city of Oromo people.

Albert Memmi reminds us:”There are neither good nor bad colonists: there are colonialists. Among these, some reject their objective reality. Borne along by the colonialist apparatus, they do every day in reality what they condemn in fantasy, for all their actions contribute to the maintenance of oppression. They will change nothing and will serve no one, but will succeed only in finding moral comfort in malaise.”

In Black Skin, White Masks analyzes of Frantz Fanon showed that the almost pathological responses of Educated West Indians vis-à-vis the French language: anything less than Pure Parisain (such as the use of Creole or West Indian accent) relegates the speakers to a less human category. In the same vein Paulin Hountondii wrote in Presence Africaine;” the linguistic behavior of the Africans, when expressing himself in French, has all the characteristics of a neurosis.” He describes this neurotic obsession with the search for linguistic perfection In French as contributing to the intellectual’s increasingly impoverished rapport with his native language. As a corollary to the draconian imposition of French in the schools, there was thus a simultaneous devaluation of African “dialects”(a “dialect”  presumably being something less than a “language”, justified in part by the spurious theory 0r superior and inferior language.”

Amharic is the language of settler–colonialist out of its terra

Amharic is the creole language of the settler was used only in the settled military garrisons, more precisely “a collection of illiterate killer militia troops” enclaves scattered and distributed along the highways of Oromia and the whole south to Habesha proper incarcerated within this prison house. They called it Ketema, which means “Urban” when translated in to English, if one is brave to call it so. In deed it is a camps of Menelik’s predatory-militias garrisons settlements and an extension of chaotic slams as a result of extensive exodus of the alien of the north to the center and the south as a whole from the poorest highlands of the north more centuries more in intense in the last one and half century that hold true to the very date by evicting the native Oromos.

Finfinnee can be considered as a ground zero, a starter of the settler-colonialists (Nafxanyaa’s) ghetto and their elites of gun-carriers, and their bureaucratic tool Amharic language: a silent-killer transfected all over eighty oldest languages spoken in the regions. Henceforward, Finfinnee the placenta land of Oromos and their capital city turned their permanent settlement and springboards, and the kernel of all successive Habesha tyrants known and ruled the predatory empire sticking to their gun. It has been deployed by all the settler colonists, chains of exploitation from center to periphery and political hegemony.

What was unique in Amharic; settlers-colonial language when compared to other colonial languages of the Europeans in Africa was that Menelik himself and his loyal servants, under dogs were un-alphabet of their own language, none can read and write, late alone to teach or transmit to the territory under occupations. In general the Naftanyaas were a collection of illiterate, arrogant barbaric, primitive bipeds wandering nomads who carried guns provide by Europeans know nothing except killing, looting, and eating raw, and sub-human acts like a wild beast that holds true to the very hour.

In folk’s word, they were signified as bipedal plagues, barbaric human like creatures who do not let the grass grow under their feet, but a tree, what a tree, a Eucalyptus. As result the empire turned to the prison house of nations, gruesomely incarcerated within her artificial demarcation, and bonding’s as she manifests on paper yet. Thus the language of settlers stayed an stays the language of the settlers spoken only in settled military garrisons let alone to talk about education meant “schools” where there was no institutions of any sort, but banditry or Gfaol system (predatory-prey life) throughout..

As a rule of thumb if one departs from what meant history, and history is a science and must be a science it is interrogative and investigative, then the “Ethiopia as a nation” and “Amharic as national language” are indeed, nothing but a blasted lies based on fairy tales, myths and imported legends that one can pack them all in one and throw it in garbage without regrets and hesitation. One loses nothing but headache, migraine, stomachache etc. I have no doubt that will turn to a piece of bone stucked in throat for assimilate Habesha-phonies who operates under the mask of “One Ethiopia” and the offspring’s of the Nafatanyaas reproduced in Oromia or else-where. There is no nation per se know, named as “Ethiopia” in history, and without nation, what was called national language does not exist. For more see ETHIOMANIA: THE HOOLIGANS WITHIN OROMIA: PUTTING KNIFE ON YOUR THROATS at https://bilisummaa.com or https://oromolands.blogspot.com

Even more ludicrous is when one come across that designated the settler language as lingua franca and comes across figured fake statistics of their language to make it more palatable for those who did not really know who exactly who the Habeshas are, the blasted liars who took it through their maternal colostrum as the Oromo’s says.

First there was no constitution of any sort in the barbaric empire since her establishment at the last quarter of the 19th century let alone to talk about “Amharic-as National Languagee, Lingua sacra.” An infection that begins and as a communication vehicle and infrastructure to transfect their language to board mass of the populations which the pitch black monster Menelik and his followers claimed the empire they rule

The first constitution in written from was the plagiarized document of Emperor Meiji of Japan Empire on face value translated into Amharic, a creole, settler language by Tefere Mekonnen dated 16th July, the self-denaier, and the treason who fled to Britain on Saturday, May 2 1936, three days before the Italians occupied Finfinnee to save his neck attest to himself without a shame “the Conqueror of the lion of Judah and the King of King elected by God “The king of King the tribe of the Lion of Juda”. Britain brought him back to Finfinnee in the wake of Allied victory of the Second World War, who kicked out Italia in 1941 and put him on the “Throne” after five years in exile. One can call this paper “Japanized-Nefatanyaa- constitution” if one is indeed brave to call it institution at all in the terra of absolute total illiterates. As folks word “in the lands of the blind, the one–eyed man is king.

Tefere Mekonnen followed the foot steeps of his predecessors use Amharic as his “official” language, deployed and employed as a major tool of segregations, repressions, assimilation, exploitations, balkanizations of the whole south and scrambling like a pieces of cakes to his loyal warlords and the establishments Feudal-serf, slave relationships with his empire. He imposed it by subjugating cursing, deviling the language and the culture of the whole south that was and still diametrically antagonistic in its all form and values by nature. The gulf between the creole language, based on third hand imported Zionist myth embedded in the culture and the Gafol–system (predatory–prey) system of Habesha proper was brought and injected by the Abyssinian settler colonialist. .

All settler colonialists, (the Naftanyaas) exploited the differences for their benefits and as means of assimilation that suit the settler colonialists dream as a standards of Absolute fact and executed by all means they can. They relentlessly used the myth as a license to beg the foreigners for all sorts of helps, where Firearms and Finance ranks in first line to maintain their myth and its status quo as she is known yet and to justify the crimes they committed throughout the interactions of the Abyssinian tyrants, their settlers killer-dogs, militias, gruesome-of subhuman-acts like wild beast against the whole people of the south. If one move out of Finfinnee within Oromia as a whole one hears it rarely and indeed no one needed it at all, after all it comes to serve, to exploit their resources, and to denigrate subjugate and to erase their identity.

Our heroes and heroines saved Afaan Oromoo alive from one to the next generation in charge. Our heroes and heroines knew from the very begging and the coming of the settlers not only as a physical burden, even worst to erase their language, culture,  history, Oromoness (Orommuumaa) as a whole under the hidden curricula clad under the garb of “Civilization torch.”

Although very few Oromo’s went through the curricula of “Amharaization” the settlers transfection that means injection of the foreign product “Amharic” language in the Oromo mind, to the whole system of assimilations with its all ingredients, culture, history, civilizations, word view, etc., into the mind of the colonized, here began the experiment, and the efficiency or the success of the experimental bipedal human.

The main goal of the experiment is to inject the new product so that the assimilate goes through mental suicides from within himself as a result of erasing his identity and supplanting the new through the process of brain draining and permanent transformations to be a good new product at the end. The perfect assimilate is baptized, a palace reserved from him in heaven, renamed and prepared to go to hell on earth and ready to fight until his last birth, and that is the alpha and the omega of the promised goal of the colonizer assimilations program.

The assimilates out of Habesha curricula and the convertants deadly believes that he/she is more “civilized, knowers, modern, patriot, pompous naming and titles without limit usurper, a betrayal, the worst beast from within his own people. In case of Oromo assimilates Afaan Oromoo, the language of the Oromo people that of their own ancestors for whom generations scarified their life and kept it alive and inherited is totally erased or buried deep in the dark that led him/her to self-rejection, as a result he /she turned to the perfect assimilate ready to give his/her neck to his master as eater Lamb. “A bad child bits his mother nipples.”

The paradox of assimilates in Oromo case is unique, while most parents proudly rejected the “Amharaization means assimilation by all means they can and told in courage in Oromo language “Yoo gurra ana murtee yuu minaa-minno kee hindhaga’uu.” When translated literally, it means, even if you cut my ear, I can or will not want to listen to your Naftanyaa “pidgin” language.” The metaphoric expression of even if you cut my ears means indeed even if my ear is deafened or my ears turned deaf. A resolute expression, proudness that indeed proves a sign of total rejections of the settler “pidgin-Amharic” language whose goal is to eras Oromummaa, and nothing more or less. Indeed it committed cultural genocide attempted to supplant by itself by erasing from the mind and the memory of the Oromo people and they targeted and to produce a perfect assimilate to the extent it can.

It in deed produced some perfect assimilates, remodeled them to extent that infection deeply reached the point  to believe that he or she is “civilized, modern, knower” as his or her own folk in imitating, quoting his masters word. The perfect assimilate internal suicide that turns to begin in cursing, and deviling Afaan Oromoo, his own mother tongue. The Oromo’s often express the first tongue as Afaan Aabaa fi Hadhaa ykn Harmee koo that means the language of my father and my mother in more precisely fashion.

The intelligence of settler brain drainers is that the assimilate is awarded for his /her endeavor unique names such as “Our hero! Our Messiah! Our Patriot!” who come to save our beloved one and the only one country, the paragon of all civilizations etc., so far, he/she is a loyal servant of his master, These words ignites the adrenalin level high and boosts his preparedness to sacrifice his life for it. Once he was gone he will be erased from the history or remembered in one sentence in a way that suit the system. OUR BELOVED SEREVAT HAS LEFT US! GOD BLESS HIS SOUL!

Settler colonialism indeed creates the pseudo-patriotism of the colonized in various levels, from bottom to the tip of the pyramid of his assimilates from within the establishments. He /She who turned his back to his people and has no pardon. He imposes the very language that cursed, deviled and constitutionally arrested his own language as irrelevant attempts to discard it and impose his master’s language as he was trained as “prime, civilized, patriotic, unique etc., and consider it as his “national language”

In case of Oromos, Physically, such as Gooban Daaccee from and within the Oromo’s who served his master Sahle Maryam or “Menelik II” as loyal servant once his masters were satisfied with his duties finally killed like a rat by poisoning. Other, alikes who followed Gooban’s footsteps who served a series of Abyssinian ruling Shiftas throughout her survival and maintains of her status quo of the empire intact to the very date at the end were also killed like a rabid dog by bullet, or hanged like a boot of wildcats. of   .

Virtually Naftanyaas and their assimilates do not know what shame and disgrace are so far their stomach that controls their brain is fully packed. In folk’s word, they were designated as bipedal plagues, barbaric human like creatures collections of illiterate, arrogant barbaric, primitive bipeds wandering nomads who carried guns who do not let the grass grow under their feet, but a tree, what a tree, a Eucalyptus. They know nothing except killing, looting, and eating raw, and sub-human acts like a wild beast that holds true to the present.

Afaan Oromoo (Oromo Language) is the alpha and the Omega of the Oromo nation for whom the heroes and heroines scarified and sacrifices their life since the day of colonization and occupations of their ancestral soil to the very minute against the aliens of the norther settlers, the Naftanyaas. These are series of gangs who committed genocides, slave entrepreneurs, looters and devil monstrous and the offspring’s of diver’s invader’s. By nature they are back ward, barbarian, lazy-horses who know nothing except killing, rapes, looting and preying on the resources and the labors of the whole south.

We must question who is making a decision on whom, whose socio-political, economic, political and ideological dominancy is selected to be safeguarded, where, how, and why do the offspring’s of divers invaders of the settler yet dream, vocal, pompous, arrogant and plead to bring back their monsters from their grave-yard and the backward, hand capped pidgin language called ”Amharic-Lingua Sacra.” In deed it is the language of genociers and cultural ethociders in the region at all.

Once we know that, there will be no seconds, minutes to lose to back fight with all tools necessary on our terra, in our  home, on ancestral soil and on our own languages status, unless we are neurotic or even more schizophrenic, when the offspring’s the Nafatnaays dances in front of our noses in placenta land, and the capital city of Oromia, Finfinnee, where the wound of the genocide, ethnocides, evictions, displacements and incarcerations of the Oromo people for one and quarter of centuries turned to be the major duties and accomplishments the Habesha brigands to the very date is yet open, late alone to give them a credit for one the backward, narrow chauvinist, settler language that was indeed scientifically disqualified by all native languages and hurdle for the development and global technological civilizations that we must get rid of it by all means necessary at prompt. It is important settlers by virtue could never show their dark sides they are like a moon that enforces us to unveil to the public in concern and the to the larger global community either of the past or the present, if at all one thinks to live as good neighbor let alone to live within each other. Fact is all tyrants who ruled the barbaric empire since here establishment are crowned as their heroes by the settler colonists, the Naftanyaas and their offspring’s yet. For the Oromo’s and thier historical alikes the entire people of the south to Habesha proper incarcerated within this prison house that preyed on them, all of them packed in one are Genociders and Ethnociders without exceptions where the wounds are yet open. We do not even begin to talk the macabre level of crimes they all committed. One must not forget that Nafatanyaas by virtue owe a trait of megalomania and they do yet dream to bring their monstrous from their grave yard to safeguard the prison house as they roar like a bull packed of lies, arrogance, hypocrisy and denials in every corner today in 21st century without thinking about the  unforeseen and insurmountable consequences.

It all begins with Language & there is no ifs, ands or buts on Oromo Language (Afaan Oromoo) Oromo Land, (Biyya Oromoo), the Culture and Identity ( Aada fi Oromuumaa).They are all inviolable!!! That is all about what LIBERATION OF OROMIA per se means.

The Grass never grow under the feet of the settler-colonialists (the Naftanyaa) but a tree! what a tree, Eucalyptus!!!!

Kan Hanqate Waaqni Itti Ya Guutu!!!

Vist https.//oromolands.blogspot.com

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromooti!!!!!!

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August 18, 2023 Kurfeessaa Sararoo    The Oromo people have been struggling against the Abyssinian for …